Daddy life that anyone can understand

Introduction Why?Daddy life?

Hello, nice to meet you.From now on, it will be little by little, but here is the reason why I started working as a dad.

I would like to talk about the actual dad life with a frank discussion.

I will also discuss the matter, so please think of me as a professor at that time and forgive me for being a little difficult.


I×is about3+αis the man of

How did you start working as a dad?WebSo I was searching for a matchmaking site normally.

When you search with a search engine for “Arafif” and “Marriage”, at the end automatically “Papa life” came out.

Daddy life? !

I've heard it in words before. . .so

"Papa activity"After searching for , I got here.


Even if you are married...

50to be matched with an old man ofIt's obvious, but it's all about old hag.

I was satisfied with that, but by chance my girlfriend right before me20in the late XNUMXs.

She looks just like Nogizaka's Shiraishi Mai, but she's a woman with a heart that's really sick.SThat.

WhenMservant ofFor me, it was indispensable.

He repeatedly attempted suicide several times and finally did it in front of my daughter.We broke up crying and crying.

So here (Universe Club).

There are a lot of young and pretty women here.

I thought I had no choice but to register once as a trial.

According to my daughter, my dad, who has twice as much action as a person, immediately took action and had an interview.

He is the father of a very cute daughter who actually looks just like Yui Aragaki.

As a father who raised his daughter all by himself, I thought that I could become a father.

My daughter is a psychiatric nurse.


Sign in

I went to the hotel where the interview was held, thinking that a few tough-looking men would come for an interview at a company that runs Papa Katsu.

contactIt was from a calm female staff member.However, this kind of thing is a common practice, so you should not let your guard down.

It's a bit too casual, but it's a spirit that I have to decide here.

It's a grit.

It's not dangerous. . .that's right.With grit.

I met with the staff.

The staff members were a middle-aged grumpy old man and an innocent looking young lady..

Follow the steps and register.

How easy!

Whoa, I can be a dad too.

I'm really a dad. . .I'm getting happy that my daughter will increase.


I had an account issued and saw the site.

There are classes and relationship types, but classes are, for the time being,Well, I'm going to see it from a beautiful person.

While looking at the profile of the woman who thought,I also watch videos as the staff taught me.

Check it out, it's the profileSYaraMI personallyis not it.

I also wrote something that bothered me,MThere are a lot ofIndeed, the area where I live isMThere are many. . .By the way,SI contacted a few people who seemed interested.

At this point, the class is irrelevant, my concern is,Even if the class is dropped to some extentSIt was good to have someone who was willing (By the way, I'm out of that point of view right now.I will explain why later.)

It's a dating type, but both of them happened to be able to date on that day.


Definition of Papa Katsu Joshi

So, here comes the main topic.

This is a discussion of this relationship type.I,When you first sign in,There was something that bothered me about this dating type.

The women who register here probably want money.

But you don't want to work in feng shui.

How selfish lol

But it's money.Let's change the style.


Papa-katsu is chosen by women for economic reasons.To put it bluntly, I am a personal feng shui business owner.

The degree isfor example,AからEFor up to5It is quantified by a numerical value called a stage.AからEup to is determined by the difference in the economic burden on the father,Ais smallWithoutDis quantified as many.

EIsout of this scale.

That is, the dimensions are different.And the degree of establishment of the dating act is proportional to this scale.

however,So far, the scale is1nothing more than a dimension.


That's it.But isn't it?

There are uncertainties involved here.

It's a lie that you might be able to fall in love, but it feels like it might.

This is different from normal feng shui.


The reason why it's a lie is that they bother to register... they know that there are people who will pay, so they register.

That's why I'm semi-professional.

An ordinary girl who has not registeredThere are overwhelmingly many in the world, but it is registered.

So maybe we can fall in love.

It's in my profile that I might be able to fall in love.

most likeWe pretend to be deceived by ugly comments and expect ourselves.

From my point of view, Papa Katsu Joshi,I'm a cosplayer wearing a costume called love.

Cosplay must be cool.It's the same.

It's useless unless it's really "that".and,We are forever searching for the real thing.


I know, but I'm going to make an offer.


For now, let's stop here.

If there is a next time, I will write an eventful life with the person I met.


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