2017. 01, 10

[Nagoya] I'm Matsuda, a newcomer! !

Thank you for always using Universe Club!


It's my first time here, so please introduce yourself!


My name is Tomoyuki Matsuda, and I have been working at the Nagoya branch since December.
Thank you! !
I heard from another staff when I joined the company,
It seems that Teratsuji was telling everyone, "Someone who looks like a male member came for a staff interview!"


Because Matsuda is currently 39 years old, so he's getting older (*´з`)
Since my age is somewhat close to that of male members, I would like to be able to do work that makes male members feel comfortable.
By the way, this blog doesn't seem to automatically calculate your age, so I'll be 39 for the time being (#^.^#)
↑ (* According to Teratsuji, the person who uses this emoticon is already an old man.)

Excuse me for a moment, but I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

I currently live in Nagoya, but have spent most of my life in the Kanto region.
My career has also changed many occupations, so if I would like to briefly raise some of my career history


Certain 〇〇 Express Sales Driver
A certain major travel agency (counter, tour conductor)
indian travel agency
Hotel staff


I love to travel, and apart from work, I've been a backpacker and wandered around for nearly a year.
When I was working at a travel agency, I was able to go abroad for work and spent about 200 days a year overseas (●´ω`●)
It was really happy days,,, but!
There seems to be many waves in life, and I ended up here at the Universe Club last year!
As for why I chose this company, I decided to join the company because I fell in love with Teratsuji's blog.


At the Universe Club, I would like to make use of the experiences I have lived so far and give back to everyone.
I also have experience with analog cameras, so once I get used to it, I would like to add some arrangements.


I have already said hello to many members.
I'm glad that everyone was really nice!
We are growing every day with the cooperation of our members and seniors, but we will do our best to support everyone as soon as possible.

Thank you very much! !


Tomoyuki Matsuda

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I have a lot of experience in life and years.

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