our values

core valueour values

honest transparent single-minded

Values ​​shared by all staff involved in the Universe Group

do something different
That's why I joined this company.
try and improve
If you have an idea, try it first.
If you fail, your boss will take responsibility.
don't pretend to be great
First of all, we are not great.
I don't get it wrong when people say that I'm the best in the industry.
who should do
People who do troublesome work are cool
It is the subordinates who decide the work coolly.
It is the boss who apologizes when he fails.
Pekopeko to the boss,
People who bully their subordinates are uncool
Say what you need to say to your boss.
Be kind and courteous to your subordinates.
earn more from good things than from bad things
I don't cheat anyone and I don't do anything illegal.
Long-term trust over short-term sales
Do not lie for profit.
Respect for customers is shown in results
We will repay your gratitude by improving the quality of our services.
not according to the manual
Treat yourself like a human
As much as possible, don't run away with "it's a rule, so you can't do it".
recognized by society,
Becoming a company where you can work with pride
Our job is to coordinate encounters between men and women, making a high degree of social contribution.