“U-tip” improvement to the “ordinary level” July report

Thank you for always using Universe Club.
This is Sakurai from the Usage Promotion Team, Sales Promotion Unit.


"U tip" Thank you!
From a member in June 340 chips & I received a message of gratitude and support.

 Staff who received a lot of tips in June
・Chiba Branch Kaede Kosaka
・Nozomi Ito, Tokyo Branch
・Shibuya Branch Yuki Okumura
・Shibuya Branch Shun Teramoto
・Yuki Higashino, Umeda Branch
・Kyoto Branch Mio Katayama
・ Asano Ayame, Ginza Branch
・Waka Kayano, Ikebukuro Branch


Inevitably, staff in metropolitan areas tend to rise to the top, but Kosaka from the Chiba branch, which has a small number of members, has the highest number of tips, and it was a good July.

Also, although it is a ranking, this time I would like to focus on the content of "What kind of response did you like?"
Regardless of the total number of chips, we sometimes receive nominations from members saying, "Mr. ◯◯ is doing his best!"


 Messages from members (partial excerpt)
 Omiya Branch Atsushi Nagato
“Thank you for the detailed data. Nagato-san, you are sincere and good.
 Yokohama Branch Saya Kawashima
“While I often get depressed when I am treated like a complainer because of the cold reception as per the manual, the male members always treat me kindly, which leads to an increase in motivation for my activities.”
 Shinsaibashi Branch Ryo Mishima
“I was very grateful for the prompt response to a minor issue on the day.”
 Nagoya Branch Shoma Moriuchi
“He always gives us information on an honest basis so that we can make a satisfactory choice.”


By specifically writing down what the staff member did well, good responses will be passed on to other staff members. (I believe so, and I'm struggling every day with the kind of collaboration with the field.) I will continue to use my hands and my head to increase the number of such chips.


▼ Review how to send chips
(XNUMX) Male member post-date questionnaire — Please fill in the designated answer column
②Male members Members site ——– Please fill out from the menu “U tip” at the bottom left of the page.
*We are making preparations so that female members can also use the service.


From July to September, the sales promotion unit works on the theme of "successful dates."
I want to increase the number of matches that make people feel "I'm glad I met you" instead of just introducing them!
Therefore, the contents of the usual post-date survey may change a little, or the questions may increase.
Of course, we are not only asking for answers, but we are also preparing to publish data that can be used as a reference (and exciting).Sakurai

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