2016. 06, 27

What are the pros and cons of dating clubs?

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I'm Aso, in charge of Universe Club Fukuoka☆

In Fukuoka, the new staff (Seki) joined the company, so we have three people, so we leave the work to two people.
Aso was looking for a hammock on the internet to drink tropical juice by the pool.
A nice woman comes to register every day, so she will stick around and get in the way of Araki and Seki.

Thank you so much for everything.
Thank you very much.

I have a thought recently.
Dating club is merit = demerit.

Benefits of dating club
・People who don't feel right can refuse to associate with you.
・You can decide the content of the relationship (price conditions, etc.) by yourself.

It's like

Isn't it pretty harsh for women to refuse a relationship and decide the amount of money?
I think.

someday on my blogDeclining a relationship takes courage, but it's importantI wrote that.
But it takes courage. .

And decide the amount condition!
A woman with experience would be nice, but most of the women who come to register in Fukuoka have no such experience.

For such a woman, I can't decide "What to do and how much?"
Moreover, I think it's insane for a man to say that.

From the store manager at a convenience store part-time job
“You can set your own hourly wage.
I don't think there is anyone who can say exactly what the store manager and himself will agree on.

I'm not good at it, but I feel like that.

So what should I do? . ?
Aso knows a good method ( ̄ー ̄) grinning
I will secretly tell those who came to register!

I'm not saying anything mean, but it's going to be a little long, so let me put it simply.
Listen to what men have to say and be honest.
It is a feeling.

here toohonesty is importantIt looks like it!
Please contact us if you would like to hear more details.

It was Aso☆

Dating club "Universe Club" is recruiting male and female members all over the country.
Membership registration is free, but interviews and screenings are required.
For details, please contact the local concierge

I started LINE @.
For men who wish to join Universe Club, we deliver information that you can't miss, focusing on the latest campaign information and staff recommended women.
Number of additional friends
For women who are considering joining or who have already joined, we deliver useful information that women can't miss, such as the latest campaign information and dating tips from our staff.
Number of additional friends

Author of this article

I joined the company as a coordinator in Fukuoka and am currently in charge of the internal system department.Although there are few opportunities to interact directly with members, we strive to provide wonderful encounters behind the scenes.

3 Replies to “What are the pros and cons of dating clubs?”

  1. Anonymous Thank you for your comment.This is Aso from Universe Club Fukuoka.Certainly, the content may have been too focused on "money".It's true that the money is worth it, but the women who come are registering with the understanding that "I am grateful that I have a relationship with a man who has a good feeling" (^^ I hope your relationship goes well. I will give you advice ♪ So please rest assured that the women who come here are not thinking of "money".

  2. Is it a place for men and women who want to meet to exchange bodies for money?If not, I don't think there's any problem with the money being paid by the man when the relationship is decided at a later date, but what do you think?

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