Is the re-shooting woman a release woman?

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This is Fukunaga from Universe Club Osaka Branch.

Several times while talking to members“Are you a woman who was released for reshooting?”
I have been told.

first of all hereReleaseis the meaning of the word
It seems to refer to a person who has been associated with his father and has broken the relationship.

There are people like that, so it's not that I'm completely wrong, but I think there are only a few people who are actually motivated by breaking up with their dad.

So this time,“The opportunity for registered women to come to reshoots”
"Benefits of choosing reshoot women"I would like to write about.

Motivation for reshoot

The most common"Because I was invited to the club".
At Universe Club, we confirm the will to continue once every six months.
This is the same for those who get a lot of offers and those who have no offers at all.

In particular"It's been half a year since you registered (or last updated), but is it okay to continue the activity? please tell meI will contact you.
It's not compulsory, but there are many people who book a reshoot at this timing.

As an aside, this"Semi-annual confirmation"There are two main purposes for doing
"By taking the latest photos, we can reduce the gap between the photos on the member's site and the time when we actually met."that and"Hide those who do not intend to continue"about it.

The next most common"I have registered, but I haven't received any offers as expected."That's when I got the email.

We don't know if the relationship with the man continued after the date, so we don't know the percentage of people who say it's because they broke up with their dad, but if anything, they haven't received an offer even once. I get the impression that I often get emails like this from people.

later"Those who have changed their hairstyle, hair color, or style".

At the time of registration, we are instructed that "If your appearance changes significantly, such as changing your hair from long to short, blonde to black, or losing 10 kilograms, please let us know as we will need to re-shoot". This case applies to the recipient.

There are many cases like this to be re-shot,
Even when I talk to women who have come to see me, not all of them came to reshoot because they broke up with their dad.

Benefits of choosing a reshoot woman

"People who haven't dated anyone since they registered are good."I often hear that new members like it.

Certainly, I can understand your feelings, such as "I feel fresh because I haven't dated anyone" or "I think if I go to a high-class shop, I will be honestly happy."

However, I think there are some merits to choosing a reshoot woman,
I'd like to give you some specific examples, both mentally and physically.

Highly motivated (mental)

There may be times when it's just an occasion, but I don't think it's a good idea for you to put on make-up and take the time to retake the photo, even paying for transportation.Evidence of high motivation for club activitiesI think it 's.

Also, although the topic is digressing, from the woman after the date is decided,"I want to withdraw after the date with the next ○○ is over."We may contact you.

In such a case, tell the man about it,"Dating as planned"Or"Blank slate"I will ask for the basket instructions.
It's clear that the club's motivation is low, and I don't think it will be a good encounter if you go on a date because it was already decided.

at leastNewly reshot woman is willing to dateThis will prevent situations like the one above.

There is little difference between the photo on the member's site and the impression when I actually met you (appearance)

After half a year, women often change their appearance for better or worse.
That's why there are often class ups and downs after reshoots.

I think there are some people who have seen the photo from a long time ago and received an offer with that image, but when they met, it was completely different.

In addition, re-shooting will basically be done by someone other than the person in charge at the time of the interview.
The latest impression from a different point of view may also be a reference material for the offer.

In other words, The woman immediately after the reshoot is a woman whose impression of the meeting is less different.

at the end

Basically, the fact that you are continuing to register means that you are looking for a wonderful encounter,
I didn't get any offers for a long time, and as a result of coming to the reshoot, I finally got an offer, especially.You can cherish a single encounterIsn't it?

If you don't usually see women reshooting,
I would appreciate it if even one person could consider re-shooting women.

Thank you for reading to the end.
Thank you for your continued support of Universe Club.

Universe Club Osaka Branch
Ryota Fukunaga

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