Based on the survey data, we came up with a strategy for defeating the B1 type.

Haven't you forgotten about me?

I am always grateful for your help!
It's been a while, but this is Teratsuji from the Universe Club. This is the first update of the year. It's already July, isn't it?


The last update was in March.10 years of allowancesAfter I uploaded it, a great number of people read it, and I felt like I had no regrets and my role in it was done.

But then my new boss told me to write a blog for the new fiscal year, so I said, "Okay, I understand." Thank you.


This may not be of interest to you, but
This year, just like last year, I am in the sales promotion department, and I continue to think about how to deal with customers.

The staff's response, the staff's response, the staff's response
If you have any thoughts, please feel free to let us know.
If you write something like "To Teratsuji" in your usual email or LINE message, it will surely reach me via telekinesis.



Now, I look at the post-date surveys that you all send in every day. Thank you for your continued cooperation.


I've written a lot about post-date surveys in this article.

・Based on the setting data, what kind of man makes a woman think, "I never want to see him again!"?
・Part 1 [Observations from feedback!] What is a letter date really like? How satisfied is it?


There's a lot of very useful information there,
One piece of feedback I received from a woman recently caught my eye.

The contents are roughly
"Differences in the perception of dating type B1 between men and women"English learning is necessary to prepare for life, learning and interaction with the global environment. <br> IT Skills (programming logic) is necessary to prepare for the needs of the future.<br> Financial literacy is necessary to prepare for creating, managing and being smart with time and wealth.<br>

It's an issue that will always come up, both the type of relationship and the allowance.


Has the fact that relationship type B was split into B1 and B2 last year caused further confusion? Has it become easier to understand?
Among the many different opinions we received, there were some parts of this feedback that made me think, "I see."

We have received many comments about the B1 type in our regular feedback, so we have selected the BXNUMX type from that data.

How to conquer dating type B1

I've been thinking about this, so I'd like to share my findings.

If you are not interested, or think that beating B1 is too much of a hassle, please do not waste your time and continue reading at your own risk.


"If you know yourself and know your enemy, you will not be in danger even in a hundred battles."

There is a saying from Sun Tzu:


This means that when fighting, if you are fully aware of the situations of both your enemy and your allies, you will never be defeated, no matter how many times you fight.
It is said that it is important to be well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of both yourself and your partner.

If you only know your allies and not your enemies, your chances of winning or losing will be 50/50.
It is said that if you don't understand either your enemies or your allies, you will almost certainly lose.

This may be true of all wars.
Of course, this battle"Conquer Type B1".

The enemy is a woman, and the ally is yourself (a man)..
It may be a little late, but this article is aimed at male members.


How should you fight in dating clubs and sugar daddy relationships?

Will financial power be the deciding factor?
Will they compete on looks?
Overwhelming kindness, sense of security, and fatherly love.

Is there anything else?
I can't think of anything else, but financial strength is probably number one in this world, sadly. That's the reality.

Of course, some people may be confident about their looks,
BeforeI've written about it on this blogThe data shows that in this world, looks aren't all that important.

Also, I read in a book somewhere,
Men in their 40s, 50s, and 60s who "win on looks" would of course be considered cool, dandy, and handsome older men if compared to their peers, but
From the perspective of women in their 20s, an uncle is an uncle. I didn't say that, I read it in a book somewhere.

In other words, it is impossible for older men to compete with women in their 20s in terms of looks.Yutaka TakenouchiThat's about the extent of it, it seems.

...I think all the male members of the Universe Club are cool, personally.


However, from the start, B1 type may be the one who will use not only their looks but also their financial power as weapons to blast anyone into pieces if they are confronted.
Do you have any idea?

If I had the financial means, I think I could do it too.
I used to think that way naively, but recently I've begun to feel that it's not quite the same.


In the end, it may be a question of financial strength,

[B1 Type] The
"If you go on multiple dates and find that you have a good feeling for each other, there is a possibility that it will develop into a relationship."
That's it.

This is something that the staff will explain during the interview and the woman will decide for herself.
I'd like to think about developing the relationship beyond just a meal, but I don't think I'll have an answer on the second date. I'd like to meet over a meal or tea more than twice to get to know each other, but I'm the type of person who won't know how many times I should meet until I actually meet the person.

*For now, let's leave aside the topic of dating scams where the person is an A type so they won't get any offers so they'll just be B1.


I wrote above that "the enemy is women," but that's not true.
The enemy is type B1 (and women)to be corrected.

It's best to think of B1 type women as being basically sensitive.
She reacts sensitively to every word a man says, and each word can have a big impact on the future of the two of you.
It might be best if you had that kind of attitude.

What is that? That's so annoying.
Some of you may be thinking this way.
Let me be clear: such people are not suitable for making offers to B1 type women.

No matter how much you like the looks, if you are not able to carefully consider this aspect, you should avoid the B1 type.
I feel that this is the most difficult type.

Someday a male member
"It's better to think of B1 type as A type (basically just meals)," you said, but it's more difficult to negotiate than A type, but that's what makes it fun. This is the best part of a dating club! That's my opinion.


Looking at the feedback from B1 type women after a date,

  • Even though I'm a B1 type, I was told adult things right from the start.
  • Even though I was a B1 type, I didn't like the fact that he was too physical
  • I was asked how many times I could go, even though I was a B1 type.
  • Even though I'm a B1 type, all we talked about was how much the allowance would be if we were in an adult relationship, and it put me off.

I actually see this quite often.


I understand.
How many times can I develop with this woman?
If we can develop it, we would like to first decide what the allowance conditions will be.
I totally get that. You don't want to waste time, and if the conditions aren't right when it comes time to develop something, then it's a waste of time, I totally get that feeling.


But unfortunately, that's not how B1 type women feel.


"I chose the B1 type because I didn't know how many times it would take to develop, but I can't decide if I'm told that in the first time."

"I'm a type B1 and I want to meet a few times before we discuss whether we can develop into an adult relationship, but people who talk about adult things from the first time are pushy and scary, and in the end they're after my body, not me."

I also see this kind of feedback. It's quite common.


As mentioned above, the enemy is B1 type (and female), but
Now let's add another enemy to the mix: our rival male members.

Enemy = Type B1 (and women) (plus other rival male members)

Of course, for each woman, there are often offers from several male members.
Obviously, the more popular a woman is, the more rivals she will have.

How will you defeat this new enemy?


Don't do what your enemy does,.


Many male members are first or second timeWhat is the development of adults? What are the conditions for allowances?And so he cuts it off.
In most cases, you are already fighting a losing battle at that point without even knowing about the B1 type of woman, but the woman can't help but join in the conversation and say it was fun, make a promise to meet again, and then you never hear from her again. It's sad, but to be honest, this does happen. It's quite common.


Of course, cutting off all contact is not good; it's impolite; you should just send a message and fade out.
The club has been repeatedly informing people about this, but we are sorry to say that the numbers are not decreasing.
(That is a separate issue and something the club needs to improve.)


So, if you want to defeat this enemy
Don't bring up adult development topics on the first date, don't bring up the topic of negotiating the amount of your allowance,A simple toast to meeting someone. A day to enjoy delicious food and cute smiles.It is to.

By doing so, I realized that he wasn't pushy from the first day, and that I could trust him unlike other men.
So that's what happens.


That's just your imagination, isn't it?is what I think?

This is what the data tells us. It's all driven by data.


So, I got a good connection the second time, and then I let my guard down,
"Hey, how many more times? Do you think you can do it?" That's what you ask. I understand.
How many more times? Hey, tell me how many more times! I totally understand that feeling.
But not yet, please endure.


We went on dinner dates three or four times.


If you don't have that kind of time or can't wait that long, please leave early.
This is a battle against the B1 type, so let's return home while the damage is still fresh.


If you're prepared to go out to dinner about 10 times, or rather, you don't have to have sex, but if the woman makes you feel like it, will you go? I don't mind, but... Otherwise, it's probably difficult to get a B1 type woman. If you're aiming to never lose no matter how many times you fight, try practicing this strategy for conquering the B1 type.


Then, gradually, women started to say things like,
"Huh? He never invites me out..." you start to think.


Surely there will be a signal someday, antennaBing BingPlease treat them with respect.
So that we don't miss that signal even a millimeterBing Bing.Bing BingThis is about antennas, so please keep everything else quiet.


However, if you wait too long, both the man and the woman will become comfortable in the relationship, and neither of them will be able to express their feelings of disappointment about the relationship falling apart, which could create a new enemy.

So, that's where the negotiation begins.
It is at times like these that you should use the bargaining and negotiation techniques that you probably use in your everyday life, take a step back, carefully observe the other party's movements, and make a plan for how to attack.


Yes, you can enjoy Okesa Persimmons in the form ofMen and women's PDCAis not it.


Even though he is usually a tough business leader, for some reason he gets flustered when dealing with women.
It's the same for managers and women: Plan! Do! Check! Action!!
Nothing works just by Plan! Do! Do! Do! Go! Go! Go!

The important thing is to Check, Action, and Plan!





How to approach a B1 type woman

● It's better to think that this type of woman is too sensitive
● On the first or second date, be prepared to not even mention the word "adult" or "sex" or "e" in the word "hot" or "cuckold"
●I'm prepared to eat delicious food 10 times a day
● Not suitable for those who want to reach a conclusion as quickly as possible on the first or second visit.


This is just one example of an effective approach derived from data, so of course there may be other ways to do it, and I think there may be cases where you can succeed even if you do something that is not recommended here. In fact, there may be times when you cannot overcome the problem even if you do this.

If you think you can't eat 10 times, try starting with 5 times.
I know, five times is a lot. It's a dinner party. I'm going to gain weight, so should I go to the gym?

Why not even join a gym with a woman?
Then, if you casually ask her if you want to take a shower together, it might work.
Then, you might say, "I'm hungry, so can I order something delicious from room service?"

Is this too much of a delusion?



Conclusion: I don't know

This happens all the time, but if there are 100 women, there are 100 different ways to win them over, so I don't know!
I've actually received feedback that people were excited from the very first day.
"What?! He went there?!" was what the staff were saying, but you never know what's going to happen between a man and a woman.


But that's only a handful.

If you're not having any luck at all, it may be that you haven't analyzed your enemy or yourself enough.

If you have the time and patience, try out the strategies suggested above based on the data.

Then please submit your report. We will give you points.


...I'm not sure if I'd get my supervisor's permission to say something like that, so I probably (no, definitely) won't get any points, but I'm interested, so I'd love to hear from you if you're interested.


see you…

With gratitude for everyday life...


Universe Club Sales Promotion
Mayu Teratsuji

Author of this article

A concierge who can go to the meeting (let me go to the meeting) to deliver a real voice

1 reply to “I tried to think of a strategy for the B15 type based on the survey data”

  1. Thank you for always writing such an interesting blog.
    I also mainly use dating type B (1, 2), so please let me use this as reference.

    Changing the subject, will the interview with Mr. Teratsuji that was held last year not be held this year?

    1. Mr. Imai

      It's been a while, thank you for your comment!
      I think Mr. Imai has his own unique techniques for getting along with women, so there's no need to refer to him. Just read through it like you would a flyer you found in your mailbox.

      Until now, I hadn't even given the slightest thought to the possibility of having interviews this year.
      However, in a little while, there may be another boom in male members wanting to talk to us, so please do get in touch when that time comes.

  2. I thought the content was much more interesting than what some column writers write.

    In the past, people relied on strategy guides for games, and nowadays people tend to rely on strategy sites, but there are no strategies for playing against women.

    On the other hand, it's not a world where knowledge is useful. I've never seen a man who thoroughly reads romance books be popular.

    Furthermore, this is not a world where experience is an advantage.

    In the end, even if he gets paid and becomes an adult, he doesn't accomplish anything. He just becomes a "better old man."

    I think that a man who can accept this reality easily and without difficulty is the key to becoming a B1 champion, but this would probably mean that there would be few entries. It's too dreamy lol

    1. flag maker

      Thank you for your comment!
      > I thought it was quite an interesting piece.
      Is it okay if I get carried away? Lol
      Just kidding. I read your columns with great interest.

      I actually agree with what you say, but I won't tell anyone.
      I've always personally thought that it's a game where you face the enemy in front of you and simply think about how to defeat them in a world with no strategy or rules of thumb, and there are as many strategies as there are enemies, but even if you lose, you can't come back to life or stop, you get hurt and feel pain, and your wallet takes a hit, but is it just a man's instinct to still try?

      Since the second most common type was B1, I feel a little guilty about publishing this article because I think that even though there are a lot of people, there may be even fewer people who are serious about this game (I'm worried that I'll get in trouble).

  3. Mr. Teratsuji
    It was really interesting! Both logically and emotionally. You have a lot of literary talent (sorry if I sound condescending). And while it may seem like you're writing impulsively, I think you've also put a lot of thought and calculation into it.
    I agree with most of what you say and what you claim. I'm really grateful to have had the opportunity to read something so good. Sorry for the rambling.

    1. Matsuoka-sama

      Thank you for your comment!
      >It was really fun!
      Is it okay if I get carried away? Lol

      I'm glad someone noticed... it actually took me quite a while haha
      When asked whether I have done the calculations or not, I would say I will leave that to your imagination.
      I was drafting the topic for my next blog, but since it was exactly this content, I started to worry that the draft had leaked somewhere.
      It's not a big deal so I'm hesitant to publish it, but I'd be happy if you could take a look at it again if you do.

      I am honored by the comment from Matsuoka-sama, but I will not get carried away and will continue to work hard to post articles that will be of some use to you all (I'm out of ideas).

      It was very encouraging, thank you very much

  4. Teratsuji-san, I'm a type A girl, but I totally understand (crying)
    There was a man who wouldn't ask me out for an adult relationship, so I started to question my attractiveness as a woman and reconsidered it, but thanks to him I was able to grow both inside and out (crying).

    When I re-registered, Teratsuji-san was in charge of my comments. He was so bold and sharp in his comments that he would ask me, "Is that really true?" even though it was our first meeting. It was amazing (lol). Thanks to Teratsuji-san's words, I've been able to be honest with myself and others and not lie to them, and my interpersonal relationships have improved (lol).
    The female staff at the Nagoya branch of Universe Club are handsome and cool like men, and the male staff are beautiful and have a heart-pounding sensibility like good women, so I'm also getting better at it ♡

    1. Heart

      Thank you for your comment!
      Just reading the content makes me realize I was a very rude person...lol
      I'm worried that I might be offended at that time.

      But maybe it was just polite talk, but thank you for saying that, it gave me motivation for the next six months or so, thank you ✨
      All of our staff will work even harder to live up to Heart's words!

  5. The main battlefields are A and B1.

    Maybe it's the male mindset, I think.
    When I meet B1 women, I prepare myself by telling them, "I'm happy to accompany you to dinner as many times as you like, but the only allowance I can give you is the meal allowance (which is much lower than the adult allowance)."

    You won't lose your patience, but the woman will. If you think like that, you can conquer her.

    1. loser man

      Thank you for your comment! It's been a while.
      I think that people who mainly use A and B1 types are tough guys.
      I get the impression that Makeo-sama is one of them.

      > I think it's probably a matter of the man's mindset.
      Yes, that's what I think. You might think it's just the women, but I think it's the male members who are willing to accept the feelings of the women in this fuzzy situation who are going to be so important.

      I believe it's essentially a battle of endurance to see who will lose patience first, but I've come to realise that it's those who don't see it as endurance and instead enjoy it naturally who are the ones who will open up the path to victory.
      If you have any other thoughts about other articles, I look forward to your precise comments, Makeo-san.

  6. Good evening, Teratsuji-san. I met you on the web before. I found this article very interesting.
    Speaking from my own experience and intuition, I always suggest to B1 type women that they pay an allowance on the first date, even if they are adults, and this has produced better results. It seems that your opinion is different from that of Mr. Teratsuji.
    My thinking is simple: even if they are B1 type, if they register with a dating club, they must assume that "someday I might have an adult relationship with the man I met today." If that's the case, there's no woman who isn't interested in what the benefits would be if it developed to that point.
    I always bring up the topic of allowances at the end of the first meal, and I start by saying, "Is it okay if I talk about allowances? If you don't want to go into that today, we can stop." I've never had someone say, "I don't want to talk about allowances today," and in every case they say, "Thank you."
    On top of that, I tell women other than type A my thoughts about allowances for adults. I have never had an experience where they were turned down.
    I don't think that women who register with a dating club don't want to talk about adult allowances. Rather, the essential issue is whether the person seems trustworthy, whether they will be forced into a relationship, whether they will feel scared, isn't it? If a man who seems forceful asks you "how much for an adult," it's scary, isn't it? However, if the man seems trustworthy, I think that most female members would like to hear his thoughts on adult allowances, even if they don't immediately become involved in an adult relationship.
    In my opinion, if the man is not pushy, has enough leeway, and can make the woman feel at ease, it would be better for him to proactively talk about the allowance. In fact, several women I am currently dating have said, "Mizuaki is the only one who properly discussed the allowance from the beginning." They are all type B1. They all say they are glad that he properly discussed it.
    The above is my personal opinion.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Mizuki!
      Thank you very much for your time! It's been over a year now, and I remember well that we had so much to discuss that we extended the contract.

      If you were to look at this article from the perspective of someone like Suimei-sama, you might have laughed at the content...lol
      Considering the original purpose of a social club, I also think that Mizuaki-sama's way of thinking is the best, and that talking about future plans on the first meeting is a very straightforward and common way to proceed, or at least that's what I thought.

      From what I've heard from Mizuaki-sama, he makes women feel at ease from the first date, is a gentleman who doesn't do anything that women dislike, and doesn't seek short-term pleasure but rather builds long-term relationships with women.I think he is exactly the type of man that the Dating Club (or rather, I) is looking for.
      However, I believe that you, Mizuaki-san, have had many thoughts and feelings while listening to women's stories, and unfortunately, I have come to feel in recent years that such situations are creating anxiety and barriers for women.

      As a result, I wrote this article with a feeling of sadness that things have turned out the way they do.
      I think that if there were more people like Suimei-sama, women would feel more at ease and be more willing to open up.
      Thank you for your valuable opinion! I would be happy if you could let me know if you have any thoughts on another article.

    2. 同感です!

  7. 寺辻さん、半分も読まないでうれしくなってコメントしています。

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