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Why Daddy Live Girls Can't Be Satisfied With Just One Daddy

By the way, how many dads do you have?

My father is one now, but there were five at the time.

Ideally I want 10!smile

I can't say that to my dad.

Because, for example, she told her boyfriend "I'm popular, so I'm going to have an affair ♪', I think it's like being attracted or cold.

Pride doesn't last long...

As a dad, I think he wants me to be the only one.

However, for girls, it might be better to have more than one.

Of course, if you can be satisfied with just one man, I don't think you need other men.

This time, I quickly thought about why daddy women want more than one daddy.

By all means, please try it while thinking ♪

In 2020, I will write while hoping that there will be many new encounters! !

because I'm on track

Once you have a good experience as a daddy, your expectations will rise steadily after that!

for example"The dad I met the other day gave me so much pocket money!Maybe next daddy will support me more!"And"The dad I met yesterday was at a love hotel.The person I was dating before was a first-class hotel! !I want to meet a man who will make me happier!"And so on, when my desire gets stronger and stronger, I want a new wonderful daddy ♪ lol

If you're a cute girl, you'll probably get a lot of invitations!

However, if you become such a greedy woman, you may lose your precious daddy.

Controlling desires and giving up are sometimes important!

Also, let's not forget to be grateful to any dad ♪

I just want to expand my circle of friends

Just like kindergarteners and elementary school students have a wish song to make 100 friends.

There is so much to learn when you interact with all kinds of people!

I simply want lots of friends, dads, and people I love♪

I would be happy if every day was a fun memory!

because I'm bored

If you're a dad once a month, you'll have around 1 days left to spare!

I wonder if I should make another one ♪ I'm curious!

unsatisfied with goals

My monthly target amount is ◯0.

However, to one dad, "◯ Support 0!I can't say that.

I can't say it to any rich person ... I really want to say it ♪ lol

I need support from many dads for my dream.

I am truly grateful to each and every one of my dads, but please forgive me...

I hope it's okay to say goodbye to Daddy

If there is an encounter, there is also a farewell.

Especially now, there are plenty of women who live as dads, and there is a possibility that a cute girl will steal a daddy.

If you have multiple dads, even if you get dumped by one dad, your dream support won't be interrupted♪

Also, if you think this person doesn't suit you, go find the next person.

I will do my best in short-term concentration and non-stop dad life!I'm desperate♪

not to depend

Have you ever been dependent on your dad?

Daddy seems to be busy.

But "Papa rarely sees me""Dad's e-mail is curt!""Ugya!Have you come to hate me? !I think it's better for women who tend to be dependent or lonely to have multiple dads in order to control their minds and their own.

Papa-katsu women's moderate affection makes dads happy, but if it becomes a burden, they'll be attracted.

There was a time when I started to really fall in love with my dad, and I also felt the importance of looking at other people.

in conclusion

As mentioned above, why can't daddy girls be satisfied with just one daddy?I wrote about

By the way, I feel that more women leave dating clubs because they achieved their goals rather than because they got a father. (Of course, I think there are also reasons such as there was no setting or because I got scared)

On the other hand, my dad doesn't have the image of leaving just because he has a cute girl partner! !

Is it because it's troublesome to register and the admission fee is high for men?

If you think about it... both men and women are hoping to have multiple partners, or they are thinking about breaking up with their partners, and are continuing the club so that they can break up at any time.

I used to have multiple dads, but in the past and now, ideally, I've always wanted a partner who I could cherish from the bottom of my heart, like a family-like friend.

However, I think it's quite difficult to meet a partner who really fits in a limited setting.

However, before I say it's tough, I think it's important to cherish each encounter and improve yourself so that you can feel attractive as a woman.

I wrote it as a warning to myself!Lol (I'm lazy and haven't improved myself ♪ Especially when it comes to adult relationships... I'm looking for someone who will fall in love with me in this state, so I may not be able to find the best partner. )

Well, finally, there is no lie in being grateful to all dads.

There are XNUMX different dads, so please make good memories with all kinds of dads ♪

I love traveling, so I loved my dad who took me there!

Ladies and gentlemen, please spend a wonderful life as a dad♪

I started working as a dad in the fall.Mainly adult dating, but I have zero libido.I applied because I wanted to work hard with a troubled daddy girl.I would appreciate it if you could help me with a little bit.

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