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[Male viewing prohibited] Psychological changes of dad active girls who have no libido (XNUMX)


The previous story was about a girl who doesn't have a libido and feels guilty and painful, but becomes a demon of money and greed and continues her daddy life!I will continue ♪

after that?

Doing such devilish acts... Is it because I saw a family at a family restaurant, or because I saw a couple...

I don't know what triggered it, but suddenly I looked objectively at what I was doing. (Maybe because I got enough money)

My friends around me are getting married, but I'm doing this.

Do I really have to live as a dad?Can't you live without it?

Do I have to kill this young, priceless moment in my life for money in the dark past?and.

I can't change the past, what should I do if my husband, children, or parents find out in the future?

I wondered if my judgment was correct.

And every time I passed by a couple of the same generation, I remembered my ex-boyfriend, and I started to want to meet and fall in love with someone I really like.

I want to quit the dating club

I want to graduate from the dating club early.I want money though.

I went to night work such as cabaret club.

However, I was afraid to step out into the dazzling world that I had never been to before.

Also, I was afraid that the company would find out, so I gave up.

And I thought that there was only a dating club after all.

What do you do after you think there is only a dating club?

With that in mind, I had a strong desire to make money while I was still young!

I want to work without taking a break!I want to earn money quickly and give back to my family! !

In that case, I thought that the only thing I could do was live as a dad.

However, this time I wanted a mistress instead of a daddy.

I want to be embraced by the only person I love.

However, I learned that it is quite difficult.

When I searched how to find a mistress, it was written that the dating club is the best.

And after all, mistress activities at the dating club are the same as dad activities, so there was no change.

You can only wait for an invitation, and in a limited setting, it is not easy to find someone you like who meets your conditions.

It's not like I'm that attractive.

In the first place, I thought that the idea of ​​wanting my beloved mistress to support me was naive.


When I was working as a dad with such chaotic thoughts, I gradually became irritated with myself who had no libido.

I have a hard time because I have no libido.I thought that if I had a libido, I would have received tens of millions of yen by now!

I've become increasingly frustrated with myself.When I change, everything changes.

But in fact, while thinking about such things, somewhere in my heart, I still thought that there might be someone I could date without overdoing it even if I didn't have a sexual desire.

However, after half a year, he still hasn't appeared (although there is a food dad), so I realized that it's probably impossible at my level.

What are you going to do now?

What is certain is that for the time being, adult dating is not likely to be possible because my heart is resolutely refusing.

Therefore, I decided to leave the dating club for a while and reset my feelings.

For the time being, I'm going on a journey to find my libido.

Do you want to continue being a dad?finish?

Actually, I finished paying off a large amount of scholarship.The guarantor will also be safe.Thank you very much.

I had some tough times, but I think it was good to be a dad.

Even if I regret it in the future, I don't regret it now.

I think I'm thinking about quitting dad life because I can afford my heart and money and I can live on my own.

I was desperate at that time and couldn't think of such a thing.

There is also an option not to continue dad life as it is.

Thinking about what to do, if I can really end my dad life, I want to repent at church or enter the path of Buddhism.

However, if I continue to improve my family's life, I don't want my heart to become a greedy devil.

I'm originally doing it for money, but I want to keep a little more reason.smile

I want to be able to build a genuine and trusting relationship with my dad.

Papa = I want to cherish relationships, not just money.

If I had had more conversations with the father I met, I might not have turned into a demon and still have a good relationship.

However, at the time I disliked adult relationships, I think that papa life didn't suit me.

Adult relationships are important communication for dads, right?

I don't think so at the moment.

Daddy, I'm so sorry that you chose me, but I couldn't become your ideal girlfriend, and I couldn't live up to your expectations.

Farewell to Daddy Active Girls

Ladies, when you start working as a daddy, it's fresh, so go ahead and do it!There is a fun feeling, but as you get used to it, "Was it really worth getting paid to do this?Do you look back?

I think that girls who do daddy activities that have been seen objectively to some extent may break up into three paths.

One is a lucky course where you can achieve your dreams with the skills and money you got from your dad.

The second is a course where you lose sight of your purpose and spend a lot of money on expensive items such as brand-name products.

It seems that there are also people who play host games and mama activities.Personally, I think it would be nice if he had fun♪

The third is a course to quit dad activities or take a break.

I think the reasons for this are tiredness, guilt and confusion about impure acts, infectious diseases, pregnancy, having a boyfriend of the same generation, and so on.

Are there other...

I think I'm the first lucky course in this.I was able to repay my scholarship.

But I still want to repay my brother's share, I want to send money to my mother, and so on.smile

I'm sure you all have some worries, but please live a wonderful life as a dad♪

I started working as a dad in the fall.Mainly adult dating, but I have zero libido.I applied because I wanted to work hard with a troubled daddy girl.I would appreciate it if you could help me with a little bit.

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