Mistress as a job, dad activity.

When I was thinking about replying to your last comment, I suddenly remembered a program called "Hyakuman Otoko".

In a program where the writer Yasutaka Tsutsui serves as MC, one million yen is given to a randomly selected ordinary person, and it is cleared by using it within 100 hours (no debt repayment etc.), a feeling that is hard to name. It was a plan to remember.

It may be even more so because I was a poor student at the time, like a hard-working student in the Showa era. Maybe.

Unfortunately, I haven't reached that point, but I've felt a sense of closeness.That is Erika-san, the last of the four people who made the initial offer.

Meeting with Erika

At the time of the offer, I heard that the downtown area of ​​A city was not acceptable, so I made a reservation at a hotel restaurant in the prefecture and decided to meet at the lobby, but I arrived too early.

Robbie is rather restless and kills time at a nearby coffee shop.Waiting time for the first meeting is only about 30 minutes, but it feels absurdly long.

When it was almost time to head to the hotel, the phone rang just as I arrived at the lobby.

It's Erika.When I went to meet him at the entrance, a woman with a slightly dark atmosphere was waiting.

For example, it might be something like Maetel.I've never seen Galaxy Express.In any case, I head to the restaurant for the time being, thinking that the impression is quite different from the smiling registration photo.

However, he is silent even in the elevator.He was silent when he sat down.Drinks are also soft drinks (this may be because I'm a car).Will it last until the course meal is over?

Although I could barely answer my question, there was no particular question or self-disclosure from Erika-san, and the time passed indifferently.

The appetizer carrots are absurdly hard.

Finally, I could not feel the flavor from the Madeira sauce on the steak, and I asked for another ginger ale, thinking that I would probably never see him again.

It seems that I drank it before I knew it when I was playing with the ice with a straw because I couldn't continue the story.

 Just in case, while eating dessert, I asked, "What are you going to do after this?"

Then he responds, "I'm fine."

No, I don't think we're both mentally prepared.At least I haven't.I thought so and asked, "Then, would you like to go for a drive?"

Then she replied "Yeah!" with the biggest, no, the only smile of the day.I don't know where she hits a human chord.


In the car, Erika-san spoke surprisingly well, perhaps because she didn't talk about anything complicated during the meal.

"The steak just now was delicious!"

"That's right (even though you didn't talk?)"

"I'm glad I met Kako-san!"

"Really, I'm glad (even though it was like a wake during dinner?)"

"But even though I was dressed up, my hair got messed up because of the strong wind."

"It was windy (no, no, more than that...)"

 No, don't say anything anymore.I don't think so.Take care of yourself.

“Come to think of it, is Erika-chan meeting someone right now?”

"No, I'm not. There was a person who lasted for about half a year, but it's over."

"Hey, what kind of person were you?"



"Hey. I mean, you talk quite a bit. It seems like you're lying while you're eating."

"I was really nervous! I was surprised at how young I was when I got the offer, and when I met him, he seemed really serious. I usually smile more amiably!"

"No, please (laughs)"

"I can't"

“If the other party was Ryoma Takeuchi, you would smile anyway.”

“Ryoma Takeuchi is crazy (laughs). But my favorite is Mackenyu.”


"Mackenyu Nitta. Don't you know?"

"(Searching on Google) Oh, he's Shinichi Chiba's son. He's cool. Or rather, he doesn't come here (laughs)."

I loved the details, but the conversation progressed peacefully during the meal as if it were a lie.

Even so, the conversation is young.I can't keep upTetsuya Komuro is a generation that barely knows, but globe doesn't know.

In the end, for Erika-san, Nenashikako seemed to be an ant, and I thought Erika-san's smile in the car was cute, so I turned the steering wheel toward her home to see her off.

And I started dating Erika-san, who often sees me twice a week.It seems that the beginning of the previous column is withdrawn, but the result was not what I could have imagined from my first impression.

According to what I heard later, Erika was right in the middle of the C type.

According to the type introduction, it depends on the compatibility.And, basically, it seems that it is enough to have only one partner, and he has used it twice as a material to fuel jealousy, saying, "I got an offer, but what should I do?"

However, when I received Erika-san's dissatisfied face after receiving the answer "It's fine, I should go", I was also mostly satisfied.

A fuzzy and comfortable relationship that could not be called a lover, a mistress, or a friend of course lasted for about three months.The uncertain relationship between the two vaguely changed its outline, but it certainly began to come to an end.


Relationship changes and breakups

 Although there was a subtle atmosphere during the first meal, I never felt uncomfortable or awkward during the subsequent socializing.

Rather, the content of LINE that could be mistaken for a lover was repeated every day, and many of them included remarks showing goodwill.

Or, in his spare time, he would come to another house and spend his time doing nothing without doing anything.Her words and deeds were so full of goodwill that I felt embarrassed.

 There is no clear indication as to what the cause is.

After that, the frequency of meeting gradually decreased, and finally, after arguing, the relationship ended without being able to repair it easily.

That's all there is to it.I can't remember exactly what happened back then, but I do remember that it all started when I said to Erika, "I miss you," and replied, "In spite of that, we can't actually meet your schedule." there is

She was puzzled at first, then made excuses, and finally got angry.

Of course, I am aware that she may have something to say, and I can't deny the feeling that I made a mistake in putting the spear in the wrong place.

Looking back, I don't think I was even that angry.However, when I traced her memories back then, Erika-san started to deviate from the girl I met when I first met her, and it seemed like that deviation was getting bigger day by day.

Of course it wasn't comfortable.

 Erika-san had been offered several dates before meeting me, but when I asked her why she didn't continue, she replied, "It's only the first time that it's possible to get a job."

In other words, according to her basic view, dating by setting is work, and from the second time onwards, it is private (or a derivative of it).

In fact, she wasn't afraid to date anywhere in her hometown.

And that attitude was very favorable to me, who had just joined.

 However, judging from the results, there is no doubt that this private or near-private relationship led to bankruptcy.

This relationship has tacitly approved that each other moves according to the mood, and before I knew it, it gave birth to addiction.

As long as they are not lovers, there is no way this relationship will last long, and they gradually wake up to each other.

Erika, who wasn't looking for a boyfriend, remembered that it was a job, and I didn't want an affair, but I realized the value of money.


Daddy life as work, mistress relationship

 Without fear of being misunderstood, I recognize everything from being a professional mistress to being a daddy as 'work'.

Love here is just an illusion (or maybe the setting fee is the price you pay for the illusion).The problem is the implied meaning or quality of "work".

 In Japanese, it is simply expressed as work, but when translated into English, it starts with a general (abstract) “work”, and it is really diverse, such as “job”, “task”, “labor”, and “business”.

If we define "job" as typified by "blow job" here as a concept close to monotonous work, the work that women say is generally divided into "business" and "labor" or "task". Isn't it supposed to be split in two?

Many men, including myself, think of the former as a job, while many women (who do not receive offers or who do not continue) think of the latter as a job close to "labor." is not it.

"Labor" has a high affinity with the idea of ​​"earning ○○ yen per hour" or "earning ○○ yen".

I think everyone has thought at least once about how much their job will pay them per hour or how many bowls of gyudon it will cost. knows empirically.

I think women who have a sense of business, a sense of balance between risk and return and the degree of volatility they can tolerate, are still attractive.

In that sense, a woman who is popular in her private life and a woman who is popular in a club are not necessarily the same.Luckily, most of the women I've met so far have been nice people, but I think that the sense of manners and customs was more "labor".

Halfway through, it's full of horizontal characters, making it extremely difficult to read.

It's going to be a daft, but finally.

I think blow job should be changed to oral business.I don't think there are many things that are so rich in trial and error.


*The name "Erika-san" in the article is a pseudonym.Even if you search on the Universe Club member site, there is no woman with that name.

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