Round-trip letter series 4 to Mr. A ~Slipping problem again~

Mr. A.

The comment section is going to be a lot of trouble.

Not just Mack, but a new commentator?has also appeared and is in a state of "Hundred Schools Controversy".

In general, "Hundred Schools Controversy" is used in a negative context, but Joe wants to express that each other's comments inspire each other, but I'm sorry for my lack of vocabulary.

Isn't there a good expression?

Ah, I'm not forcing you to comment, but I'm still doing it (bitter smile).

No good?

I wrote the "no makeup problem" with a light heart, but Jasmine's comment deepened the discussion at once.

The reason why Joe first raised this issue was

XNUMX, There is a possibility that another person will appear in “Suppin” during travel and overnight stays
XNUMX, When another person appears, it becomes an opportunity to deepen the relationship or cut out (or be cut out)

It was that.

Now that I think about it, it's a shallow way of looking at things from a male perspective.

And it was Jasmine's comment that made me realize Joe's shallowness.

To summarize the gist of her comment

XNUMX, The “no makeup problem” in travel and staying is a big problem for women along with the “lingerie problem”
XNUMX, worrying about when to be without makeup or not
XNUMX. In many cases, when you meet "that time" while traveling, you should be without makeup.
  And it's often requested by men
XNUMX. The shorter the time without makeup, the better.

This summary may be wrong, but for now.

And by gaining a new perspective on the "Suppin Problem", the past scene was revived, and I felt like I was able to get a sense of "Is that what it was like at that time?" increase.

So let me show you two scenarios.

For Kanako

Kanako-chan is an around 25-year-old girl, and if she keeps silent, she'll probably pass as a beauty, but if she keeps silent for more than XNUMX seconds, she'll die. He is a bright and fun child who laughs boldly.

I describe everything that fits my taste as "cute", so even Joe sometimes thinks of the two characters "horse ◯", but it's just a pretense, and at work (some listed companies ) is also a young leader and seems to have a promising future.

She's a bit of an older sister, and she's easy-going, but she's a bit (isn't she?) an odd girl who doesn't hesitate to say, "I love messy relationships between girls."

I love Joe.

In addition to being cheerful and fun, she has many good points, she is neither picky nor disliked, and is a strong drinker, so meeting Kanako-chan is one of the great pleasures of business trips.

He is very curious and listens intently to what Joe has to say.

And that curiosity is most manifested in relationships with men.

Kanako-chan receives "that time" relatively easily.

I love to be picked up on (or do?), and I don't mind one night love.

If you stick around there (you guessed it, Joe didn't stick)

"The other party said, 'I was able to escape! ``You may be thinking, but that's my line!

The reason why I don't think Kanako-chan's dialect is brazen

“I have eyes right in front of a man’s crotch. I’m as perverted as Joe.

Because he laughs heartily.

I may not be able to convey it well, but I'm a fun child anyway.

I often meet Kanako-chan late at night.

Mutual interest, "I want to drink without hesitation on the day before work break"?It's not uncommon for people to stay overnight together.

I have stayed about XNUMX times so far, but I have never met "that time".

We don't meet very often (about once a month), so I'm busy exchanging information.

As expected, "this is bad", so when I stayed last time, I sent a line in advance saying, "This time it's a sexy night!"

from her

"I've been waiting! With pleasure!"

A reply came and each other?I was full of motivation, but in the end I settled into the usual pattern of laughing → drinking → unconsciousness (bitter smile).

The reason why I picked Kanako-chan for the no makeup problem is that I have never seen her without makeup, even though I have stayed there many times.

Sleeping without removing makeup is probably not good for your skin, right?

In such a case, should the man say "Please remove your makeup"?

And as I write this, I think that Kanako-chan may not be showing her "genuine" much more than Joe thinks.

I'm a little lonely (bitter smile).

Koi's case

As I briefly wrote about Koi-san last time, she is a woman with a big gap when it comes to wearing no makeup.

I learned about it when I was recently on a trip with you and was surprised at the difference.

Because when I wake up in the morning, a strange woman is sleeping next to me!

For a moment I almost said "who are you?"

Koi-san was supposed to be a gorgeous beauty, but what was there was a pale, plain woman with no makeup on.

But it made me horny.

I thought it was just a four-way solid, and when I called out to Mr. Koi, he was very unhappy and couldn't do it.

Even now, I understand the reason for your frustration.

Even though it was my first trip, and during the day I was saying, "Stand back on the balcony of my room," at night I got drunk and fell unconscious as usual.

But it's not just Joe's drunk that hesitates to have "the moment" with Mr. Koi.

Joe's view is that the darkness is spreading in Mr. Koi's heart and that "at that time" will make the darkness even deeper.

This is the oldest relationship among the women I met at the Universe Club, and it's a relationship I want to cherish.

It's a bit of a forcible way of summarizing, but I think that by seeing Koi's no makeup this time, and by showing me, that relationship has deepened a little.

(By the way, her bad mood seems to have improved a little by presenting her with a watch for her birthday.)

I wrote for a long time.

In addition, there is the story of a 20-year-old G-cup female college student who was full of acne when she wore no makeup and was reminded of her youth regardless of whether or not she was young, and the story of a beautiful makeup girl who turned into an ugly girl when she wore no makeup, but I will omit them. .

And in the topic of no makeup, the number one concern right now is Miss Dynamite, whom I met recently.

I'm planning to stay here soon, but she seems to have a big gap too.

If you have a chance to report it.

See you soon.

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