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About the matching business for men and women

We believe that the service we provide provides “romance” for men and provides a means for women to obtain “money necessary for life”.Thanks to all of you, our sales have grown steadily since our establishment.
We provide encounters for customers “means to enrich their own lives”.

Beyond the matching business

What I feel every day in providing a matching business for men and women is that many people are troubled by "communication issues".This is a problem that both male and female members face when joining.
If you feel like "it's my job" or "I'm getting paid", it won't go well and you'll have trouble.
First of all, enjoy the relationship and conversation with the other party.This seems easy but is very difficult.

The fun and difficulty of matching men and women

We do the setting between humans.If there are 100 people with hobbies and interests, it is quite difficult to find the best match for 100 different people.
Especially for men, what they really want changes depending on the person. If there are 100 people, we will meet the needs of 100 people.
As a life consultant, you need to be the escort of the person's life.
We employees can also come into contact with the way of thinking of wealthy men on a daily basis, so we are sure to have experiences that cannot be obtained at other companies.

Not Prostitution/Illegal

There are many people who think that "papa-katsu" is a crime in the same way as "compensated dating" and "prostitution".
This is a technical topic, but first of all, a crime is "a fact or act that is prohibited by law and punishable", so although prostitution is illegal, it is not a "crime".

Next, the definition of "prostitution" is as follows in Article 2 of the Anti-Prostitution Law.
“Article XNUMX “Prostitution” as used in this Act means having sexual intercourse with an unspecified partner in exchange for compensation. "

We always meet both men and women in person once to confirm their identities by showing their ID cards.
Since we mediate matching between specific people and specific people, it does not conflict with the Anti-Prostitution Act.
A relationship that receives money or goods from a specific partner (a person with whom you have a romantic or trusting relationship) is not considered prostitution.

Regarding "enjo-kosai", I think that the general definition of "enjo-kosai" is women who have not reached the age of graduating from high school, high school students, and junior high school students (under 18 years old).
We always check IDs when interviewing women.In addition, especially for women aged 18 and 19, we ask them to prepare one identification card with a face and one other identification card to confirm that they are over the age of graduating from high school.
Therefore, we do not provide encounters that correspond to "enjo-kosai".

We are strictly engaged in the Tokyo Date Club Ordinance "Business that mediates relationships with compensation between customers and other customers of the opposite sex".When the relationship between the two of you progresses, it is natural for the relationship to deepen, and I think that physical compatibility is a necessary factor in continuing a long-term relationship.

The reason why marriage agencies prohibit adult dating until marriage is established is that the anti-prostitution law was introduced in 1985, when a marriage agency disguised as a marriage agency was created.
Of course, there will be couples who will go well in the future without an adult relationship.But wouldn't it be strange to ban premarital sex in this day and age?Even if it's an app or website that aims to meet people who are considered good in general, are there no cases where men and women who meet there have developed into adult relationships?

We are just telling you honestly what kind of relationship you are thinking about with the person you meet as the intention of the person.
This is because I believe that it will never lead to prostitution, and that it will be good for the relationship between the two of you.

all for members

“There are no seniors or juniors on the water,” said an old boat racer.

Our company is also the same. We believe that there are no seniors or juniors for the sake of our members.If you have a good idea, it doesn't matter if you're senior, junior, veteran or newcomer.Immediate hire.
Whether young or female, if they can do the job, they will be appointed to managerial positions.Because it is for the benefit of our members.More than half of our managers are women.

I want to grow more and more

We want to grow as a company and as an individual employee.
I look forward to working with you all.

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