This kind of woman who is surprisingly glad I signed a contract Vol.3


woman with no education

I'm not proud of it, but I have a fairly good academic background.

The reason is that in the era I lived in, educational background was surprisingly tied to economic power.

That's why the employment rate was so high.

25x is common for stockbrokers and others. (It was even covered in the news at the time.)

Having lived through such times, I believe that an academic background is connected to one's general knowledge.

Of course, this has not been proven in any paper.

However, there is a part of me that is really concerned about this.

I'm sure all men of our generation who have become parents at least once have forced their children to study.

So what about these times?If you ask me, that idea doesn't apply at all.

There are many fine women out there, even if they don't have an academic background, and unlike in our time, there are probably more entrepreneurs than would have been possible in the past.

In the past, when people were young, it was hard to think about starting a business. (Also, the style of seniority is still very strong in this country.)

That said, I would like to ask this question to men who are now fathers.

After listening to the above story, which would you choose, a highly educated woman or a less educated woman?Even though I understand the current times, I still choose to have a higher education.

I wonder what it is.

Being highly educated gives me a sense of security.

Of course, even if that's the wrong way to judge people.

If you are a woman with a low level of education, will you be able to understand social topics?Or is she quick-witted?Is there any manners?I'm thinking about a lot of things.

Inevitably, the word ``common sense'' sticks out in our heads.

It's not like I'm comparing myself to those around me.

However, if you don't understand common sense, you won't be able to have a conversation.

I'm sure there are many men who worry like this.

In fact, even if you're having a conversation, you'll end up saying something like, ``Oh, you don't understand this...'' at various points in the conversation.

Then, there is a strange pause and a strange atmosphere with the woman, which I personally can't stand.

How can a man deal with this problem before signing a contract with a woman?I look at a certain level of educational background.

Then, they decide, ``Will this child be okay?'' and sign a contract.

Of course, it's not for all women, right?Is there something strange about the conversation you had when you first met?That's when you thought, right?There is no doubt about that.

But this time it was different.

The appearance of the woman introduced by the dating club is very beautiful.

The conversation when we first met wasn't that bad either.

However, when we have a short conversation, he sometimes acts like he knows something. (I think men can generally tell by their gestures.)

When I asked her about her educational background, she told me that she had dropped out of high school and had been working part-time to make a living. She (she seems to have been crazy in her teens)

My impression at that time was that he acted like he knew everything during the conversation, and since he was not highly educated, I thought, ``Isn't this a bad idea? Even if we sign a contract, we might not be able to have a conversation.''

However, there was something that attracted me.

It's how you eat on the spot.

We met in a hotel lounge, and the other woman said she hadn't eaten anything, so I ordered a snack.

I still remember that moment.

Anyway, the food was really beautiful.

I'm sure many men who become fathers are well-bred.

Don't you see the great humanity in someone when they receive food?In particular, his upbringing is clearly visible.

At that time, I was eating cake, and the way I ate it was really beautiful.

I didn't want to make a deal with her on the spot, so I didn't compliment her on the way she ate.

However, I remember that she was far more beautiful than the other mistress I was under contract with at the time.

So my view of her changed a little, and we had a conversation for about two hours.

And she said this to me.

"I'm a junior high school graduate, so I can't say anything grand, but when it comes to manners, I'm more confident than most highly educated women around here."

It was at that moment that I naturally felt attracted to her.

It's hard to say something like that with pride.

There are many women who make themselves look like celebrities on the spot, even in dad-hunting.

However, even in this day and age, there are still quite a few children who can say out loud, ``I have good manners.''Honestly, at that time, I felt sorry for myself because I was trying to choose a woman based on her educational background.

So, I negotiated with her casually and said, ``Maybe I'll try signing a contract once,'' and the contract was successfully completed.

There are a lot of things I noticed about this kid after signing the contract.

Anyway, it starts with the wording, and we always meet up 10 minutes before the scheduled meeting time. (I rarely arrived first.)

And while we're dating, I think we'll talk about a lot of things about each other.

Then, her hobbies were tea and flowers.

Apparently, he practiced archery until junior high school.

However, he said he was disappointed because the discipline at home was so strict.

However, as I was listening to her about her lessons and observing her various elegant actions, I came to a question.

Isn't that because he has a low educational background but a good upbringing?

That's the point.

So I asked her, and as expected, she was the daughter of a certain company.

However, after graduating from junior high school, it seems like half of his family disowned him.

There, he confessed that he experienced various part-time jobs and eventually became a father.

As a result, I signed a contract with her for about a year and we spent time together.

The reason for canceling the contract with her was that she would be able to return to her parents' home and would quit being a dad.

When I finally met her, she gave me flowers and a shoehorn as a thank you gift.

It must be her consideration because I wear leather shoes.

I want you to remember that there are cases like this even among women with low educational background.

I still feel glad that I was able to sign a contract with her.

I think I would be happy if I could meet someone like her again.

By the way, I haven't met the secret lady who said this since then.

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