2020. 09, 14

After Watanabe disappeared into the corona vortex...?

We become indebted to.
This is Watabe from Universe Club Tokyo.

Decrease bonus from KidaIt was declared to be about 3 months early.
It may have actually been reduced, but it was transferred safely.
thank you everybody.
Thank you to all the members who supported the company, especially during the holidays.

Recent Watanabe says,Shibuya officeI'm almost there.
I was looking forward to opening the Shibuya office in the midst of the corona vortex, but I can't meet women or men because I'm in self-restraint mode!I'm going to work at the office every day to get over the loneliness.
Since it was a new office, I couldn't get any appointments at first, and even if I had an appointment for an interview, for some reason it was canceled on the day and there were a lot of blackouts, but it finally stabilized after the end of the Bon Festival.
Reservations are often still open, so both men and women should apply in Shibuya when searching for "universe club"❤

Recently, the main staff to work has been decided, so I would like to introduce the staff once in a while.

Watanabe is a jack of all trades.In particular, I became good at DIY after joining this company.
I'm glad I pushed DIY work every time I moved.Please contact us if you have any problems.

A serious Yankee.
It's troublesome to explain in detail, so please let me explain when we meet someday.

Shibuya office 1 The photos are good!
I think that if you search and search on the member site, you will find many natural photos of women.


I am a new graduate this year.It's nice to be young.
I don't get offended with this kind of pose.It's just cute.
Photography is booming these days.The featured image in this blog was taken by Ikegaya!

He is also a new graduate this year.He is clumsy but hard working and cute.
An older woman who came to see me said that I was cute, so I told her, "Don't get carried away!"
Members, if you want to join, please don't spoil it!

Generally, this member is in charge of those who wish to join Shibuya.

Sometimes it goes into cleaning mode and starts cleaning various places.
And I urge the above members to do the same.

It's Aizawa who cleans the floor neatly while complaining. ↑

We will do our best to make you feel comfortable, so please come to Shibuya when you apply (*^^*)

application form for men

application form for women

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