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3 months training period

After joining the company, training will be provided for three months regardless of the type of job.

There are 33 basic items (depending on the department) regarding company operations.
There are four levels of evaluation: "inexperienced" → "observation only" → "taught" → "can do it alone". We provide 4 items of on-the-job training through on-the-job training (OJT) to help develop skills that can be used at any company as a member of society.

Many of our customers are wealthy people, so they are very conscious of service quality.We are always thinking about how to make the most of our various experiences and know-how to lead to better encounters with our customers.While maintaining the quality of the service, there may be times when it becomes a difficult situation, such as short-term adjustments.
However, I am very moved when I help each other with my colleagues in the field, when the customer is satisfied, or when I receive a happy report.We want you to experience this sense of accomplishment with us.

Career plan

Every department in our company has an organizational structure of general employees, sub-chiefs, chiefs, and area managers.
I think it would be great if the growth speed of the company and the growth speed of the working employees could grow at the same rate.

  • 3 months after completion of training ~ XNUMX monthsMid-career hire
  • 1 months to XNUMX year after joining the companyMid-career employee
  • About 1 to 2 years after joining the companyLeader position/sub-chief
  • About 1 to 3 years after joining the companyManager/Chief
  • About 3 years after joining the companyManager/Area manager

Depending on the department you join, we have a career path like this.
We are a young company that was established 7 years ago, so depending on the individual's ability, some people may advance their careers faster.
There is also a woman in her 20s who has become a manager.Her motivation and results will be evaluated rather than her educational background and career.


In the training department, we offer a full range of training throughout the year, from basic skills training to stratified training and career advancement training.There is training with a high degree of freedom of choice and compulsory training, and the structure makes it easy to set goals and feel growth.In addition, game training and event experience training are particularly popular among training.

Also, once a month, there is a free-to-participate general web meeting as a WinSession, and on that day you can buy pizza from the company, buy your favorite sweets and alcohol, and participate while eating at your desk, so everyone is looking forward to it every month. to

The corporate culture that allows you to freely come up with ideas and take on challenges on a zero-to-one basis is attractive.As a company, we want to do something new with “Like! It is a culture that praises and incorporates.