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Club activities diary Vol.1 ~ Club activities started.

It's only been a month since I signed up for Universe, but it's been a month.

Recently, I can't help but be interested in "Blade Runner 2049" that has just been released.

nice to meet you. My name is Magnolia.

Although it is a poorly written article, I hope that through Magnolia's personal dating club activities (hereafter referred to as club activities for short), I can convey the depth of club activities, including beauty and ugliness.

Interview appointment with Universe Club

I'm sure I'll get scolded from the beginning, saying, "I'm not prepared enough!"

Roughly speaking, "somehow lonely" "I want to meet you"...
But "I'm in trouble if I get caught" (← important here).

Meanwhile, while reading blogs about dating clubs, I suddenly became interested.
Yes, one of my few strengths is my curiosity.

Will this curiosity come out as good luck?Do you go out badly?

With a bit of courage added to my natural curiosity, before I knew it, I had made an appointment for an interview.
If you're a young girl in your 20s, you don't know what to do... Even if you fail the interview, you're at a reasonable age, and in your 40s, you have nothing to lose.

Preparing for the interview

There were two things that Magnolia prepared for the interview.
Prepare your heart first.Organize your mind so that you can answer questions honestly.

And Magnolia herself should check the quality of the staff from the atmosphere of the interview.
I decided that if the quality of the staff was bad, I would not register.

And the other is a slightly prettier dress.

Men make decisions by looking at profile photos and videos, so I think that image is important.
What I paid particular attention to was Magnolia-like clothes that weren't overworked, and hairstyles that weren't too hard.

I also paid attention to the length of the skirt.

I think there are a lot of women who decide and take profile pictures perfectly.A woman who can do that on a regular basis is even more amazing.
But Magnolia can't!If you get your hair and makeup done at a beauty salon and it looks perfect, you have to keep it that way on the day of your date.

If a man were disappointed and said, "It's different from the photo⤵︎," I would feel sorry.

As youth and glamor are not enough, there is no choice but to appeal to the calmness and healing unique to age.
A young girl's stretch is cute, but if you push yourself too hard at your age, you'll just end up with rags.

Speaking from the results, the interview was a very enjoyable time.

Profile photo

The staff members were very sharp, and it seems that they were able to shoot a lot of Magnolia-like videos.
You can't watch this video on women's sites, but according to the man who made the offer, it seems that videos are often the deciding factor.

To be honest, Magnolia was completely satisfied with this interview alone.
In contrast to the nervousness I had on the way home, my steps on the way home were light, and I even felt like, "Well, it doesn't matter if the offer comes or not."

A staff member who works early contacted me about the profile registration page for women on the same day.

Only one picture was registered at the beginning.
(It seems that you can post your own selfies later. Magnolia doesn't take selfies, so there won't be more...)

I look at my own photos...I'm laughing so hard!
It's not something like a more straightened, nonchalant expression!?Why is this!?

I get depressed for a while (laughs).

No, trust the staff.
Maybe this is the good thing about Magnolia... and I'm just thinking positively.


Write a comment and check other items.While making minor corrections, I look again at the dating type.
In the interview, although I gave it a B, I actually feel a lot closer to the C.

"‥is it OK as it is?"

Men spend money and time on this club activity.
It's pretty tough to see each other in those few precious hours if it's just one meal.

As for whether or not there will be a second invitation, it is subtle, and the more time passes, the vaguer the memories and impressions become.

Although I hesitated for a moment, I changed to C without hesitation.Strike while the iron is hot!

At the same time, I decided one thing.
If you don't get an offer for a month, gracefully withdraw.

New women keep coming in.
The fact that the profile photos and videos are also new means that men will not get bored, but on the other hand, the registered women will peak immediately after entering, and after that, there is a possibility that they will not catch the eyes of men.

If you don't make an effort to overwrite eye-catching selfies and comments, the data of registered women will be buried... I can imagine that.

Waiting like this, two days.The first offer has arrived!
And within a few days, I received two more offers, and three dates were quickly set up.This wastelessness is wonderful.

Thank you to all the staff.

Let's talk about dating for another time...
There is something Magnolia wanted to ask the man who received the offer. "What was the decisive factor in giving me an offer?"

"Because I wanted to see this smile."

There was a man who said so, and I was very happy.

Magnolia isn't young enough to be called a daddy, and not deep enough to be called a lover.

And this club activity is supported by the men who spend time and money to register and offer, the staff who determine the qualities of the women and set them up. A system... I feel that it is an adult's play that can only be realized when all the elements are in place.

next time

Good luck to all of you reading this.
Next time, I would like to tell you what I felt during the date.

Magnolia, Japanese name is Magnolia.

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