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Frigidity problem of dad active girls

When I was in college, I was dating a male classmate with a strong libido.

I had a strong libido at the time, so I was doing it every day.

However, things changed after I got a job and he became a graduate student.

I was exhausted every day and he kept asking but refused.

One day he couldn't stand it and attacked me.

After he finishedman is stupid'' and said he regretted it.

I thought it couldn't be helped because I'm a man.

After that, the relationship did not go well and we broke up.

I think there are individual differences, but I think men have a much stronger libido than women!

Back to reality, this time I met Big Daddy.

It seems that you can get ○ 0 yen every month.

I want to be with this daddy until my goal comes true.

However, I have some concerns.

Because I have no libido.

Daddy loves me.

But if the sex doesn't match, he'll shake me.It's disgusting!

This time, if there is a child in the same situation who wants to increase their libido for their dad, I would like to share the information in the column.

I'm not going to use it at all, but I would like to unravel the problem of frigidity among daddy girls in my own way.

What is the difference between frigidity and lack of libido?

According to the first internet information that comes up when searching, frigidity/sexual arousal disorder seems to be the inability to feel stimulation in sex, or the body not responding even though there is a desire.

The point is that there is a desire.

On the other hand, lack of libido, coldness, and decreased libido seem to be a state in which interest and thoughts in sexual activity are lost.

The point is that there is no desire. (This is an excerpt from the Internet information, so I apologize if any medical professionals point out that it is incorrect.)

Which one are you?

I think… I was rather frigid!

Because if you really like someone, you want to hold them.

Please remember a celebrity or someone you like, don't you want to touch them?

However, there is no need to be completely naked, and a light hug is enough...

But if it's the ultimate theory that you have to choose either to do it or not to do it, I would say I want to be embraced.

I want to touch people I like.

So, I think it's good that people with frigidity still have the desire to do it.

But on the other hand, I think it's good for those who have decreased libido.

This is because there is an image that if the decrease in libido can be resolved, libido and pleasure can be obtained at the same time.

Either way, sexual desire is irrelevant in work or in everyday life, and it's not really necessary outside of a relationship between a man and a woman.

So I don't think you need to worry about it, and I don't think I would worry about it at all if I was normal.

Do you hate frigidity?

However, frigidity and decreased libido are serious in dad activities.

Many dads have a strong libido, and I think that the satisfaction level of the dad will change the relationship with the papa active girl.

And the amount of gifts and money you receive will also change...

If girls don't have frigidity or libido, it can lead to impatience and dissatisfaction with their dad's techniques.

I would like you to focus on yourself without thinking about me, but many dads are also required to be sensitive and responsive on the female side.

And they ask you to do hard things like lovers do.

I've broken up with a lot of people because they don't agree with me.

Unfortunately, ladies with frigidity or decreased libido will find it difficult for each other, so I think that unless there is a lot of trouble, a long-term relationship between a dad and an adult will not be possible.

(By the way, I have 3 dads who eat meals, but I also have a dad who doesn't give me pocket money. Some people may think it's pointless, but the presents are amazing♪ Don't miss it! )

cause i don't feel

I've been researching a lot of ways to increase libido.

It's very painful for the female side to not be able to respond to their expectations.

why don't you feelWhy are you in so much pain?I get irritated with myself.

According to information on the Internet, the causes include being betrayed by the other party, lack of physical contact, past trauma, pregnancy and sexual activity itself, anxiety, fear, and disgust toward the other party, feelings of immorality, and physical complexes. It seems that there are things like embarrassment, fatigue, stress, constitution, coldness, hormone balance, and side effects of the pill.

By the way, there is also information about "habituation to sexual activity", "some diseases (diabetes, cystitis, etc.)" and "the sexual object is not a man".

It would be the worst if Dad thinks that I don't feel it because I'm used to it or because I'm sick!

Personally, I think that anxiety, fear, and lack of physical contact with dads are the causes of frigidity.

Also, for women who are active as dads, sexual activity affects their relationship with their dads in the future, and it also leads to money, so they feel pressure.

By the way, young women seem to be more nervous and anxious.

Even if you receive money, isn't it natural that you don't feel sexual desire for someone you haven't met at all?I've opened up!smile


I searched the internet for a solution.

It seems to be a good idea to discuss it with your partner, create a mood and extend physical contact to gradually increase your libido.

Also, there was a way to deal with it by focusing on yourself and using various things to increase your experience.

I think this can be done with a boyfriend who can say anything, but it doesn't seem to apply to my relationship with my dad.

Ingenuity of Miss Deriheru

In a sentence about a delivery health lady, it was written that prostitutes tend to get used to sexual activity and their libido tends to decline.

However, since it is all about giving pleasure and happiness to the customer, it may be work-oriented, but it seems that he is showing off his techniques with a sense of professionalism.

However, it was written that even if you don't feel anything for the first time, you will feel it yourself if you nominate many times and become friends.

I think that sexual desire and sensitivity are the same as ordinary girls!

On the site of a certain delivery health lady, "A child who wants to be comfortable with anyone is suitable” was written.

Daddy active girls may also be suitable for children who have a strong libido or are interested.

What a girl with no libido can do

After all, I did a lot of research and found that there was no other quick-acting method other than Viagra that would make a girl with no sexual desire or strong sexual desire quickly develop sexual desire even when meeting someone for the first time!

Viagra... do I have to take it?I'm a little worried.So I don't drink! !smile

Rather than that, I thought the best way to find out about frigidity this time is to hone your technique and lead your dad to happiness.

However, there are many dads who dislike prostitutes.

I think it's because it seems like work.

For that reason, I think it is necessary for Papa Katsu Joshi to act with all her heart (acting cutely) as a girlfriend! !

do you need that much money

I wondered if I wanted to go that far and live as a dad, or if I needed that much money.

A rich world that can never be seen without a dad, dreams and possibilities do not spread.

I think that if I let go of him, I will remain an ordinary person for the rest of my life, and I want to make an effort.

I think it would be a turning point in my life if I could meet a dad who doesn't want to let go and wants to change himself.

I hated to lie to myself.

I wanted to meet a man who would be okay with me even if I had no libido, and there was a meal papa who understood that kind of thing.

But a man with a lot of money and power changed my thinking about sex.

You can easily get money and dreams if you have libido.

If so, I would like to acquire libido.

Recommended by Meal Papa

Papa life seems to be fun if you have fun memories, and it seems that it will be painful if you have painful memories.

If you have a daddy girl who is having a hard time dating an adult, I recommend eating daddy.

You might think that's not the case.I thought so too at first.

But even with the dads in the dating club who wanted a type CD girl, if I met 50 people, there would be about 8 of them.

I was happy to find that my dad was more than just a libido.

There are few dads who like the character and the girl herself, but I think there are!

If you are a dad who eats, you may have less money, but your body will be less burdened and your mind will be lighter.

And since you won't be making any money, you can feel the charm of the dad himself.

I think we will have a great relationship!smile

I have a lot of knowledge from my meal dad.

Please send your own happy daddy life.

I started working as a dad in the fall.Mainly adult dating, but I have zero libido.I applied because I wanted to work hard with a troubled daddy girl.I would appreciate it if you could help me with a little bit.

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