Nana Princess Story Final Episode Part 2

[Unexpectedly going to Paris]
 For at least the last 10 years, I thought I had complete control over my time. He wanted to live that way, so he decided to start his own company. So when Sena asked me to take her to Paris, I replied, ``If it starts the week after next,'' because I thought it would be easy for me to make plans. Furthermore, to be honest, Sena was a married woman, and it was impossible for her to control her itinerary 10 days in advance, and she also thought that she would be able to refuse in good shape. However, contrary to her expectations, Sena planned her itinerary on the spot, and an hour later she called back and said, ``I'm ready.'' On the other hand, I thought it would be easier since I'm supposed to be a free person, but my overseas trip 10 days ago wasn't as easy as I thought. In addition to the problem of adjusting my schedule and securing a date, the air ticket was more expensive than I had expected, all the hotels I wanted were fully booked, and I couldn't make a reservation at the memorable restaurant. At such times, when Joe is in trouble, Osamu appears. They responded to most, but not all, requests. Is Joe safe? He became the person on the plane.
[At a pleasant cafe in Saint-Germain]

 That's why I unexpectedly came to Paris. It's my first time in Paris in three and a half years. Last time I was with the princess. It was a cold season, and I remember that there were intermittent railway strikes, mainly in Paris. There was heavy traffic jam everywhere in the city. So the two of us hung up our coat collars and walked around Paris. When we returned to the hotel at night, exhausted, we roughly calculated the distance we had walked that day, and we were both surprised to find that we had walked over 3 kilometers each day.
 Joe never thought something like this would happen, so the time they spent walking together is now a treasure to Joe. The reason why I forced myself to come to Paris this time was because I wanted to once again (unfortunately, be alone) visit places where I had fond memories. Is there an ulterior motive that the princess's voice will be heard again in Paris, just like it was heard in the streets of Kyoto? There was also.
  The meeting point with Sena was Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Joe had arrived in Paris the day before. Joe waited for Sena and his friends at a famous cafe that was more crowded with up-and-coming people than locals. He arrived a little earlier than the agreed time, so he held a ``mobile holiday'' that he had brought from Japan. If you flip through the pages while drinking a latte, you'll feel a bit like Hemingway. He might have ordered some shots though. The cafe is crowded, but there is also a crowd at the entrance to the church in front of us. It was a certain day in July when the sun was shining brightly. The temperature is not as high as the sun's brightness, and the humidity is low, so I don't feel the heat. Joe was wearing a striped jacket, which was very comfortable. However, the cafe latte that Joe ordered seems to be more than 3% more expensive than it was three and a half years ago, due to the effects of the weaker yen and inflation. It's not a cheap restaurant to begin with, but when you include the terrace seat fee, tip for the garcon, and tax, it's a bit over 5 yen.
 Just as I was thinking that, Sena came over waving her hand. The light yellow dress matches the atmosphere of the city well. The dress clearly shows the lines of her body, and is a choice typical of Seina, who knows how to present herself well. I always think that when we meet overseas, the rule that the women look 3% more beautiful than when we meet them in Japan held true this time as well. She wasn't particularly beautiful, but she had a certain beauty and an indescribable sex appeal. And what about the sexy woman next to her wearing a tank top with exposed breasts and a white cardigan? She's probably a friend for an alibi.
“Joe-chan, I’m here,” Sena said with a big smile.
"Oh, you arrived on time. Like I said, you left your luggage at the hotel," Joe said.
``Yeah, it was a nice hotel after all. Thank you for accommodating my request.'' Without answering that, Joe continued.
“Rather than that, please introduce me to the fascinating woman next to you.”
"Oh, her name is Kazumi. She's my classmate from high school. She started her career in music, but she wanted to take it to the next level, so she moved to London this year and is working hard."
"Joe-san, it's nice to meet you. I'm Kazumi, sorry for being a nuisance this time. Thank you for taking me to a nice hotel."
 When Kazumi lowers her head, her natural H-cup breasts, which are far more powerful than a North Korean ballistic missile, are exposed and you can't help but scream, "Man!"
"No, no, it's my pleasure. It's cheap."Actually, it's not cheap at all. After all, it's worth ◯◯ million for one night (not Kumamon).
"We haven't had lunch yet. Kazumi is hungry for Japanese food. How about a soba restaurant nearby? It seems a little expensive."
 I know about that store because I went there with Hime. Sena says, "It's a bit," but it's not a bit of a fuss. While the price is one issue, the taste is even more of an issue. The soba noodles are okay, but the tempura dishes are totally bad. Joe doesn't think it's in good taste to go to a Japanese restaurant overseas in the first place. There is no need to choose expensive and tasteless Japanese food when there are so many other delicious restaurants in Paris.However, the words Joe speaks are the exact opposite of his heart. I'm weak-minded and pretentious, man.
"I have to respond to a request from a beautiful woman. It's lunchtime so I might have to wait a while, but let's go."
[Japanese food is in bad taste in Paris]

 Contrary to my expectations, I didn't have to wait and was guided to a seat on the second floor. We were the only Japanese people, and French was being spoken all over the place, so (I guess) the customers were locals? I guess that's the main thing. It also means that it is a well-recognized store. The soba here isn't bad, so I think slurping the Mori soba is the best choice, but there's no way Joe's telekinesis will work on the H&E cup girls who are hungry for Japanese food, so there's assorted tempura, silver cod saikyo-yaki, and wasabi. are lined up on the table. First, let's toast with Sapporo, which costs 2 euros each. I added it as a matter of course when I defeated the beer in no time. When E says, ``Japanese food has to be accompanied by Japanese sake,'' H responds, ``Oh, there's sparkling Dassai.'' Joe trembles with her anger and she is unable to enjoy her meal as she desperately tries to hold back the tears that threaten to overflow. In the end, she ended up drinking wine and finished off with soba noodles, so she didn't expect to pay the bill. Over 10€. I'm worried about the future.
[A cruise is the way to go in Paris! Dinner is at a two-star French restaurant near the Eiffel Tower]

 take heart? After filling up on your appetite, take a cruise on the Canal Saint-Martin. Joe likes this much better than the Seine River cruise. It's a bit smelly, but we start from the underground canals that line the city of Paris. Along the way, the water level is adjusted at the water gate, which was the setting for the movie ``North Hotel,'' and the boat floats or sinks. One of the reasons I like it is that it is far more child-friendly than the Seine River Cruise. The boat sails slowly along the canal, allowing you to enjoy the Parisian skyline at eye level. E&H was happy and it was OK to grab them.
 After that, we went back to the hotel, only Joe changed from jeans to a semi-forum, picked up the two of us who had stopped by the Eiffel Tower, and headed to the small French restaurant we had reserved. It's hard to get a seat at this popular restaurant, so I don't know what technique he used, but Osamu made a reservation for me. Three and a half years ago it was one star, but it has been promoted to two stars and the price has become three stars. After requesting an English menu and having a lot of hesitation, E&H chose beef as a main course, and Joe chose orange sautéed chicken. Chicken dishes are also a specialty of this restaurant. When choosing beef at this restaurant, it brings back the words of the princess, ``Ampontang!'' The taste was the same as before, or rather, the slightly bitter orange sauce brought out the flavor of the chicken, and the secret ingredient, which had the effect of sentimental memories, made it even more delicious. We each shared a little bit, but Joe's choice was the overwhelming winner. ``Why didn't you tell me that chicken was the most delicious?'' E complained, but he didn't want to tell her what was delicious. Of course, we also enjoyed wine with our meals. I chose the red from Bordeaux and the white from Bourgogne, and also included two types of desserts. In preparation for dinner, Joe didn't touch the tempura for lunch (partly because he knew it tasted bad), and he also skipped the soba noodles. They passed on the more delicious of the two desserts, saying, ``I just can't eat it anymore.'' Joe muttered to himself, "A-n-po-n-ta-n," as the princess often did, punctuating each word, and left the store very satisfied.
[Ah, that's what it is]
 The hotel I booked is located in a building that used to be Marie Antoinette's palace, facing Place de la Concorde. After being renovated a few years ago, it was revived as a modern hotel while retaining the atmosphere of a palace. The room Joe had booked was a two-room suite, divided into a bedroom and a simple living room. Although it was small, there was a balcony that overlooked Place de la Concorde.
 When I entered the room, the women cheered. Joe was about to get upset too, but he didn't feel like cheering because he felt sick thinking about how much he'd paid for the three nights starting today. If it was okay for him to scream instead, he would have done so without hesitation, but as someone who will be turning 1 next year, he can't be that childish. The luggage I checked in was already in the room. The women fully open their suitcases in the living room and begin unpacking. It had been a while since he had had any, so Joe filled the bath with hot water and slowly lowered himself into the bath. Although he is usually a crow, he ruminates on the events of the day while soaking in the bathtub for about ten minutes. It wasn't a bad day. The weather was nice too. However, I feel depressed thinking that this will continue for two more days. That's right, let's suggest a different action tomorrow. Even Sena would have more fun touring Paris with her best friend than with a boring old man. In that case, goodness should hurry. Although he was reluctant to leave, he jumped out of the pleasant bath and changed into a robe.
 When I came out of the bathroom, I heard gasps coming from the living room. When I approached slowly, trying not to make any noise, E&H were already in their underwear, exchanging a passionate hug. I thought so. Joe wasn't surprised. Because as I watched their behavior today, it reminded me of the relationship between Satsuki and her teacher. They often touched each other's bodies, and the way they approached each other and talked was similar to Satsuki and her teacher. With this kind of relationship, there would be no problem and Joe's proposal would definitely be accepted.
 E removes H's bra. Naturally, H's wonderful rocket-shaped bust is revealed, and E repeatedly caresses her top without leaving any space between her. Slowly and violently. Then, H arched his body back, and his moans got louder in proportion to the angle. Sena notices Joe and beckons him over. She pulls away from Kazumi and hugs Joe, entwining her tongue with him. It's a full-on kiss, just the way Joe likes it. Speaking of Kazumi, she approaches Joe, kneels down, and takes a delicate piece of meat into her mouth. It's a situation I've seen somewhere before. Then, due to the effects of doping, Joe himself quickly stood up. Then, when they moved to the bedroom, they were already in a state of sexual intercourse, playing with Anna and Konna, touching each other's fingers, tongues, and one protrusion. I learned that H cups are useful for holding various things. In the end, Joe cums in each of them once (after all, he says "please cum inside me" ← Kumamon is not good at it) and fulfills his true feelings as a boy.
 In this way, the night of the first day passed. If the two-shot quota had continued the next night, and the night after that, Joe might have died. I was lucky that it didn't happen. However, Joe's simple life lesson is that luck doesn't come by doing nothing. Joe slept on the couch for the remaining two days, and he gave them his bed, so Joe didn't die.

[Paris is a city of art after all]
 As expected, he was allowed to act alone the next day. E&H was probably a wish come true, and Joe wanted to go where he wanted to go at his own pace.
 It's been a while since I've been to Paris, so I wanted to visit the famous art galleries and museums. Starting from the Orangery, we visited eight locations over two days. I visited the Louvre and Orsay both days. Visiting museums can be surprisingly draining, but since it's been a long time since I've been to Paris, I was able to fully enjoy the museums. What's more, I didn't use taxis, and I avoided subways and buses as much as possible, instead walking just like I did with the princess. The temperature was high, but the humidity was low, so if you were in the shade of a tree, the refreshing cold air probably didn't make you feel tired. Of course, memories with the princess came back here and there. Although she couldn't hear the princess's voice like she experienced in Kyoto, she was always talking to her, so she didn't feel lonely, and she enjoyed the feeling of walking together. was completed. For lunch both days, we ate the same menu at a memorable cafe restaurant near Orsay. The taste was still great, with sentimentality added as a secret ingredient.
 For dinner, I met up with E&H and ate together. The second day was Vietnamese food, and the third day was Basque food. Both restaurants are filled with memories of the princess. In my mind, I enjoyed talking to the princess as the two talked about the events of the day as background music. Joe was probably grinning from beginning to end, when Sena remarked sarcastically, ``Joe-chan, you seem so happy all the time, I want to fixate on Kazumi's tits.'' It's true that Kazumi's rocket would have moved Kim◯◯ to tears, but to be honest, Joe didn't see it. But as a fake gentleman's taste, is it a flattering compliment like, ``Certainly, Kazumi-chan's breasts are as powerful a weapon as an ICBM''? I didn't forget to say that, so he didn't know what I wasn't looking for.
From Paris to Dublin, Budapest and Prague. And Paris again]
 At first I wondered what was going to happen, but the four days passed by in a blink of an eye. They hugged each other at the hotel, then E&H headed to Paris Nord to catch the Eurostar, while Joe headed to the airport. My classmates from junior high and high school live in Dublin and Budapest, so we spent two nights in each and rekindled old friendships. They weren't particularly close during their school days, but they met again at a class reunion held to commemorate their 4th birthdays and suddenly became closer. They contacted each other from time to time and were finally able to meet again after the coronavirus. In particular, T, who lives in Budapest, took me to Prague, a journey of eight hours, in her beloved Skoda (a Czech-made car). Both of us will be turning 2 next year, so the conversation in the car is mainly about the rest of our lives. During the eight-hour drive, we talked for almost the entire time without running out of topics to the point that even we found it strange. It probably far exceeded the total time I spent talking during my six years of junior high and high school.
 Since both of them are approaching their sixtieth birthdays next year, the main topic of conversation is about each other's remaining lives. T has no plans to return to Japan, except for a temporary trip, and plans to bury his bones in Budapest. During my stay in Budapest, I was introduced to many Hungarians, and I now understand T's position in Hungary. He was successful in business and had strong relationships. He has lived his life with his own unique values ​​and sensibilities since his school days, but it feels like he has gained momentum after coming here. T, who Joe didn't know, was there. It took a lot of twists and turns to arrive in Hungary, so it must have taken a lot of hard work to become this successful, but T doesn't even complain about it. ``Isn't boasting about your hardships the worst thing?'' T says. surely.
 The entire city of Prague is a world cultural heritage site and is a wonderful cityscape. And many of the women walking around town are stunningly beautiful. She is tall and has a great figure. However, our purpose is not there; we are more interested in greed than sex appeal, or rather indulging.
 Czechs are said to have the highest average beer consumption in the world. It doesn't make much sense when you say it's 180 liters a year, but when you hear it's 300 large bottles, you'll be surprised at the amount. We parked the Shekoda at the hotel we had booked and started by touring the beer factory. So I grabbed a couple of freshly brewed beers and went into a nearby beer pub. This day is beer, beer, beer. The food is incomparable to Paris, where beer serves as an appetizer, main course, and even dessert. The mainstream Czech beer is Pilsner, so I think it would suit the Japanese palate (throat?). In the end, the two of us drank until the time the date changed, returned to the hotel with almost no memories, and fell asleep.
[Go to Paris again and reunite with the princess]
  After a few hours' nap, I jumped up and headed to the airport for an early morning flight back to Paris. T is said to be traveling around the Czech Republic for the next few days in Shekoda. ``Small cities are more attractive than Prague, and the beer is better,'' says T. In that case, I would like to celebrate my 60th birthday in the Czech Republic next year.
 After a two-hour flight, we arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport. I left my suitcase and took a taxi to Paris. There is still plenty of time until the flight home in the evening. My plan from the beginning was to head to the last museum I left behind.
 It took longer than usual due to the constant traffic jams in Paris, but we arrived before noon. Get out of the taxi and stand in front of the door. The museum is a remodeled private residence of the painter Moreau, so you wouldn't notice it if it wasn't for the signboard. I took a deep breath and pushed the heavy door. The reception desk is right next to the entrance, just like before. And the moment I stepped foot inside, I was filled with the princess's voice. This is the place that the princess loved the most. There's no way you can't hear the princess's voice. For a moment she hesitated as she put her hand on the museum door, and she scolded herself.
 When he was in Paris with Sena and the others, memories of the princess came back to him wherever he went, but he could never hear the princess's voice that he heard in Kyoto. But she didn't care. Because I thought that if she came here, she would be filled with the voice of a princess. And so it happened.
 This museum has many charms. Since it is a remodeled private residence, it is reminiscent of his former residence, and you can appreciate many of Moreau's works. But perhaps the most appealing thing is that there is a cabinet in what used to be the dining room, and when you pull the drawer out, you can see Moreau's works in a glass case, so you can pick them up and take your time to admire them, even though they are behind glass. It's possible. Although some of the works housed in the cabinet are oil paintings, the majority are study-like watercolors. She remembers that when she came here three and a half years ago, she was endlessly looking at each piece for a long time. Many of Moreau's watercolors contained scribbled writing. When Joe asked, ``What does it say?'' she read it to him in French and then translated it into Japanese while looking at her closely. All of them were short and casual words such as ``Thicker lines'' and ``Rounds, not curves.'' She read them out loud one after another in a low voice. And the princess continued to sit in front of the cabinet until her closing time, and she continued to stare at the painting.
 And today, it's Joe's turn to sit in the chair in front of the cabinet. He slowly pulls out the framed picture. Then, the princess explains the painting, just as she did three and a half years ago. Or maybe what I'm hearing now is just a hallucination? That can't be true, because I can hear it so clearly. And that voice continues. However, Joe's requests for Japanese translations, which are basically French, started out about once every three times, and eventually he stopped responding at all, so I couldn't understand what he was saying. He was tempted to complain, but when he thought about it, if Joe could understand French, the problem would be solved. Hey, it's easy. He will take a French class when he returns home.
 Since that happened in January of this year, I have seen Hime over and over again. All over Kyoto. For example, more than once or twice on Takoyakushi-dori Street or Higashinotoin-dori Street, I stopped a completely different person by saying ``Princess!'' out loud. There were many princesses on the platform of Tokyo Station, and when I unexpectedly saw one in the Amakusa Sakitsu village, which is a World Heritage Site, I followed her for a while thinking that it couldn't be someone else because I never thought I'd see her in public. It happened. Each time, she experienced great disappointment and at times was on the verge of tears.
 But there are no tears here. Because she could clearly feel the princess's presence. It's a shame that I can't see her, but I can feel the presence of the princess more than anywhere else. In other words, if she comes here, she can meet the princess. She has also achieved the goal of learning French, and although Japan is not close, if she wants to meet a princess, she can do so over a 10-hour flight. And enjoy chatting in French.

 Nana, you were a good woman. And I loved you.
I haven't accepted everything right now, and I don't think I've yet completely regained peace of mind. Above all, when I wake up in the morning, I still think about you, Nana. I don't know what to say about you, but I thought I wouldn't think about you the morning after our threesome, but no. That's why, no matter how dizzy the night is, I don't think I'll ever see a morning where I don't think about you. But, those who remain in this world must continue to live. Even if I can go to your place sometime in the not too distant future.
 I'll see you again here. I'm planning to celebrate my birthday in the Czech Republic next year, but I'll be here the day before or after. Until then, goodbye, my beloved Nana. Complete

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