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First experience!Dad activity app


Outwardly, she scatters negative ions, but in reality, she's an Arafo girl who is overflowing with eroticism every day.

The summer of 2019, where encounters and partings are too popular, can't be stopped.

Since the beginning of this year, I have had a lot of experiences.

First of all, among themDad activity app. "

First, from among the surprisingly large number of sites, I registered for an unfamiliar site that seemed to have the fewest members.

Will my first use of the "Papa Katsu App" be a success or a failure?

That's the story.

treasure chest of encounters

The first day was fun and I was glued to the app anyway.

meet meet meet

meet more and more.

On the second day, I finally started to understand how to use it, and from the third day, I began to decide the product in earnest.

I'm always short-term intensive.

There is no end to this kind of encounter, so if there was someone I thought was good, I would give up.

Among them, a young dad in his early 40s who is close to his age, who just got to know him after taking the dad activity app.

As soon as we met, we hit it off right away, and soon we started communicating frequently via the in-app messaging service, and we quickly became good friends.

I was told that I wanted to know LINE, but I refused for a few days anyway.

When I looked at the situation, I could sense that they exchanged messages in the app that seemed to be quite honest, but after that, I teased them for a few more days and later exchanged LINE.

It's pretty impudent for me to tease you even though you're around XNUMX (laughs).

Shortly after we exchanged LINE, we decided to meet.

what kind of people are there

A dad activity app that I took after being recommended by a friend.

There was a crowd of people from their teens to their 10s.

Why are men in their teens and twenties active as dads?It was strange, but when I asked them,

・ There are many cute people in the dad activity app

・ Just right for cutting

・Some girls are not looking for money when you meet them.

・Women who are looking for rich men are easy to understand

It is said that.

Women are free, but of course men are charged a monthly membership fee, and some of them have income proof.

Women also have to prove their age, so they can't make false claims, but some people said that income is voluntary and it's clearly a lie.

Some say 5000 million yen, some say 2 million (laughs).

Now you know how safe and reliable Universe Club is.

With the app, no one will take care of you when you meet, and no one will take responsibility if something happens, so it's all up to you.

Looking at others, I know the goodness of the universe again.

The more I learned, the more uncharacteristically I became afraid of the Dad-Katsu app, and I gradually narrowed down the candidates who seemed to be reliable dads.

Among them, I met a young entrepreneur-type dad who was the most comfortable to exchange messages and had the most exciting conversations.

Papa, who is from a rural area, is often on business trips, so the date was quickly decided, and the photo of the hotel he sent me was a five-star hotel.

For the first time in a long time, I can't stop being excited.

Of course, the tension will also rise.

Since we actually met in the blink of an eye after we met, we opened the door to what might have been our destined encounter without being really mentally prepared.

The beginning of a new encounter

What a daddy, a divorced 40s who just got divorced.

Furthermore, the tension rises.

I went in a one-piece dress that would be suitable for meeting men for the first time.

The first meeting is the young businessman type, who is glaring as shown in the photo.

Why do people like that have such glowing skin?

They also happily told me that I look exactly like the picture.

On the day we met, Papa was just talking about himself.

My story was surprisingly nonexistent.

My eyes are ten anyway.

Actually... I'm not good at this type.

If it's Papa, it's fine because it's divisible to some extent, but if it's a boyfriend, it's impossible.

Don't try to know anything about the other person, but try to move forward.

Only the superficial relationship is getting deeper and deeper.

Since I met this person as a father, I decided to take the role of the hostess.

It has become a disappointing beginning that the ending can be read in an easy-to-understand manner immediately after meeting.

On the first day we met, of course we couldn't get into a physical relationship.

Since I returned home past 1:XNUMX a.m., I was told that the transportation fee would be a taxi fare, but what will happen to the allowance?

I'm sure they'll discuss it and decide for themselves.

It's a bit of a delicate part, so Mr. Universe will be clearer about this matter as well.

Thinking about it again, it's a very good thing that we women have someone we can talk to.

Isn't there a lot of people who can't speak somehow?

After all, there are men in their teens and twenties!


I wondered if they knew about the Papa Katsu app, but when I asked them, they said they did.

That's right.

Because there is a membership fee.

Among them, there were prostitutes and hosts.

I have no experience with the customs that women go to, and I'm the type of person who doesn't understand the value of spending money and feels ridiculous at host clubs, so I've never been.

And maybe because they are young, their tone is funny!

Stupid boys sometimes speak like this.

"Do you have an adult?'

"Ok.head in seconds'

"Where are you?'


Adult men don't talk like that.

Even the men I met in the universe, there is not a single person like this.Of course.

I don't want to meet such a silly young man.

If you're a young woman, okay?

It's a mystery.

Perseverance and hard work are the decisive factors

what i lack.

It's patience.

To some extent, I always try to move forward.

work and love.

But I don't have enough patience to continue one more step.

That's why there are so many bad things that happen every day.

With this papa, the future I could read as soon as I met him.

However, I decided to meet him for the second time because I wanted to confirm my feelings.

Before we met for the second time, we exchanged LINE messages, and although it was impossible, we fought several times.

The content is a pattern in which I, who can't keep up with the pace that is always too fast, rebels and breaks out in a fight.

The clever papa tells Stone to me of a plan that's all neatly organized in his own head.

The story is too simple, and I interpret and convince myself in various ways, but the result is a misunderstanding and a mistake.

and apologize.I

But I don't care either.

"Don't get me wrong!Please explain clearly!'



"Know that much!You don't have to tell me!'


Papa-san is not the kind and gentle type to begin with, so my rebellious phase gradually awakens.

This is no good.

The wavelengths don't match at all.

Even in such a short period of time, there are too many things to irritate each other.

A pattern that is so rare that there is such a thing even after becoming an adult.

For this type of person, someone who is mature, patient and kind is good.

For someone like me, I want someone who is generous, kind, and considerate.

This time, too, it's the result of my uncontinued patience and lack of effort.

But I'm not free enough to spend time with someone who doesn't match my wavelength at all.

Also, always smiling at everything

"You can do whatever Lief-chan likes~I'm going back to the cozy daddy who says,

This time, I got cold in an instant and quit the app early, but I felt like I was allowed to study in a roundabout way.

I always reflect on myself.

At times like this, I reflect on my strange strength.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this.


I love humans!She shows interest in everything, and her head is always full of erotic things.She wants people around me to be happy, not just for herself.I want to be a special existence that makes everyone feel surrounded by negative ions just by being there, but sometimes makes their heart beat faster.This is a column that suggests a little eroticism, enjoying "dates" at dating clubs, neither papa activities nor mistresses.

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