How to be chosen as "only one partner" by women

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Hello, I'm an adventurer.

After graduating from the dating club, we had a relationship focused on one person, so I'm writing a column for the first time in a long time.

It was a really happy love affair that you wouldn't believe you met at a dating club.

Introduce them to each other's friends as boyfriends and girlfriends, let them meet their parents...

I don't think it's easy to develop a relationship like this in a dating club, but it was a good romance.

I decided to write a column again at this timing when one wonderful romance is over and I'm looking for a new encounter.

The theme is what should be conscious of in order to be chosen as "only one partner" by women.

I'm glad if you can use it as a reference.

If you want a short-term relationship, compete with a “completely different worldview”

Let's start with someone who is easy to understand.

What should you do if you are aiming for a short-term relationship (i.e., a relationship where you want to have a beautiful and stylish woman, regardless of personality. Is your approach working?

It is to "show a completely different world view from women".

If you are a male member registered in the dating club, I think this area is easy to understand.

Delicious food that women have never experienced before, cozy space, VIP treatment while being called by name at high brand shops, meeting more than my monthly salary just by meeting a few times a month. I get my allowance

By directing such a world view, short-term relationships go well rather easily.

However, such an approach rarely results in a long-term relationship, and in fact, a relationship that a woman chooses as "the only man".

To become a long-term relationship (only one partner)

First of all, there are biological differences between men and women.

In order to leave many offspring, men have relationships with many women, and in short, they want to spread, and they can spread.

On the other hand, if a woman becomes pregnant, she will be unable to move for about a year.

It is also impossible to conceive several male children at the same time.

These striking differences lead to the following trends:

“Men tend to want to cheat and have lots of women.”

This doesn't need any special explanation.

'Women tend to transfer, not flirt'

I think this "transfer" is a characteristic of women.

As I wrote earlier, a woman cannot be pregnant with more than one man's child at the same time.

Therefore, rather than thinking about dating multiple men at the same time, if you carefully observe the men around you and think, "This man is better," the thought of switching to a new one will become stronger.

"When I'm in a relationship, I don't cheat and I'm dating a boyfriend, but the time between the end of a romance and the start of another romance is short. I don't think there's ever been a period without a boyfriend. ”

There is a woman called.This is the essence of women's "transfer".

However, some people may say, "No, no, the women I've met so far have been cheating on me."

However, it wasn't cheating, but it may have been a stage in the middle of the process until I found a champion who could be said to be "this one!"

In other words, if you think she cheated on you, you weren't the champion in her mind.

Maybe it's just that I lost to other better males.

Considering this premise, in order to be chosen as the only partner by women, it is necessary to be in the following state.

That is, "Become a presence that women can feel safe, empathize with, trust, and give their hearts and bodies to."

As I wrote in “If you want a short-term relationship, play with a completely different worldview”, the production of a “completely different worldview” will make women think “wow”.

However, it does not lead to peace of mind or empathy.Therefore, it is difficult to develop a long-term relationship.

Why do women clean their nails?

I will continue the story from a slightly different angle.

Guys, do you remember clearly what kind of nails she had the last time you met her?

Your clothes and hair color make a lasting impression.

Nail, how are you?Do you remember?

"I don't remember details like that."

That's right.

It's fine.

It's only about the tips of your fingers! (smile)

But women spend a lot of money and time on those details.

why would you do that?

That's because I think, ``If the other person is paying close attention to such details, they will likely protect me.''

I wrote that in order to be chosen as the only man by a woman, it is necessary to "become a person that women feel safe with, empathize with, trust, and feel that they can devote their hearts and bodies to."

Rather than directing a world far removed from women, if you can't get close to women in a world close to them and empathize with them, you won't be able to become one of the chosen people.

Then, what is the world close to women?

Isn't the closest world to "that woman herself"?

Try speaking like this.


This is definitely good for women.


Let's be chosen by one man and have a wonderful relationship

Women often talk about various things when they forgive their minds.

He talks about his family, about his workplace, about the sweets he ate yesterday, about how the taxi driver was terrible, and so on.

From a man's point of view, I think it's often the case that he just nods his head, saying, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah."

Such a trivial topic is actually an opportunity for men.

Don't forget to write down the trivial things you heard there before you forget them (you don't have to buy a separate notebook (lol) there is a mobile memo function).

And the next time the same topic comes up, please respond like this.

"See you soon. My little sister..."

"Eh, which one is your little sister? The one who lives in Kansai and has a cat?"


This will definitely appeal to women as well.

"Oh yeah! I remember it well (laughs). That little sister..."

I'm really happy to talk to you.

From a woman's point of view,

"Oh, this man is really looking after me. He understands me well. It's easy to talk to him. I don't feel like I've met him for the first time. I feel safe." will be

At dating clubs, there are men who often ask women, "If I give you an allowance, can you date me alone?"

I don't need to hear this.Well, don't ask.The conditions are also important, but even if you get the first place, it's just a provisional first place.

If a person with a higher allowance condition than you appears, you will lose.

I usually offer a monthly contract to a partner who thinks, "This woman is good!" After having a real feeling, I will go at once (laughs)

"Mr. ○○, it's been a month since we met. I won't tell you to withdraw from the dating club because of the rules, but would you like me to decide?"

then most of the time

"I'm happy to hear that. Nice to meet you."

I've been told.

If you get close to women and become the champion, the women will automatically narrow down to you.

Of course you need to pay, but you don't have to pay more than you need.

Another man said, "I have an annual income of XX million yen." I'll give you a lot." While you're misunderstood and intensely self-promoting, approach the other woman's feelings closely and get the "chosen one" seat at once.

I hope everyone has a good meeting.
*And me too. . . . (smile)

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