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Papa life W date

Hello ♪

Daddy live girls, have you ever had a double date with your dad? (Dad active girl x Daddy + Daddy active girl x Daddy)

During this time, I had a lot of fun experiencing a pure double date with my dad and his business partners, so I would like to talk about it this time.

When it comes to meeting with multiple papa-katsu buddies,money and lust' is involved, so I'm worried that it might be a little vulgar, but I didn't feel that bad at all on the double date I experienced this time.

Definitely recommended ♪

harem papa

There are people who often play with 4.5 girls and one dad.

I think it's good for girls to get along and enjoy playing like that, but I'm against it.

When you think of harems, there is an image that men get drunk with themselves just by satisfying their desire to show off, and they don't take care of each and every girl.

"Anybody is fine, not me"I will think.

However, it is OK only for dates, depending on your allowance and content.Lol (Even during my harem date, I enjoy chatting with other girls instead of my dad. It's fun to talk with girls of the same generation ♪ lol)

When it comes to adult dating, I don't want to see other girls naked, I'm afraid of infectious diseases, and it doesn't look fun, so I refuse.

Even if I do the same thing, I feel sick and I feel like throwing up.

well to daddy"It's okay because it's one person at a time.The other kids are talking bad about me while I'm waiting'It is said, but I am not excited because of that.

Rather wither!Sweat

I think that my dad will start to hate me and make excessive demands on me by comparing other girls.

Girls who are sexually active or interested may try dating a harem dad.

It may be something that can only be done by living as a dad!smile

Daddy live party

When I signed up for the dating club, there were a lot of offers for 3:3 to 6:6 papa katsugokon.

But the image of Papa Katsuaikon is decided one by one"This guy is a loser'And"This woman was better than this one'I refused because I had the image that many men would look at me as a sexual object and tell dirty jokes.

And the next day will be a topic of conversation.

In addition, there are many requests from the same person many times on different dates."I'm sure the same members are doing it all the time'I thought.

Among the dating club staff"This man is kind and a fun member'I was encouraged to do so, but in the end I ended up not participating even once.

Now I think it would have been nice to go there at least once.

It might be fun for a child who thinks dad life is positive!

W date

from daddy"A business partner who introduced me to a dating club invited me to have a meal with my girlfriend.'They said.

I don't have the personality to be open enough for other people to know that I'm doing dad activities, and my dad understands me."don't overdo it'It said.

I hesitated for a moment, but I had a feeling that I wanted to see other daddy couples, so I said OK.

I entered a private Japanese restaurant with my father.

The partner of the W date was a normal beautiful uncle and the other girl was a cute girl.

After greeting everyone at the beginning, the dads immediately started talking about business.

There are a lot of proper nouns and I have no idea what you are talking about.

I was just eating silently, but I decided to talk to Papa Katsu Joshi in a low voice.

The girls were excited about how long they met with their dads, where they went on dates, and how long they met!Even how you use your pocket money...lol.

It was fun like a real double date.

In particular, it was fresh because I don't have many opportunities to talk about dad life.

When I found out that other children were really doing daddy activities, I was under the illusion that daddy activities were justifiable acts.smile

I was too excited, and the girl was a good girl and said, "do you really like dad""How long are you dating?When I asked, Papa patted me on the head.smile

Sounds like you were being listened to.Sweat

By the way, I said I love my dad.

After the date was over, I told my dad, "I was happy to see you enjoying yourself"They said.

If we have another double date next time, I would like to make an effort to make my dad get along better with the people we do business with.Sweat

Impressions of W date

It's a double date for people who are active as dads, so I was worried that it would feel vulgar, such as being sexually imagined, talking about adult relationships, dirty jokes, and showing flirting.

However, it was 180 degrees different from the image, and I was able to spend an elegant and enjoyable time!

in short,Depends on DaddyI just realized that it is!

I think that Papa took good care of me and made me enjoy myself without feeling bad.affection is upDid!

Any date with a trusted dad can be fun!

It is also recommended to take the plunge and participate in a double date once in a while!

In particular, some girls who are working as dads have various circumstances, so I feel like I should do my best too!

Above all, because such a cute girl is also doing daddy activities, I get courage that daddy life is not a bad thing.Lol (I wonder if that was what dad was aiming for...)

Papa often says,Even if the meeting was impure, I'm happy that I met you'' he says.

Daddy life"Money and Lust"From the indescribable image of"pure love"I am grateful to my father who taught me that there is also a side of

To the end

So far, I have talked about Daddy Live W Date.

Papas seem to have a lot of friends and company people who have mistresses and girlfriends!

Why don't you ask your dad about W dates!

Daddy might be happy too♪

Next time, I'm going to go with my dad to the shop recommended by the couple I met this time♪

It looks like a shop where you can drink animal blood!

My dad doesn't want to drink even if he feels sick, but I'm looking forward to it because it looks like a high-class Italian restaurant where many celebrities go.smile

Everyone, please make a lot of fun memories with Papa♪

I started working as a dad in the fall.Mainly adult dating, but I have zero libido.I applied because I wanted to work hard with a troubled daddy girl.I would appreciate it if you could help me with a little bit.

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