Is it an urban legend?・Offer to Miss Contest Grand Prix

Dating club trap?

I failed as a race queen.

One day, while browsing through the list, I received a call on my mobile phone.

It's the first time I've been contacted by a dating club.

"We had a special new woman join us, but we tried to introduce her to several new members, but it didn't go well, and there was a possibility that she might withdraw... Before I withdrew, I thought I'd introduce her to Ms. Saito. But..."

Then he quietly said,

"The referral fee will be 45 yen..."


no doubt··

Kokono Club Hasagida...

I'm not strong enough

By the way, how much will you pay for her? ? ?


It took about 5 seconds

Choice between two thoughts and preferences.

  • Be deceived and turned into an urban legend.
  • Don't enter the tiger's den...

    As expected, we take the latter.


"Heh... I'm interested, so please make an offer."

If you answer YES anyway, you should answer lightly...


Aman Tokyo

In order to find a top-class hotel in Tokyo, I asked a credit card concierge this time.

(Hey, if you go through the credit card company, they'll give you a $200 deposit.)

I will rent a taxi for a short distance from Tokyo Station.

It's close to Otemachi... (It's stupid)

"Saito-sama, welcome to Aman."

"?! ... Do you recognize me even though I'm here for the first time?"


I wonder if she's a beginner


Guided by a staff member who seemed to be a beginner, I checked into Aman.

I had reserved a restaurant at Aman because I had a deposit.


・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・
Name Umi
Age 23 years old
Awarded Miss ○Ni○○ Grand Prix Model
Introduction 45 yen

At the appointed time she sat down in front of me.

Unlike the race queen, it's not flashy.

that?Is it something like this?Sure it's beautiful, but...


Ask for a simple course and chat for a while.

Don't step on the second dance like last time.I tried my best to listen to her story.


As it happened, she relaxed a little and enjoyed the meal, probably because she was devoted to listening.

about an hour passed


Suddenly, I noticed that the women around me were staring at her.

It's nice to see another man's gaze on the woman he's bringing.

However, when I look at the woman, I feel that it is amazing.

Umi-san stood out for her natural beauty.

This is the first time I've seen such a beauty...

I fell into the trap of this dating club, but I feel like I learned a lot.


However, I didn't know the taste of the meal until the last cup of tea.

I don't have enough "get used to it".

So escorting her is a bit strange.


While thinking about

"Shall we go"



This place might take some getting used to.

Aman's scent pervaded the floor, and I could not smell her perfume at all.


big windows.

If you look outside, you can see people in suits working below.

I can't hear your voice here...


Unlike the race queen, I spent my time in bed.

While she was in bed, she started talking about what men had done to her.


Being forced to get on all fours and eat breakfast like a dog.

The body was toyed with by a member wearing women's underwear.

That's why I was trying to leave the dating club.


I was thinking about a rich male member, thinking that the ultimate rich man has no mercy.

I felt like I could understand a little why the staff of the dating club connected me as an amateur.

Authentication confirmation

Check out the next day.

The referral fees, allowances, lodging costs, and other expenses were a bit breathtaking, and I felt like I was in danger.

I returned home and searched for her on the Internet while I was fluffy.

I found it in less than a minute.

It's real......

This kind of woman is really in a dating club...

I was deeply moved by the feeling that I had a relationship with this woman.


The real thrill of dating clubs...or rather, it's an urban legend.

In a small city in Tohoku, I made a small fist pump.

I want to spread the word to someone! ! !But I can't say... tears


Behind the scenes, there is me who cancels the fixed deposit.

My thoughts couldn't catch up with such a dream-like event, and I continued to pour money out of my instincts.


Five more times until I meet Universe Club... (like Space Battleship Yamato)

It's Mr. Saito♪

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