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To the girls who fell in love with Papa

Don't you really like your dad when you're active as a dad?

Wouldn't you like to have a wonderful date, a meal, drive in an expensive car, spend money, and sometimes see the gap of your daddy?

(Suddenly showing a smile, walking fast even though her stomach is protruding, liking sweets, wearing character socks, etc.!)

Kiss it or "cute i love you', at first I thought, 'You're just talking about your body, you're just talking about your body, aren't you?'

"Am I special?!"smile. (Actually, they're different...lol. Also, I like them even more when we have the same sense of values ​​regarding adult relationships♪)

I want to be touched more, I want to be with you more, I want you to only look at me (← This is a dangerous area! lol) … I think.

However, my father is not my boyfriend.

Most of the fathers are married.

"You think so because you're getting paid, right?How can you say that without being paid?', but I don't know!smile

I can't say for certain about what-if fictional worlds.

Also, please don't underestimate a girl's earnest love (I wonder who she's talking to lol)

A girl who is new to dad activities may deepen her emotional relationship with her dad, and may be hurt by the damage of parting, or may be surprised by herself falling in love with her dad.

Also, there are many dads who want to be diligent, so if you find out that a girl has that kind of love,結婚 し よ うThere may be some people who think that it is heavy and uneasy that they will not say.

However, even if you know it's a dad activity, you can't draw a line in your heart.I know how you feel!

This time, I would like to give some advice to the girls who fell in love with their wonderful dads without permission♪lol.

Thank you.

The reason why dad active girls fall in love with dad

As I wrote at the beginning, I feel grateful to my dad when he has something I don't have, gives me an experience, or gives me money!

I think you will fall in love with an attractive dad who has more merits than demerits, not only as a man but also as a person. (In particular, I once fell in love with a meal papa.)

Also, I don't have a father, so it may be a family love, but there are times when I like him because of the mixture of "father's personification" and "as a man".

And since this is also a woman, depending on the character, such as handsome daddy, handsome voice, handsome behavior, and tolerance, the reasons and opportunities for papa katsu girls to fall in love with dads depend on men! (← This is the point lol)

I think there are many.

danger of falling in love with daddy

And if you don't have a boyfriend and the only person you can rely on financially and psychologically is your dad, you'll end up depending on him.

"I can't live without this person!I can almost hear the voice of the heroine of a shoujo manga.

But as I said earlier, many of the dads are married, and if their wives find out, it will be a big deal.

Many dads also love their wives, so it seems that some men fade away if they think that a girl's love is too strong.

In the worst case, not only will you break up with your dad, but you'll also be sued.

And the money and support I've ever had are gone.

You have to keep calm and control your feelings here!

make another daddy

Here are some suggestions on how to keep your emotions at bay.

First of all, let's actively receive offers from other dads!

But in the end, I think, "Papa, he's the only one I like~! I don't want anyone else~ Tears."

But I'll do my best.

While feeling guilty about your favorite dad, let's do our best as a dad and get some money ♪

Eventually, it would be nice if you could think that your favorite daddy isn't in love, and that "in the end, we're all just one of the same daddies."smile

You also need a period of calm.

play with men of the same age

I tend to think, "Boys of my age don't seem to have much money, and it seems boring to play around with them!"smile

Even if they don't buy you something, it's fun♪ And it's cool! !smile

On the day I fell in love with my dad but was heartbroken when I found out he had a wife, my colleague invited me to a joint party!

"Hey, people of the same generation are cool!I think I was wrong! !It became ♪ lol

Please take this opportunity to enjoy the excitement and play that only young people can have!

If normal men are no good, why not visit a host club!

If you get addicted to it, you'll go bankrupt, but if it's just for fun, something might change. (Of course, only for the first time, without line exchange ♪ lol)

chasing an artist

If men and hosts of the same generation are no good, how about chasing idol groups and celebrities!smile.

If you like uncles, please take a look at the young children once!smile

I wish I could solve my love problems with my hobbies, but men's problems can only be solved by men!smile

Since I saw a certain idol group's concert at the end of the year, I've been taking a break from being an adult dad.

Somehow I don't feel like working as a dad...

It seems that I have fallen in love with them!smile.I wish I hadn't seen it...lol

The series I fell in love with Papa

I don't think anyone is interested in when I fell in love with my dad, but I'll introduce you.

・When I was tired and finished

I'm in an adult relationship and my dad hasn't finished yet (sorry for the grotesque story) but I said "tiredI was happy when I finished it because I said.

But yes, it's over!After that, I felt love when he talked to me for a long time and stroked me, and I fell in love.

・When you say that the sea is beautiful while traveling abroad and you are said to be more beautiful

picture?Oh, thank you very much.I am grateful for the social comment, but when I thought about it, I was happy because there was no opportunity for a child of the same generation to say that.

Papa often says something like Showa's fixed line, so it's interesting.

Anyway, he compliments me well, so I like him.

- Every time we meet, he gives me a present

If you go out of your way to think about a lot of things and prepare presents every time, how kind you are even though you're busy.

It's not that I want a present, but that kindness makes me happy.

Be as special as your parents.

I think it's the same with men, but when I feel kindness and consideration, I feel a tingle.

in conclusion

Now, I'm sorry to say this is not much advice, but if you still love your dad after trying these and other things, I think you're in love!smile

It's nice.

I have a capricious personality, so I can easily fall in love or give up on love easily, but I think some girls are already deeply immersed in affairs.

Due to the popularization of dad life, girls with various personalities have registered.

And everyone has different goals.

Girls who are aware that "I'm pretty obsessed and jealous. I can't help but want to touch my dad as soon as possible!"

I feel like the more a girl is hugged, the more she likes that person. (Only me?)

There may be times when I feel deeply affectionate, but I personally think that Papa is a temporary person.

It's just that it's ideal to have a daddy who can be with you all the time.

Please understand that papa activities with married papas can lead to adultery, and beginners should be careful not to make themselves painful.

Anyway, I think it's wonderful to fall in love with someone♪

Please send us a fun daddy life!

I started working as a dad in the fall.Mainly adult dating, but I have zero libido.I applied because I wanted to work hard with a troubled daddy girl.I would appreciate it if you could help me with a little bit.

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