Message from representative

MessageMessage from representative

This is Kida, the representative of Universe Group.
What are the strengths of Universe?I believe that it is the presence of a coordinator who is full of humanity and the warm atmosphere of the company, and I hope that is the case.
No matter how the world changes, human nature remains the same.In order to deliver happiness to our members, it is my mission to ensure that all employees and related parties can work happily.
That's why I can't do sweet things.To be a rewarding company that tackles tough challenges head-on.
As a result, all our employees are working hard to provide wonderful encounters that change the lives of all members.

Thinking about the company's vision means thinking about the future of the staff who work together.We aim to be a company where employees can continue to work.

Today's business environment is changing rapidly. It is not uncommon for the situation to change completely in a year or two, and for five or ten years to be out of work.
These changes will undoubtedly continue to accelerate.In other words, it means that if you don't not only hone the skills you need now, but also the skills that you can use 10 years from now, you will eventually be weeded out.

During a long working life, it is not uncommon for what you want to do and what is required of you to change, and for you to change your occupation.At that time, I would like to prepare a career path that allows me to pass on the skills and knowledge I have cultivated so far, rather than having my career reset.

Efforts to achieve this include cross-work and job rotation.We provide opportunities for employees to come into contact with inexperienced occupations and acquire peripheral skills.

After clarifying the necessary skills and aspirations for each individual, respect the wishes of the individual, be able to present a concrete path to success in a new occupation, and respond to rapid changes in the next 10 years. to develop the strength to do so.This is our vision.

The image of the character we seek is "honest, honest, and funny."

We are looking for staff who will continue to provide quality service to our customers and who will prosper and be trusted with us.

Representative Satoshi Kida