The Diary of Riene – 25/10/2021

Happy Monday, everyone! Well, though it's Monday, I hope that everybody will have a good week ahead of them!

It's almost the end of October, and with that – nearly the end of 2021! We've gone through a lot of ups and downs in this year – I daresay even more than the year before, if I'm being honest – but we 're still here, and I have our members' support to thank for that.

We've been having interviews with our potential members online rather than off. Some might ask why the restrictions despite vaccination, etc., but I hope that our members can understand that we are also trying to be as safe as possible, especially when we might have to meet a large number of people and also have family circumstances that would require certain protocols (for example, I have elderly family members at home, so if I am unknowingly exposed to Covid, it could harm them despite being vaccinated).

I understand that many of us are eager to meet freely, and also much prefer offline interviews, but I'm sure we'll be able to go back to a time of safer offline interviews before long! own opinion, to be able to talk to our pre-members freely in person, learning more about them and interviewing them over a cup of coffee, and staying at home so much can lead to some stress for sure – but the ultimate priority is to stay safe and healthy regardless!

May we be able to meet before long, and I hope everyone remains safe!

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