17 tips to enjoy a daddy trip (XNUMX-XNUMX/XNUMX)

Travel brings couples together.According to a survey in 2014, couples who go on a honeymoon are 17% less likely to get divorced.On the other hand, as "Narita Divorce" shows, we must not forget that travel can also cause a couple to break up.So, I decided to introduce "XNUMX tips" to avoid landmines while attracting women's favors through travel.Each item is roughly categorized as ``◎'' is very important, ``〇'' is normally important, and ``●'' is important depending on the person.Enjoy your trip!

XNUMX.Observing the surroundings (◎)

 There are cozy cafes hidden in back alleys, artworks full of local taste displayed in local galleries, and surprises that will delight your mind while traveling.And just like collecting items in a role-playing game increases your physical strength, collecting surprises from your travels will increase your friendship parameters.

Surprises are surprises because they weren't expected.There's only one trick to getting them: don't forget to observe your surroundings.
 Observation of the surroundings is essential to prevent bad surprises.Observing your surroundings can help minimize the impact of frequent transportation delays.To introduce a recent example (May 2022, 5), there was a great fog in Naha from early morning on this day.I wondered why the plane could land like this, so when I checked the airline's website, I found that all the flights were conditional flights until after noon.I wasn't planning to postpone my return to the next day, so I thought it was terrible, but I couldn't change the reservation from the website because it was the day, and I couldn't even get a phone call because it was early in the morning. I was able to secure a seat.

 When I arrived at the airport again before noon, the front of the counter was chaotic. Both ANA and JAL have canceled flights arriving early in the morning from various places, and two flights are delayed, so it is not possible to predict when they will land at Naha Airport.A senior passenger who yells at the ground staff despite the bad weather.I don't know if he realizes how disgusting he is and how his companion is horrified and withdrawn.
 By observing your surroundings, getting a good sense of the situation, and taking action just a little bit before others, you can dramatically reduce the number of bad surprises.

XNUMX.Accept arrangement (◎)

 Observation is the first step, and action must be taken to deal with the surprise.What is required here is the role of the attendant.Knowing that your flight is about to be delayed can be meaningless if you don't deal with it.Papa-katsu sleepover trips are business trips for women, even if they are meant to be private for men.It's a matter of course.

 On a side note, I am sometimes asked to attend to people who have nothing to do with my main job.Inbound, outbound, both.The best VIP I have ever dealt with was a princess from a certain country who came to Japan privately (more precisely, the spouse of the heir to the throne).I also experienced two outbound trips to bring young female artists to Europe.
 It's not just the gorgeous attendants.Two middle-aged men who come from a country with a fairly low average income, who come to Japan on official business, who come to Japan on official business, have a low salary, but their pride is higher than that. I also experienced what it was like to be the opponent.At this time, I brought out that I was interested in cameras in the conversation, and when I took him to a second-hand camera shop in the direction of the Chuo Line, the price was a little moldy for Japanese people, but it was a basic part. was able to discover a lens that works, so he was very satisfied.
 Attendant, it's fun.Both gorgeous and troublesome opponents.Makes you feel like you're on a reality show.Can someone please help me again?

XNUMX.The basics of time allocation are three divisions (◎)

 While attending, let's talk about time allocation.When arranging a trip, you first decide on a rough schedule, but if you think about it from the attendant's point of view, the components are "time for the man (host)", "time for the woman (guest)", It is basic to secure three things of "time to spend alone".

 In the case of a Papa live sleepover trip, the various activities at the accommodation at night are "time for the host", so daytime attractions will be adjusted for guests.
What bothers me is spending time alone.Even if it's a short trip, it's mentally exhausting to spend all of your time with someone other than the bathroom.On a sleepover trip with daddy life, I can't relax in the bath alone.
 Even so, if we act separately, what is the purpose of an overnight trip?The style is to book separate planes and join at the local airport.Take the flight that arrives earlier, rent a car, prepare to leave immediately, meet you at the arrival gate, and drop you off at the airport.
 A woman who has stayed with me on overnight trips almost every month for the past year is very free, and depending on the destination, she would break up at the destination and go out to visit her friends.After all, I think that it is important to make a schedule that respects each other's time for regular and long-term relationships.

Next time, I will introduce the importance of a schedule with plenty of time, so please continue to support me.

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