What to do if you are no longer compatible with a woman who is active as a father Vol.4


Can I change my hobbies for the sake of a father-active woman?

Times are advancing every day.

Everything is different between when we were young and now.

It starts with fashionable items and extends to lifestyle.

There are considerable differences when considering men and women individually.

So, where should I start talking about that?It's rank.

Therefore, I would like to tell everyone in order, starting with the smallest details.

Have you ever given up anything for the woman you have a contract with after becoming a father?I basically don't have any.

Why did this topic start?That being said, there is a reason for that.

Lately, when I've been having drinks with friends who have become fathers like me, one of the topics that comes up a lot is how much do you agree with women?That's the point.

Eventually, if you stay with a woman for a long time, she'll start to say things like ``Maybe you should quit this,'' or ``I don't like this,'' etc. in your conversations.

Of course, there are probably many men who don't listen and ignore it, but it seems that there are also many men who are bothered by women's insistence and wonder, "What should I do?"

In fact, people around me are worried about this and even bring it up at drinks.

Among them, smoking is the most common.

In modern society, isn't there a part where smoking is treated as a really bad thing?Actually, I'm also a smoker.

So, not only women who are working as fathers, but also those around them often look at them with cold eyes, and I feel that firsthand.

There, the number of smokers has decreased considerably compared to when I was younger.

In other words, there has been a boom in smoking cessation for the past few years. (In the past, you could smoke anywhere.)

And, as far as I've seen, most of the women who are fathers are non-smokers.

In fact, there are occasional smokers, but they almost never smoke, so they are almost like non-smokers.

In comparison, I am a heavy smoker.

And when I get into the same car or hotel room as a woman, I sometimes hear things like this.

``For your health, Dad, it would be better for you to quit smoking, right?''

Men who are fathers who smoke have probably heard this line before.

Honestly, to be honest, it's a big help.

There are many reasons why people smoke, including people who smoke as a hobby and people who smoke to relieve stress.

However, when you become friends with a woman who is a father, there are quite a few cases where she even mentions such things.

In fact, when I'm drinking with my friends, we're all smokers, and we've all been told that.

In that case, will you all quit smoking?I definitely won't.

This doesn't mean I'm stubborn; for me, cigarettes and cigars are something I enjoy in life.

Of course, this also includes being a father to a young woman.

Perhaps smokers who are now fathers feel the same way?I think.

Most of the time, women say things like they care about your body, so I think a lot of women have a hard time reacting when people say things like that.

If you ask me, dating a woman who is a father is supposed to be fun.

However, once you refuse to smoke.

Once you start paying attention to this, if you start wanting to smoke, you'll have to move somewhere else or take some other precautions.

It's just one more step, and I find it troublesome.

I don't think it's a good idea to ask people to put up with it, and I feel like the current anti-smoking boom is pushing it forward, so don't you get mentally ill if you smoke in a place where you're being careful?Would you say it makes you tired?

So these days, I try to ask women when I first meet them to sign a contract.

"I'm a smoker, is that okay? If you don't like the smell or don't want to be in the same space, please let me know."

Most women say things like, ``It's OK as long as you don't spray smoke on me,'' but when they actually start dating, there are many cases in which they start complaining that they don't want to be near or smell smoke in the first place. (I wish they would have told me from the beginning if it was impossible.)

In my case, as soon as the topic of smoking or non-smoking comes up, I also bring up the topic of canceling the contract at the same time.

To explain to the other person, ``Daddy gives you an allowance so that you can enjoy your life, right? But you can't accept the things that Daddy likes. If that happens, Daddy won't be able to enjoy it, so I'll give you an allowance.'' I can't date you.'' and so on.

Most women will shut up and accept this, but some women may try to sell their kindness by saying things like, ``I'm doing this for my dad's body.'' If so, we recommend canceling the contract.

In my opinion, no matter how important it is to be a gentleman to women when you're a dad, I don't think you have to hold back on your favorite hobbies.

A woman who is compatible with you will never say such things and will accept what you like.

The same can be said for alcohol.

Besides, aren't there many men who recommend alcohol to women who can't drink?If I knew that I couldn't drink, I wouldn't proceed at all.

She's the type of person who enjoys being alone, and I have the impression that the man who is the father is also like that. (Because everyone around me is like that)

Why do women who are working as fathers not drink alcohol, but men do?I think this is because men who are now fathers enjoy being with women and having conversations with them as a way to enjoy a drink. (I am.)

However, if you're just looking for compatibility, it might be more fun if women can also drink it because they can share the same temperature.

It might also be a good idea to ask the woman, ``Can you drink alcohol?'' when you first meet and sign a contract.

I don't really ask that much, but among my friends, it's limited to women who can drink alcohol, and there are actually men who are fathers.

When you think about it, ``compatibility'' is important when it comes to being a father, and I always think that ``compatibility'' is important from the beginning, but if you can figure it out, ``it's better than that.''

However, I have experienced many cases where the relationship is not compatible halfway through, so there are many cases where the contract is canceled.

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