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[Male viewing prohibited] Psychological changes in daddy girls with no libido (XNUMX)

Hello.This is the third installment in the male viewing prohibited series.smile

* I wrote the psychological changes of Papa Katsujoshi from a completely female perspective.I don't care about my dad's feelings at all.I think men will be uncomfortable, so please do not watch it...

Enter the text.

In 2020, there must be some women who would like to start working as a dad this year!

If you are already living as a dad, what do you think?Is fun? ♪

It's probably been about half a year since I started working as a dad with an adult relationship.

I got used to communicating with middle-aged men I met for the first time, but I'm not used to dating adults at all.

I still don't understand the fun.

This time, I would like to talk about the reasons why I started working as a dad again after more than half a year since I started working as a dad at a dating club, the emotional changes that occurred by doing it, and what kind of path I followed. increase.

By the way, I am registered with another dating club, and I think I deserve a C type in Universe Club!average face and body

I would be happy if someone could refer to it.

How did you get started?

I work in a clerical office in Tokyo, but my salary is low, and I borrowed a lot of scholarships during my university days.

In addition, there were various family circumstances, and I wanted to pay my brother's scholarship, and I wanted to send enough money to my mother.

But I have no money.Side jobs are prohibited.

At that time, I learned about dad activities on TV, where men support women's dreams by giving them money when they go on dates or eat with them.

I thought it wouldn't hurt to talk and date older men.

Rather lucky if you get money with it!I wanted to live as a dad.

I looked it up on the internet and it said that dating clubs are safe.

I tried the app once, but they didn't like the messages, and they would definitely want me to send them a picture of their face again.

It was disgusting and I couldn't trust someone whose identity was uncertain, so I immediately withdrew from the app.

Then I looked for a dating club.

What criteria did you use to choose a dating club?

There are many dating clubs in Tokyo.

I also learned that the offer may not come.

Even though I registered, it is a problem.

I chose based on 5 criteria.

1. It's not customs

2. HP/company is not suspicious (notification to the city/no membership in organized crime groups/protection of personal information, etc.)

3. Not big

4. Get 1 yen for transportation expenses

5. They rather welcome amateurs

The reason I chose "3. Not a major company" is because I thought that if there were many female members, I wouldn't be able to get a setting.

I don't mind if it's too minor, but I avoided places where women join every day.

(According to Universe Club's anonymous question box, it seems that there are many women who do not receive offers. In the meantime, I admire everyone who has been set up and must be quite beautiful ♪)


How was your dating club interview?

I went to many dating club interviews, but they all asked the same questions and responses.

The staff weren't afraid.

I was scared when I was guided to an office that looked like an old building.

I put a circle on "I would like a date such as tea and dinner", but the staff said "Almost no setting"They said.

I was informed of the shocking fact that the pure dating that I envision is only on SNS and the Internet, and in reality, most men want hotels, and women do too.

I was faintly thinking that there was certainly no such good story.

And "It's okay to refuse, but if you're going out with a man, you basically have to eat for 1 hour and then go to the hotel for 2.3 hours."They said.

Also"If you refuse to date an adult on the same day, please do not make any promises next time and do not exchange contact information.There were many places where I said.

Depending on the club, it seems that there are places where men who have not been able to have an adult relationship can re-set up for free.

For the club's trust.

I thought I didn't like dating adults.

However, all the clubs I went to for interviews required an adult relationship, and I couldn't say such a thing for the sake of the high money, my family, and myself.

After thinking about it, I signed a contract with the R dating club.

The reason is that the R dating club is owned by a woman, and since she herself was registered with the dating club, she was a cute person who cheerfully said that she understood the feelings of women.

Hearing a lot of stories,Think of it as a sport.you'll get used to it soonI received advice.

I thought I could do it if there were such cute people doing it. (← This was the most important point!)

I trusted her and signed up with confidence.

What did you feel when you first set it up?

We registered and set up on the same day.

Because I was very anxious, I only had meals at first.

The man was very kind.he was cool

It was confirmed that I was the first setting, and I was delighted.

After receiving a surprise gift and pocket money, we rode in a cool big car, had dinner at the hotel, and then it was over in no time.

What a joy! !smile

You can get money so easily and have luxury, it's just heaven!I should have done it sooner~! !I thought.

And the second time I was smartly invited, and I was able to have an adult relationship easily!smile

I remember being surprised at how easy it was♪ I thought Papa-katsu was the best!I thought I was going to do more and more ♪ lol

(...Because it was an adult relationship, I couldn't get into the man's thing. Maybe it was too small, or maybe it was because he gave up right away and it ended in 20 minutes.)

How was the setting after the first setting?

After that, there were many settings. (Maybe the man I was setting up for the first time wasn't physically compatible with me, so I said goodbye because he was busy... tears)

However, except for the first setting, there was an invitation on the day.There was a project that I was told that I would like to do.

I had my own conflict.All the men were full of motivation!

I felt uncomfortable when someone invited me to a hotel as soon as I met them, or when an uncle told a young girl dirty jokes.

I caught it in a rushed feeling that I couldn't afford it, so I withdrew.

(It's quite different from saying dirty jokes to a child of the same generation... I can't say anything... For example, it feels like my boss or father is telling me.)

Which is more important to you, money or yourself?

I had to instinctively see if I could do it with this person.

The man wanted me to flirt with him to see if he would have romantic feelings for me, but I couldn't help but wonder why he could do this to someone I met for the first time. (In that kind of place lol)

I was seriously thinking about whether or not I could have an adult relationship with this person, so I was carefully evaluating the items!

She's not cute for a man!smile

However, I managed to keep my purpose in mind and work hard with people who exceeded a certain level for money.

And after finishing, I felt guilty, but I thought it would be great to have money in my wallet all the time.

It was still fresh and fun when it was about 2 months old for the first time ♪

How was the setting after 2 months?

After 2.3 months at the dating club, a certain amount of women will have a lot of offers.

New children are coming in all the time.

Until now, I've been quite rich with only transportation expenses without having to go out with adults, but it's about to get tough.

If you get too much at first, you'll get more and more greedy and say, "Oh my God, I only got ◯0 this month! !"have become.

For that reason, I've been okay with adult relationships, but I've gradually become more and more tempted to end it as soon as possible.

I want to do it quickly and finish it comfortably.After all, men just want to do it, and I even thought that I didn't care about meals.

Also, I was worried about dating adults, so I was nervous during the date instead of having a conversation.

In the beginning, I carefully consulted and contracted about how long it would take for a man to have an adult relationship, and I could do this but not this.

However, after I got used to it, I didn't care about asking questions as long as I could endure it.

As the money increased, I became more and more depressed.

It hurts...I want to quit, I feel sick, I'm sick, I want to die.

Why didn't you quit even if you felt bad?

I think that the reason why I didn't quit dad activities was because there was a charm that attracted me like sweet honey.

For example, I wasn't really interested in food, but I was happy about high-end restaurants.

In addition, I was saved a lot by a male escort, such as riding a luxury and nice car, a luxury hotel, gifts, and a nice man attracted by his personality and appearance.

And thanks to the money I received, I was able to lead a fairly comfortable life.

You can buy any sweets at the convenience store!smile

Adult dating was tough, but it was also fun thanks to men and money! !

It's a beautiful story, but in the end, I think I was able to continue because I was covered in my obsession with money and my desires and desires for gifts.It's a diabolical thought.

What happened then?

I continued to live as a dad.

Even if it takes at most, you can get ○ million yen in 5 hours.It's no big deal once it's over.

"I don't want to do it, but I have to” continued to be possessed by the evils of money and greed.

We will meet if contact or setting comes.

The invitations kept coming in, so I continued by choosing someone with whom it would be easy for me to get along with adults.

When I ran out of settings, I signed up with other dating clubs to get more.

I feel like I'm already addicted.

But I dreamed that someday I would meet a wonderful dad.

However, the emptiness of the gap between the ideal and the reality kept growing.

However, as more and more money came in and I became wealthy, the repayment amount of the scholarship was steadily decreasing.

One of the joys of having a settingToday, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, I'm setting up... I'm worthless if I don't do this’ and my heart ached.

But I never thought of myself as a pity or a tragic heroine.

While I was depressed, I still remembered the feeling of accomplishment that I got money and gifts, no matter what the process was.

one time"I bought whatever I wanted for my childI thought it would be nice when I heard the story of the father to the child.

It made me a little sad to realize that there are people who are naturally happy, even though I can't get it unless I'm in an adult relationship.


I started working as a dad in the fall.Mainly adult dating, but I have zero libido.I applied because I wanted to work hard with a troubled daddy girl.I would appreciate it if you could help me with a little bit.

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