2016. 10, 27

Autumn is deep.

The autumn weather is very pleasant today.
I feel like autumn is getting deeper and deeper.It's rather cold. .

I installed a humidifier in my office and took down my down coat from my closet.
I'll give you Mamiya's special soup because he's sensitive to the cold~♪ I wonder when that day will come. .

In the past, I used to think that cleavage was sexy.
I thought that a popular woman was someone who was good at flirting.


If you carry an expensive bag, you'll be mistaken for a business woman.
Even though the bag is high, I'm shabby.
Disparities with poor clothes, shoes, hair, posture, and demeanor


unfortunate girl
The difference between a dignified woman.


Those who are covered with brands and plastic surgery to compensate for their complex.
"Do you have a dream or something you want to make come true?"
The desire to dig deep just by being told that is gone. .
It's not that I'm badly shaped, but
That's why I think it's disappointing that I, who is in a bad mood, thinks that's the only way to get better.
It makes me sad that there is no one around me who can tell me the true goodness of that child.
A woman who doesn't feel happy is frigid even if you hold her.I think she
I'm sure you're good at stealing.
Since such a beautiful me is eating with you, it's only natural that the transportation fee will be 3~.
Feeling like. .
On the contrary, I imagine that a woman who feels happiness in small things and is in a good mood is easy to feel.
It's my usual bad habit.
What if I go on a date with this girl?
I want to use my imagination.
She's not particularly beautiful, but her appearance is sophisticated, and she's a woman who comes to mind when you enter or leave the room.
It leaves an aftertaste.
My mouth slips involuntarily.

I'm sure it's someone who can share a date and enjoy it together. .

It's the season that makes you want to dig deeper into women with the colors of autumn.

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  1. Somehow, I sympathize with you ^^.Of course, the way this column is received may differ from person to person, but at least I am very sympathetic. "On the contrary, a woman who feels happiness in small things is in a good mood."I sympathized so much that I just wrote a comment ^-^.Thank you very much for your hard work.Thanks to all of you, I was able to meet people who can "feel happiness in small things", and I have such a fulfilling time that my heart and body are satisfied.I also include my usual feelings of gratitude.Thank you for your continued support ^-^.

  2. <1. Matsuda.Dear, I'm glad that you can sympathize with women (>_<) I'm sure you have a wonderful relationship ♪ Thank you as always.

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