I talked with a man who has an NTR propensity to give a woman 10 yen on a letter date

One day in June
A project has been launched in which the customer success team staff and men talk
One day in June
Led by Chief Hara, CS1 selected Teramoto as the interlocutor and Asami as the writer.

Profile of the man in this interview

[TA] Enrolled in 2018, Black class, 50s
This time I received a photo of my personal belongings

date clothes


My car

favorite shoes


hobby stock desk

Why did you choose TA as the interlocutor?

I have a lot of dating experience,
TA's style is to use a letter date → have an actual date.
When this project was launched, Teramoto was the first voice,"There is only TA"
There was no reason for the staff to shake their heads at this opinion.

I have a lot of dates ・I often cooperate with questionnaires
Of course, when I receive inquiries, Teramoto asked me to participate in this project because he told me about his interesting dating experiences, and he readily agreed. .

First of all, TA, thank you very much for your cooperation. (I will put it together as a writer, but I was laughing alone lol

How much is your allowance?

The average is 5 yen.But there are 7 to 10 yen, and there are also 3 yen.
To be more specific, if you want to continue for a long time, you can pay 5 yen.
But I don't intend to continue for a long time and I'm getting tired of it,
It's relatively true, but because of the nature of my work, I've decided on my own judgment criteria.
For that kind of person, I think that 10 yen would be good for a long time, and about 5 yen would be good.

Do you mean that the criteria for judging that allowance are not decided by the female class?

Of course, I don't know what to say, but I have classes as an element, and it's like my subconscious.
I think there are people who say, "Oh, well, it's Black," but on the other hand, it's a prerequisite that women don't know their own class.
While listening to the request of the other side, I think about whether it is worth it.
So the element (decided) called class is not XNUMX, but that is not important.
After talking to him, his personality might be a rough idea, but when it comes down to whether he's a good fit or not, I really don't like old men. Sometimes.
If you want to continue for a long time, it's about 2.3 yen.That's why. If it's 10 yen, it won't last if you think about getting tired of it.Judgment around here is the biggest.

Previously, when I talked on the phone, I had an affair with two women.
You said that the letter date was difficult,
One person was an SM girl, so I think it was because my tastes didn't match.
Is there anyone you are currently dating?

Hahaha lol
Well, right now, there is only one person who has really continued for a long time.She is the woman I met at Mr. Universe.
I didn't tell you to quit, but I'm quitting now...

Since you are always on a letter date, would you like to have tea or dinner when you meet in person?When is the right time to invite you to the hotel?

There are various patterns for this as well.There are some people who are concerned about the relationship of trust, so it's a bit different to just have transportation expenses taken.so,
Some people say they don't have to spend two hours just eating.I don't force people like that to go out to eat.
Meet in the hotel lobby and take the elevator.Like.
Well, this person is not the one to continue, so there are many people of 7 to 10 yen.
If you want to make a one-time request, such as something that looks good, this is the place to go.

I want to be with people for a long time who write exactly what I wrote on LINE.I think
Such a child is taken to a good place to eat.I wonder if there are many private rooms for kaiseki.
It's like talking about a relationship between a man and a woman while drinking alcohol.In that atmosphere lol

Have you ever regretted letter dating?

There were people who thought that this was not the case. .Mr. Teramoto told me to stop, but I said no and it hit me hard...
I came to LINE for the first time and it was already read through.Would you like to have dinner in a while?So please calm down.read through
alive?Just kidding, I'm alive!It was just over...
Bad trader Sakura?reaction likewas. .

Please tell me the advantages and disadvantages of letter dating

The advantage is that even if you set a date directly, I don't think it will last if you think about things like thank you.
Pre-filtered by letter dateandListen to requests for allowances and date plansIt's good from
If you want to go to the hotel right away, there are people who don't want to go to eat.
If it's a normal setting, it's a meal and tea, isn't it?
We can spare each other that kind of thing.
If you think you're a good boy, I'll go out to eat.
I know that you've been doing letter dates for a long time, but you can see the personality from the letter.
If you don't see this as an advantage, it may be a disadvantage.
As a unique disadvantage, if you feel like you're a LINE solid or a good girl,
If LINE is bland, I'm a good girl, but I'm missing itIt may have a shape.
If the line is light, it will end without meeting ... in my case.

What was your hardest night of play ever?

I didn't realize it, but I was told that I wanted to introduce a girl because I wanted to do lesbian play in threesome.
I tried to ask, but I was just a child who said that I was not interested lol
Also, there are those who ask me to take a vaginal cum shot because they are on the pill. .
Do you feel like that when you're doing it and get swept away?
I lost at that point, but...
Also, I have NTR tendencies (cuckolds), and there are people who get along with those habits.
I would be horrified if you would send me a picture of you with your boyfriend, or tell me that you are going to a hotel with your dad now.
Some women enjoy my reaction.
He says he'll meet another daddy soon.In Aitate Hoyahoya.And.
Also, there are some people who say it's "Kakete", but I think it's a little different for me.

What did you think of lesbian play XNUMXP?

I would rather answer your request.Or rather, I feel like I want to see it lol
It's NTR...lol
I thought for a moment that it might get exciting.

Where would you like to meet in the lobby for a date other than having a meal or a cup of tea?

Is it an outlet?I will go shopping there.
The food court is also substantial, so it's fun.I can buy you clothes and bags.
There is also karaoke.I would like to try karaoke as well.
Oh, yes, I've been to the night pool.
I don't know, but there was a DJ called something, and it was really lively.
Did you reserve a booth with a roof and get all-you-can-drink for a pretty good price?I think it was 1 yen per person.
It was like going to a live show or going to a club, so I wonder if it was a reasonable amount.
There were a lot of Instagrammable.
I had a lot of fun, and I thought it would be nice if I didn't have to worry about other people's eyes at night.

Do you have any requests for clubs and women?

I want you to speak as honestly as you can.
I can't help but see and hide, but if I think it's a lie, I'll wither away...
Oh, and I'd be happy if there was a peculiar propensity

The conversation ended in a friendly atmosphere from beginning to end.
As a transcriptionist, this is the only time I feel like I've found a naughty book under my bed.
XNUMX yen can be developed from letter date, so
If you read this column, why don't you change from letter date NG to letter date OK?

The same goes for karaoke,"Be interested in the other person's taste" "Match the other person's taste"
I felt again that these two points are really important.
It may be good to try to remember it in the 60s, karaoke, hit songs, etc.

About two years ago when I planned a letter date with the aim of diversifying dating
Asami is very happy that there are people who love letter dates so much.
A person's value begins with a letter date exchange sentence.
There are many people who think that even if they are setting up, they probably haven't read the text at all. .

It may be a little troublesome to set a date by yourself,
I think there are other disadvantages as well.
Half-price setting fee Benefits such as understanding the sense of response and personality before meetingI would like men to feel this.

By the way, I received the recording and the table of contents from Teramoto.
When I heard NTR, I thought it meant a soggy propensity.I got smarter.
If you don't know, please try using the term NTR from tomorrow.

Dear TA, thank you very much for your kind words and valuable time.

Next time, if you have another chance, let me write a column about Ms. SM.smile

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