2016. 03, 07

Become an Osaka woman!

I am always grateful for your help!


I'm Teratsuji, the person in charge of Universe Nagoya who has been called unfriendly.


Members, please follow me.

A very nice female member in Nagoya the other day,
I have been withdrawn...


The response is also very polite and attentive,
She was a woman who I can proudly recommend to male members.


After receiving notification of your resignation,
I felt lonely and at the same time I felt warm.


It seems that we had a very good relationship,
I would like to cherish it as long as the relationship with that person lasts,
I think that's the best thing about being a club.


It's not tatemae,
I really think so!
If there is a meeting, there is also a farewell,
But if there is a parting, there will always be a meeting!


We would like to help you meet everyone.
For those who have unfortunately parted ways recently,
We are waiting for you!
Of course, please let me hear that farewell story as well.
Oh, I won't ask those who don't want to talk, so it's okay.
It's my Teratsuji, isn't it?
I will be a staff member in Osaka for about 10 days from today!


I'm at the Osaka office now.


Osaka is the second largest branch after Tokyo.


I want Nagoya to grow even bigger,
I've been thinking about this ever since I joined the company.


The number of members in Osaka, the number of interviews and interviews,
Because it is much more than Nagoya,
so as to get a little closer,
I want to actually feel the air of Osaka with my skin and absorb a lot,
This trip to Osaka has been decided!
Thank you for giving me such an opportunity.


Everyone in Osaka, please let me bother you!


Dear Teratsuji fans in Nagoya,
I'll be away from Nagoya for a while, but I'll return after leveling up, so please wait a little longer!
Since I will be in Osaka for about 10 days,
I have a business trip to Nagoya, but I haven't made an offer to Nagoya yet.
interview or interview
I hope to meet the members in Osaka as well.
I would be happy if you could welcome me warmly!


business in Osaka,
I would appreciate it if you could tell me.
By the time I return to Nagoya,
I think it's a habit to say "I'm making money".


Also, please let me know if there are any good restaurants in Osaka♪
I have decided that I will definitely eat okonomiyaki, takoyaki, and kushikatsu.



Teratsuji Mayu



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