How to deal with women who don't get along with each other as dads Vol.1


If you've been a father for a long time, you'll meet many different types of women.

I'm very satisfied with this and can say it's a luxury.

It's especially wonderful for an old man like me to be able to easily meet young women.

However, no matter how much money they have, the other woman is still a human being.

Of course, there are many cases where money alone is not enough to convince someone.

Indeed, from a woman's point of view, what is money plus? I'm sure there are many dads out there who have, and if a woman has been a dad for a long time, there's a good chance that she's already met the perfect uncle.

For that reason, there must be many women who have very deep eyes.

I have lived without any inconvenience up until now, and I believe that I have lived a reasonably good life and had a certain status. (I don't dare to say that I'm amazing because I'm sure there are others above me.)

Also, he must be very kind to women, and there are almost no complaints from women who are working as fathers.

However, there are strong people among them.

This is the type of person who boasts about others and increases his own value even though he has no status.

These days, I'm especially seeing these types of women signing new contracts.

Honestly, it's annoying.

And what I find especially troublesome with this type of person is when we meet for the first time.

This type of person is good at hiding their true nature.

Therefore, if he had shown that kind of attitude when we first met, we wouldn't have to sign a contract, but when we first met, he didn't show any such attitude.

Then, on the 4th or 5th date after signing a contract, he starts to show his true nature.

So this is also something that happened after I signed the contract, so I can't immediately say I want to cancel the contract, and every time I meet a woman who says that, I get stressed out.

And the one thing that all the women who said this to me have in common is that they don't listen to other people at all.

From my point of view, it's actually more fun when it's that easy to understand, but is it really necessary to pay for that kind of fun? When you ask yourself that question, the answer is, of course, "NO."

So, what kind of conversation will you have with the woman who said that? Let me introduce you.

This is a true story that happened recently.

“Does your dad know anything about wine?”

"Yeah? I guess it's normal. Why?"

“No, the dad I had a contract with before is very knowledgeable about wine, and he goes out of his way to go abroad on his own and only imports what he likes, right?It’s amazing how he goes overseas just for the sake of wine. do not have?"

"I see. He must have been quite fond of wine."


What do you think, everyone? Don't you think this is a difficult conversation? What I see here is that I am being weighed against the man I used to date.

Honestly, I was annoyed listening to this conversation.

I wonder if I need to pay an allowance to hear this conversation.

The conversation with her continues.

``This hotel I'm staying at today feels kind of disappointing to me.''

"Why? The service is good, it's clean, and I like it. What was wrong?"

"It's not doesn't really stand out, so it's a shame. If possible, I wish the hotel had an interior that would stand out a little more..."

As far as I'm concerned, I'm not staying here to post good photos on social media.

Actually, I wanted to tell her, but I lost the energy to say it because of her bad personality.

Is there a woman like this? Some people may think so.

However, there are many women, especially those in their early 20s, who are becoming fathers these days.

There are times when I am really surprised.

That's because there are actually women who suddenly start streaming.

As expected, I would tell the woman who said that to delete it immediately.

What is Instagram Live? All of a sudden, I was asked to be quiet, and as I was watching, they started taking selfies, and as I watched, they started talking to the camera as loud as they could.

If you are a new father, have you ever met a woman who said that? In the last two years or so, I've been asked to take photos of myself eating by myself quite a few times.

Here's how to deal with women like this.

In any case, he makes a very disgusted face, sighs, and expresses himself to women in an easy-to-understand manner.

After all, I am aware that women are also active in the role of father.

Therefore, when I make a blatantly disgusted face, they surprisingly think, ``This might be a bad idea.''

Of course, there are some women who get upset and become displeased, and I have also witnessed this kind of behavior from women and felt bad about it on the spot.

First of all, this isn't bad at all.

There's an atmosphere like that where it feels like the relationship won't end unless the man apologizes first.

And if you apologize, it will create a strange atmosphere.

However, as a way to deal with it, there is nothing wrong with apologizing first. (This is just based on my experience, though.)

A simple apology is fine.

Occasionally, some girls will come back and say that the woman really has a twisted personality, but as long as you apologize briefly first, there's no problem.

What's important is what happens afterwards.

These women often have a good appearance. (I have also experienced women who are exceptionally good at night)

So, even if you want to cancel the contract, if you hold her that night, your feelings will be shaken.

So, unless a woman contacts me, I think it's a good idea to keep him as an insurance agent and treat him as a reservoir when he usually plays with another favorite and the girl who said so is busy.

Some women say that if they are treated like that,This is what makes it coldSome kids read the atmosphere and change their personality.

If you don't get along with the woman, if you deal with it in this way, it will be stress-free and the man can enjoy it comfortably.

This is just my experience, so it may not apply to all women, so please understand that.

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