Dating Club Struggle Recorded in Shiritori 13 Part XNUMX

Happy and embarrassed → meuniere with tongue

For a while.I'm sure you've forgotten, but it's a Shiritori column with Mr. Mac.I will start with Ikeshasha after receiving the "shi" from "Ureshishame" last time.

The situation is changing day by day, so the nationwide "Emergency Declaration" issued in April seems like a long time ago.
It seems that the Universe Club has become more difficult to openly engage in activities, and as a general rule new offers have been voluntarily refrained.

However, even if he's a bad XX like Joe, or rather, because he's a bad XX, when he's told to refrain from doing it, he feels inferior against his will and stands up as if he'd done doping (sorry, it's a lie. a).
That's why I feel like I was having sex all the time during the self-restraint period.Maybe it's just my imagination, but
During the month of self-restraint, I must have ejaculated about 10 times with "F cup XNUMX daughters" and my beloved wife.It's probably XNUMX/XNUMXth of Mac's (according to Joe's research), but it's XNUMX to XNUMX times that of a regular Joe.So what kind of report is this? 

Status after cancellation

After that, the emergency declaration was lifted for both rabbits and horns.Immediately after the lifting of the restrictions, the number of infections calmed down a little, but the spread of infection continues nationwide, mainly in metropolitan areas.Clusters are also occurring in various places.The future is still uncertain, and the full-scale damage to the economy is yet to come.

In Joe's hometown, shops have already been closed one after another, mainly in the entertainment district, and only the signs "Recruiting tenants" stand out.I'm really sad that my favorite store, which I visited many times, suddenly closed.
Among them, what was particularly shocking to Joe was the fact that two long-established local clubs closed early without closing.
Even though we endured the Lehman Shock, we simply raised the white flag this time.

Joe isn't necessarily good at "club activities", and even if he's the one receiving entertainment, he doesn't really understand the appeal of that, but exchanging glasses through women makes it easier to do business, I understand that there is a certain effect, such as seeing the real intention.

And it's not just a relationship between profit and loss, it's also a place to learn how to socialize (not necessarily between men and women) and how to socialize in a place called a club.
Calling it culture is an exaggeration, but at least it was a place that could be said to be a microcosm of our city.While Joe says he's not good at it, there's a lot he's learned and picked up here.
Is the club that educational?I feel like the city has been given a negative stigma by choosing to close the shop early on instead of closing it, even though it was also responsible for the function.

Princess Nana's Temporary Return to Japan

It's abrupt, but Princess Nana is from Ginza.It is said that she learned both sour and sweet tastes there.I think it was luck that she paid for her study abroad there (she found a sponsor, to be precise) and opened up her life, but I think it was largely due to her natural talent.And among them, the best weapon is her precognitive ability, or rather her intuition.

After parting ways in Amsterdam in late January, the Wuhan coronavirus crisis was getting worse by the day.However, I don't think there were many people who predicted that this virus would spread so much around the world at this time.
In Japan, many young people traveled to Europe and the United States during the graduation trip season.Meanwhile, Princess Nana is planning to move her base from Hanoi to Europe, and her preparations are progressing steadily.
However, when the epidemic in Europe became clear in early February, I decided to temporarily return to Japan, probably because the princess's alert sounded.She seems to have made a choice that could have made her preparations so far zero.

That said, the princess has often returned to Japan, and during her stay in Japan, other dads?Busy with her meeting with (she smiled wryly), she rarely got to see Joe, so she didn't really care.
However, for some reason, this temporary return to Japan was frequent LINE from the princess.Casually with bland content?It touches on the current predicament.

and rare"I want to see Joe the most."It was served with.

Reunited with Princess Nana

Princess Nana's color scheme? Of course, Joe cannot ignore LINE.

Even though I didn't have a job, I decided to go to Tokyo while wagging my tail.It was before the state of emergency was declared, but the situation was getting worse day by day, and public opinion chorused, "Declare a state of emergency!"
At this point, many shops had already shortened their business hours or closed, so we decided to meet at Hime's apartment.
It's been a long time since we met here, but I was surprised to find out that they moved to another country and lived in the same place even though they only use it for a limited number of days per year.
It's within walking distance from Ebisu Station, and since it's a 1LDK (60m2!) apartment for rent, the rent would blow your salary away for a normal young office worker.The existence of the sponsor is clear, and there are various doubts.
However, when I press the room number at the entrance and they say, "Yes, Joe, I've been waiting for you," all my doubts are blown away.

Question for Princess Nana

The time spent on the elevator was actually short, but all sorts of thoughts ran through his mind.No matter how you think about it, Princess Nana is the most beautiful woman Joe has ever met, and her demeanor is graceful. Classy.

In general, if it's just a beautiful woman, you'll get tired of it after 30 minutes.
Then usually another person No. 28 will appear (although sexually it may make you horny).But when it came to the princess, she never got tired of her looks.
Even if you don't wear any clothes, it won't lose even a millimeter of its beauty.And, especially in a foreign country, he was always the center of attention when he was with a princess, and both the envy of men and the disapproval of women satisfied Joe's vanity.

On the other hand, Joe, if I may say so myself, cannot be said to be sophisticated in terms of appearance and other aspects.
They walk fast and lack the lady-first mentality.It's a loud voice, as if the volume control knob that many women dislike (apparently) has broken.Clearly Joe is the opposite of Princess Nana.
It is a mystery why they met even though the bridge should not have been built (Osamu-kun's introduction, though), and why Princess Nana accepted Joe, who is far from sophisticated.

According to Ms. Jasmine, an Eroswat warrior with a fascinating body and one of the "F cup XNUMX girls", "That's easy. The contents of Joe's wallet must be the goal."
It would be so if you think about it normally, but Joe wants to argue.Because Joe's wallet isn't thick enough for the princess to be happy with.
Moreover, as it will become clear later, there are many people who have thick wallets that Joe can't compete with.I can't help but want to sing.

Maybe, just maybe, you like Joe, don't you? (fool)

Charm of Princess Nana

Princess Nana's appeal is not only in her beauty.There was no doubt that she had Yukichi's disease, but her princess had her own charm that covered up her disease.
I would like to share an episode from when we first met.

When Joe was on a business trip, an appointment was canceled at the last minute, giving him time.When I asked him out for lunch, he said OK.He skipped (shamefully) to the meeting place and rushed in.
The princess is ahead and has a book open.When Joe calls her, he raises her beautiful face and closes her book.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. What were you reading?"
"Eric Hoffer's autobiography. American philosopher. Do you know Joe?"

It's not a commotion as far as I know.He's one of the thinkers I admire, and I even visited the flat in San Francisco's Golden Gate Center where he lived in his later years.
I think Joe is at a good level to call himself a reader.
However, there are few books that can be called favorite books because he is a random reader and forgets the contents from the end of reading.One of his few favorite books is Hoffer's autobiography.
For Joe, this book is a nutrient and gives him strength and courage.To her surprise, Hime also says that she is the same as Joe, and that she has read it repeatedly.

Hoffer's thought is characterized by severely criticizing half-baked intellectuals and discussing the temperament of the times from the standpoint of manual workers.He is also an outsider.
I'll put myself on the shelf, but Hoffer is a philosopher who loves Yukichi like Princess Nana and is the opposite of a luxury-oriented person.
It's hard to say that both Joe and Hime are outsiders.She misleads Joe that she is not all Yukichi in her princess's head because the princess is his ardent follower.

In the end, I am keenly aware that it was Joe's misunderstanding, but it is one of my unforgettable memories that we talked about Hoffer mainly in bed during our relationship.

Toast with fine wine

Naturally, the elevator quickly reaches the fifth floor and the doors open.Then Princess Nana is waiting in front of her room and beckoning her.
At this stage, Joe is convinced of today's defeat.Prompted by the princess, I entered the room and sat down at the dining table.

“Let’s start with a toast,” he said, taking out the white wine from the simple wine cellar and deftly uncorking it.A series of actions to sniff the smell of cork is familiar.
Then pour the wine into the Baccarat wine glass on the table.Hold the glass close to your nose and the wonderful aroma spreads through your nostrils.And cheers.She's a princess select, so it shouldn't be bad.

"Oh! It might be the most delicious white I've ever had."Joe saying goodbye.
 “Right? Rioja is overwhelmingly famous for its red color, but my personal recommendation is white.”and Princess Nana.

Joe has a stupid tongue, so he can't understand the difference in production areas, but he loves listening to the princess's words, and it tastes XNUMX% more delicious.

and sole meuniere

"I've prepared food, so I'll bring it."said the princess and left her seat to go to the kitchen.
Meuniere of sole on a slightly beautiful plate appeared.A little burnt and melted butter is put on the sole.The parsley sprinkled moderately whets the appetite.
Garnished with cherry tomatoes, asparagus, and carrot glacé add color, and the smell of burnt butter is irresistible.

Joe once gave a recipe book to a princess. "Alice B. Trunk's Cookbook" is it.
It's hard to say that this book is useful as a recipe book (you can't easily prepare 100 frog legs or grouse meat, right?), but this sole meuniere is one of the few recipes that can be made relatively easily. .

Trux, the author of this book, was the secretary and lover of the American collector of French paintings, Girdold Stein. This recipe book describes Stein's daily life and the impressionist painters (Cézanne, Matisse, Picasso, etc.). It depicts an interaction with
Since Princess Nana is a person who draws, Joe was surprisingly pleased with this book, and he actually tried some recipes.When I went to Paris in January this year, the two of us stopped by their old house near the Luxembourg Gardens, an unforgettable memory that made this recipe book even more special.

And today's topic

Princess Nana is quite a good cook, so of course the taste of meuniere with sole is wonderful.The second wine selected by Hime is a slightly sweet white from Alsace.
It also goes well with food.

However, today's main event is elsewhere.When she was slightly drunk, Princess Nana opened her mouth.Her first words were unexpected, and she regretted her temporary return from Europe.

"I want to live in Europe, so I should have stayed in Europe during difficult times."says the princess.
“Until now, if I had two choices, I would always choose the tough one, but this time I didn’t have the courage.”And it's rare to whine.

"That's why I want to go back to Europe as soon as possible. I have to stop in Hanoi and go through various procedures, so the methods are limited, but the later it gets, the more difficult it will be. I will live in Europe. ”

Never before had Joe felt so dazzled by the princess.She envied me, and she wanted to cheer me on.She is a choice Joe cannot make.
And the princess probably called her here because she thought that if it was Joe, she would "support = fund".If Joe said "yes", everything would have settled in a circle.

But Joe at this time could not say “YES” obediently.I knew that money was the main premise of their relationship, but Joe wanted confirmation that the relationship was more than that.
So I hesitated a little."I guess it will come out eventually."While thinking that, I gave a vague answer.As Joe, he was going to pose.

Then the princess's reaction far exceeded Joe's expectations, and his fangs were stripped.At first she was surprised.
The princess's true feelings were revealed, and Ms. Jasmine was right.she was really disappointed.

However, people seem to be unable to react well when the degree of shock is large.When I asked Hime later, Joe was laughing at this time.
I'm really sorry if it's suggestive, but Joe can't talk about the details right now.I just want to add that I transferred the princess's desired amount on the spot (via internet banking).

Joe walks back from Ebisu to Shinagawa

Anyway, I couldn't stand it any more, so I left Hime's apartment and trudged along.
Ebisu Station has less traffic than I expected, and it felt a little gloomy, probably because the neon lights were off.

As for Joe, all sorts of thoughts run through his head.It was clear that Princess Nana was only interested in Joe's not-so-thick wallet.

Until just a moment ago, he was singing Doburoku with enthusiasm, but now he repeats a sad poem.Saury, saury, saury Bitter or salty.Let hot tears drip over it

Naturally, the sole meuniere made by the princess is neither bitter nor salty.But I couldn't help but say this poem.
The author Sato Haruo and Joe's current situation are completely different (Joe ate the sole rather than the saury). .

Joe's late mother told him, "A man shouldn't cry when a girl dumps him," so he shouldn't be crying.
But I wonder why the scenery was so blurry all the way to Shinagawa.

Looking back on my time with Princess Nana

According to Joe's humble life experience, there are many problems that time does not solve.
No matter how you look at it, club activities are just for fun, so it's not something adults do to drag them down.

as you know?Joe has a love constitution, so when he gets dumped, he always regrets it.

As I have written in this column several times, Joe believes that one of the attractions of dating clubs is "getting dumped".
It may sound like I'm sore loser, and I'm actually sore loser, but I can't do it if I don't think so.
A good old man being toyed with by a little girl would be nothing but ugly if there was no reason.

But even so, Princess Nana was special.
In terms of the number of times I've met, there are more of my former favorites Sakura-chan and Koi-san, but Princess Nana has overwhelmingly spent the most time traveling.
Barcelona, ​​Hanoi, Luang Parbang, Paris, Amsterdam.It was fun.

Aside from my wife, I don't think there will ever be a woman who accompanies me on so many trips.The fact that their personal tastes matched was another reason why Princess Nana was a special woman.
We both liked painting, so we went to museums a lot.
Not only overseas, but he also accompanied me to museums in Miyagi and Yamagata.
It was a blissful time for Joe to talk about the paintings he had seen that day on the bullet train on the way home.

I'm not confident at all whether the compatibility of sex was good.
Still, sex with the princess was always fun, and kissing with all his might excited Joe and made him feel at ease at the same time.

And alcohol.Hime is the type that doesn't just drink wine, she's the type to drink anything alcoholic.I was happy that I was also a beer party.
There are many cases where even women who drink heavily don't like beer, but Hime was different.

In Joe's hometown, there is a beer stand whose name is known to beer parties all over the country as "open from 2:XNUMX to XNUMX hours, up to XNUMX drinks per person, no appetizers".
When I told the story to Princess Nana, she became very interested and came to visit us for four hours.
The next day was work, so it was a day trip.8 beers over 2 hours round trip.She stayed for less than XNUMX hours.

Of course, Joe had to pay for the transportation and other expenses (!), but Joe thought what a special relationship it would be if he didn't call it a special relationship.
That's why what happened in Ebisu depressed Joe so much.

However, a surprising ending awaited

There was no doubt that he was unskilled, and he was quite depressed, but Joe's good point is that he recovers quickly (maybe).

I got close to Ms. Jasmine during the nationwide self-restraint period, and I did such and such things.
It took me half a year from the time we met to the first bed-in, but once I experienced a fascinating love affair, I felt like I had sex like a junior high school student who had learned to masturbate (it's just a feeling).

What I didn't expect was that Ms. Jasmine was a young woman, so I thought I would be able to have a calm, quiet relationship with her, but it turned out to be completely different.
Among the unspecified number of women that Joe dated, she was by far the most runaway lady.
Of course, it was a compliment, but sexually, it made my heart beat faster than anyone else. Little did she know that in her mid-50s she would be hooked on sex with Ms. Jasmine.

And the incident?happened when she went to Tokyo for a meeting with Ms. Jasmine.
I was squeezed twice the night before and once in the morning (Oi oi), making dark circles under my eyes and drinking coffee in the lounge of my accommodation.
The lady left her seat first because of work.
Joe was reading the paper while drinking his second cup of coffee as it was still some time before his train.Then he got a call from an unregistered number.

"Oh, Joe-chan? It's your love, Nana."

I thought it was a prank call, but the voice was definitely Princess Nana.
I don't know what happened and I can't react right away.

"Joe-chan, are you listening? It's my dear Nana."

I have to say something anyway.

"Princess, where are you now?"
“I’m in Tokyo. I came back from Hanoi two weeks ago. I was released from quarantine the day before yesterday.
"why do you know?"
"I asked Osamu-san. Hey, can I go over there now?"
"No, I'll be on the Shinkansen soon."
"You can cancel it, aren't you free anyway? I'm just going to look at your face for a while. Don't worry, I won't attack you."

I'm never free, and I have a meeting in my hometown at night, so I have to go home.But I couldn't say no.
"Just 30 minutes."said and hung up.
Even after hanging up the phone, the heartbeat does not stop for a while.Oh, Joe, you haven't recovered at all.

Business contact

Mr. Mac, it's been a while, but I uploaded a column of "Shiritori series".
The second part will be submitted this week.The schedule for uploading the first part, including the first part, is unknown, but I would appreciate it if you could continue to accompany me in the future.

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