Receive discounts on your date setting fees with renewing your membership!


Renew your annual membership, or switch from a monthly to an annual membership to receive 20% off all your setting fees for dates confirmed until December 30th, PLUS 100% off chance on one of your dates!


All members participating in the campaign will be included in a lucky draw for a free date setting!!

Receive one of your scheduled confirmed dates setting fees free of charge. We will contact you directly if you become the luck member.


Campaign period

December 1st, 2022 ~ December 30th, 2022



Members with renewed annual memberships or have switched from monthly to annual memberships that have been paid within the campaign period.


Discount details

All date scheduling's and payments confirmed within the campaign period will receive a 20% discounts on the setting fees. Actual dates can be commenced in January.

Terms and Conditions

  • – Not eligible for members re-registering after canceling, withdrawing or expiring memberships during the campaign period.
  • – Not eligible for monthly memberships.


Become eligible with your membership renewal

Renew or extend your current annual membership from the following button


Membership renewal request page

*Please enter “Membership renewal discount CP” in the “Other Requests and Questions” box.

We will be glad to answer your questions for you from your preferred contact methods.


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