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The wall and knowledge that beginner daddy girls hit ②

Hello ♪

It's the second and final time of the Beginner Papa Active Women's Course!smile

Last time it was a little darker.

"I gave up on being a dad.I can't do it anymore, what should I do from now on~If there are people who say, I'm sad, so this time I'd like to introduce it fairly brightly! !smile

Let's all start living as a dad ♪ Let's get together ♪

no offer coming

It's easy to register ♪ It was written on the dating club's word-of-mouth site that introductions here are fast, so I wonder when it will come ♪ Come quickly!

… There are times when no contact comes at all even if you think.

It leads to loss of self-confidence.

Eh, am I that bad?The staff also said that they were cute and that there were many offers coming!I'm sad.

In such a case, let's go by registering with a nationwide dating club ♪ lol

I feel like I'm traveling as a dad ♪ lol (Maybe there are many places where only people who live in the area can register)

There are many dating clubs!

Depending on the club, it seems that there are places where you have to approach men yourself and have a 100% relationship with any man.

Please check the concept and terms carefully!

In addition, there are measures such as changing the type of relationship and reducing the price of your allowance.

I also did not have a setting once, and asked for a price reduction ... Tears

(At Universe Club, do you decide your pocket money after consulting with your partner? At the club I'm registered with, when the other man applies for a setting, he tells me the amount I decided.)

After that, will you become beautiful and take pictures again?

By the way, I haven't polished myself at all! !smile

I'd love to hear how everyone else is doing to improve themselves♪

I wonder if I should read the economic newspaper...


Men don't know who they are and what they are doing, and I think the risk of sexually transmitted infections is extremely high.

In addition to using the skin, I think it would be good to go for an examination as appropriate.

However, reservations for the free public health center examination in Tokyo fill up quickly, and the schedule doesn't fit.

The test at the hospital is quite expensive, so it's the current situation that I haven't been able to test it.

Also, HIV and hepatitis cannot be tested until 3 months after dating as an adult.

Even if I take measures with skin, I'm always worried that I'm not infected...

Daddy Scramble Battle

At a dating club where there are many cute girls, the battle between dads is intense ♪ lol

Cute girls are registering more and more, and everyone wants a daddy.

Sometimes I get dumped by my dad all of a sudden.

If you have a dad you want to cherish, I think you'll need to make a little effort.

"Since I'm dating, you should rather be thankedIf you think positively from above, you will see painful eyes.

road to greed

I think that only people who have worked as a dad can understand this, but once you have a good experience,more and more!' and greed comes out.smile

When you buy an expensive bag, that dad looks like a god!

On the other hand, I wanted a dad who would give me more support.That daddy gave me so much support, but is this daddy just this? !” and so on, I sometimes compared my dad.

Sometimes daddy women run the road to greed.

However, it is said that those who chase two rabbits will not catch even one, and Cinderella can suddenly turn into a villain!smile

I've heard that when I got carried away and negotiated to get a raise, I was dumped.

Remember to be grateful and rational.

But you want expensive things and money!

I'm afraid of being dumped, so I can't say anything and I'm looking for stability, but I'm envious of a girl who is cute and begging ♪

continue being a dad forever

Even beautiful flowers wither someday.

I don't want to live a life that relies on my dad, forget about my dreams forever, and become dependent on my dad.

Daddy is just a good support.

Our goal is to become an independent woman by taking advantage of that support and opportunity.

People have their own lives and thoughts, so I think it's fine if you like it, but use it according to plan ♪ lol

in conclusion

How was that?

Daddy activity is also a happy activity to receive money, goods, and opportunities as much as there is risk.

I don't regret being a dad.

I have a cautious personality by nature, so it may be the result of thinking too much and acting.

Also, thanks to the staff of the dating club and my dad! (For the time being, men may also be looking at this column, so let me tell you lol)

I hope you all have a happy life as a dad♪

(Personally, I would like to know the lives of the women after they started working as dads! I'm also curious about the lives of those who have been corrupted by greed, but after starting a business, I want to support someone else. It would be too cool if there was a woman there!!

I started working as a dad in the fall.Mainly adult dating, but I have zero libido.I applied because I wanted to work hard with a troubled daddy girl.I would appreciate it if you could help me with a little bit.

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