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Coordinator / Area Manager Shunichi Matsuzaka

Coordinator / Area Manager

Shunichi Matsuzaka

Joined the company in April 2013

In my previous job, I worked in customer service at a foreign FX company.
There were two acquisitions, I retired due to the company's circumstances, and I was a NEET for a year without even finding a job.
When I started looking for a job when my unemployment insurance payment expired, I found a job offer at Universe Japan when I was looking for a company that seemed to be within a commutable distance from my home and seemed to offer a good salary.At first, I didn't know what the company was doing, so I applied while practicing interviews.

Due to my personality, I thought I should quit if it didn't suit me, but at Universe Japan, I was able to interact with people at the top of companies that I wouldn't normally be able to interact with. For the first time, I felt that "work is fun" because I can have conversations and receive consultations.

What I am always conscious of in my work is to create an atmosphere where it is easy to talk by standing on the same line of sight with customers so that there is no wall between them.
I'm very happy when customers are able to talk to Frank.

I believe that if there is something I don't like at work, it will affect my private life.
I work not as a job, but as a pleasure.
"I enjoy my work. I also enjoy my private life."
I think so and do my best every day.

Finally, for those who are about to join the company, Universe Japan doesn't have anyone like a heavyweight, so it's easy for me to express my opinion and I don't have to worry about it.
You may feel nervous when you first join the company, but since it is a young company and most of the employees are inexperienced, I think it will be easy for you to get used to the company.
Let's have fun together from now on.

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Coordinator / Area Manager Enma Mamiya

Coordinator / Area Manager

Enma Mamiya

Joined the company in April 2014

me as a coordinator

I don't think about things that are too difficult, and I'm the type of person who jumps in when I find it interesting.
My impression of Universe Japan is that it is a serious and interesting company!I decided to join the company!

I was conscious of "judge everything from a flat standpoint".
I didn't take advantage of being praised, and on the contrary, I tried to see through the core kindness that the person wanted to convey when dealing with complaints and complaints.

It is not my goal to be liked by the members, but I think that my role as a coordinator is to tell the members what they really want to know.

To new employees

Welcome to the exciting world! !

I believe that it is a corporate culture that allows you to turn your weaknesses into strengths and turn them into weapons.
It would be impossible for me to be placed in my current position without qualifications at any other company.

As a coordinator, I am in a position where I can receive both words of gratitude and criticism directly.
I hope that the number of staff members who can enjoy it and be proud of it will increase more and more.

I want to be sharp without losing, so let's go through it together!

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IT Management Department Manager / WEB Advertisement/Production Manager Adult Aso

IT Management Manager / WEB Advertising/Production Manager

Aso Adult

Joined the company in April 2012

What made you want to take an interview with us?

→Look at the homepage and understand the corporate philosophy...
→ I've liked ~~ since I was a child...
→When I bought your product...

It may be true if you get this kind of answer when you ask about your motivation, but it sounds superficial.
It's not something like that kind of fixed phrase, but it's uncool but convincing.

I looked at the job site and thought that the salary was okay and there was no relocation, so I thought I could do it myself.
Isn't that good!

Our clients are wealthy and successful people.Answers that look like superficial or fixed phrases will not be accepted, and you will not be able to gain credibility.A sincere human response is required.
That's why I'd like to create friends who can honestly talk about things that are difficult to say without hiding them.

For those considering an interview.

The most important thing is that general employees and bosses who directly deal with members create an environment where general employees can work comfortably.
I really like that system!

By doing so, sales go up → the salary of general employees goes up → my salary goes up.That's why.
Work is not for the members or the company.it's something you do for yourself.

However, I think that it is a company that has successfully systematized for myself and for the company and members.

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Management Department Manager Kentaro Shibata

administration manager

Kentaro Shibata

Joined the company in April 2019

My hobby is playing with my dog.Playing music is my time off.

In my previous job, I was the manager of the accounting department of an IT-related company listed on the First Section.
During that time, I was able to work concurrently as a member of the subsidiary's smartphone application development and operation launch for two years, and I think that I learned a lot from not only the management department but also the on-site experience.

The dynamic work content unique to a listed company was extremely rewarding.
I was entrusted with an important position, but when I thought about my age and the timing, I once thought "I want to compete at a venture company", so I changed jobs from the company I worked for 13 years to Universe Japan.

While I was looking for a job, I received several job offers, but the reason I chose Universe Japan was the attractiveness of the president and the personality of the people working there.It was the smallest company, and I had no idea about its future potential, but I remember having an intuition to give it a try during the interview.

If I had a special talent, I think it would be "the ability to see people".
I thought it would be stronger to regret not joining the company than to regret joining the company, so I took on the challenge.

Future goals

I am aware that the representative also has expectations of me, so I will try to create results that will be praised by the representative.
Also, as a management department, we will create an organization that makes employees feel good about joining the company!

A word for new employees

"Work like a president, play like a king"

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