Foam princess edition: Suddenly a sleepover date! ?

■ Synopsis up to the last time

I used the P-katsu app to experience and research the market prices of P-katsu, and was able to have my first date outside the store with Awahime.

After meeting her in Ginza and having a rather expensive lunch, I felt in the mood so I gave her a Louis Vuitton shoulder bag!

And the first date outside the store went off without a hitch. .

Just as I was reflecting on whether I was putting on too much of an appearance, I received an unexpected LINE from my girlfriend. . .


■Sleepover date! ?

This is what was written on LINE from her.


Awahime: “Next day of the week, my main job is closed, so I’ll have some free time after the shop closes!”


yeah?This is by chance! ?


Me: “Okay, I’ll be the last customer, so how about I just wait in the parking lot until you leave the store? If the next day is your day off, how about we have dinner and sleep over?”


Well, I tried returning this LINE to no avail.


No matter how long I wait, it won't be marked as read. .

No, wait a minute.Let's read the LINE from her again!


Then I thought, ``There's no way I'll suddenly be invited to sleepover after all,'' so I decided to send a correction LINE.Sweat


Me: "Sorry! I think I misunderstood what you said on LINE earlier... I have a day off so I'm going to go somewhere with my friends, right?"


I'll get a reply soon!


Awahime: "It's not a misunderstanding! It's OK to stay the night~♪"


eh?seriously! ?


■An unexpected development! ?

So, I started planning my first sleepover date with my girlfriend!


On that day, I went to the restaurant as her last customer, and then had a meal.

After finishing our meal, we stayed overnight in a suite at a hotel in Odaiba.

The next day, I decided to have a hotel esthetic treatment, have lunch, and go home.


Lucky though!


■Customers in the final slot

Make a princess reservation and get the final slot!

Enter the store as a customer as usual and go to Awahime's room!


Actually recently.Even when I come to the store, I often just talk to them without taking my clothes off.

Well, it might be good for her to relax, but for me it's not very cost effective.tears

But today, I'm going to stay overnight, so I decided to make sure to enjoy myself while I'm there.


■Start of sleepover date♪

I waited in the parking lot near the store for Awahime to finish her work.

Then, I met up with my girlfriend after work.


I'm sure you're tired from the physically demanding job, but you drive straight to the restaurant you've made a reservation for.

I've been to this restaurant many times, and it's one of my favorites.

That's because they perform their magic right before the dessert of the course meal.

We also have magicians who have appeared on TV, and it's great to see them perform right in front of you.

He shows different magic tricks every time, and if you bring a woman with you, you can get a surprising glimpse of her true side!

It is also perfect for determining whether or not someone is wearing a so-called cat mask.



Me: "This restaurant is quite interesting because they show you magic right in front of your eyes! The food is delicious too!"

Awahime: "Magic? Are you going to do it right in front of me? It's my first time!"

Me: “That’s great! Let’s have fun because you’ll do it right in front of us♪”


The magic comes before the dessert of the course meal!

First of all, magic using standard playing cards.


Awahime's expression of surprise is quite cute.

Also, I found out that she wasn't wearing a cat!


I was shown a few other magic tricks, but it was closing time before I knew it.

Because it was after 9pm when I brought her there.

Both of us headed to the hotel in Odaiba in a peaceful mood!


I had a little plan here.

The idea was to drive a convertible car through Tokyo at night to a hotel in Odaiba.

And it was done!


I left the restaurant, turned my car into a convertible, and escorted her out.

She seemed a little surprised, but more than that, she felt the eyes of those around her as she waited at the traffic lights.

But is it okay to do something like this once in a while?That's what I thought when I arrived at the hotel in Odaiba!


■Guidance to the suite room!

It was my first sleepover date, and I ended up putting too much effort into it.

A suite that is only used for sleeping.I feel like it's a waste somehow. .


By this time, it was already past midnight, so we both took a bath and went to bed.

To her, it was the same as what she would do to a customer at a store, but to me, it was something that made me very happy.

The lights of Rainbow Bridge had already gone out, but the two of them took a kiss on the balcony while looking at the dark view.It was like an AV.bitter smile


■Welcome the morning. . .

The two of them must have been really tired, and the next thing they knew, they woke up in bed with their arms pillowed on each other.

I had room service for breakfast, and after checking out, I headed to the hotel's beauty salon.


At this hotel esthetic salon, both men and women were treated in the same room.

Time passed slowly and we both fell asleep until the treatment was


■Is there a next time?

After finishing the hotel beauty salon and having lunch, I dropped her off near my home and the unexpected sleepover date ended without a hitch. .


I guess it turned out okay for me?I wonder if there will be a next time?I was curious.

Well, maybe I should go back to the store and ask for their impressions.


Even so, it was a valuable experience!

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