2015. 07, 28

need a breather. .

The hot days are continuing. .Ladies and gentlemen, are you okay with summer fatigue?
It seems to be hit by the temperature difference between outside and inside. .
So, I'm Enma Mamiya from Universe Club, who moved 2 meters yesterday.
With this, I was able to say goodbye to the direct hit of the air conditioner! !
In my daily interactions with you,It's been a long time since I've been in the middle of a long time.
It's mainly female members, but if you include male members and staff related people, it's a line.
Never a line runner. .

It is a battle of lines between the staff!
It's too convenient to keep track of history. .
In the old days, meeting up for dates, I wonder how they used to do it when there were no mobile phones...
I can't think of it now.
It's almost a miracle to find your partner in this chaotic meeting place in Tokyo! !
We think.
I am very grateful that the city and the means of communication have evolved and are very convenient.
That's why I would like to have detailed analog exchanges.
Right now, I'm asking the Yokohama store manager if we can make official Universe stamps.
It seems that I need a breather, and it is unlikely to become a reality for the time being. .

I would like to have fun with everyone and consult with you about dating today.
Line, email or phone!Contact Us We'll be expecting you.

Thank you for the cute stamps!

Dating club "Universe Club" is recruiting male and female members all over the country.
Membership registration is free, but interviews and screenings are required.
For details, please contact the local concierge

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5 Replies to “Need a break..”

  1. In the old days, we used message boards at train stations, calling phones at teahouses (sometimes when we look at old detectives), or before Hong-chan's date, we went to the preliminary inspection and decided on a place that seemed easy to find. I got it. It was a time when there were no pagers, not to mention LINE, email, and mobile phones, but I think it was fun.

  2. When I inquired by email, there was a sentence that said, "The impression of the line is also solid," and I wondered what it meant, but it was this line after all.I'm using it too, so please join me soon.By the way, I didn't read the blog because I thought it was just a series of photos of registered women, but there are various articles.It's interesting.I've been looking back and reading since yesterday.There were articles that made me want to comment quite a bit, but I don't think you can look back on old articles.

  3. <Dear Mr. Anonymous, the scenery of the meeting place in the era without mobile phones... There are things that can be imagined and things that can not be done, but in any case, compared to now, I feel that it is more difficult than I imagined. . .However, I feel the leisure of adults who are enjoying it as part of the date! !Thank you for your comment.Thank you for your continued support. <Sat1, thank you for your comment.I'm always confused about how to say "line", "LINE", "SNS", but thank you for noticing!Please feel free to add me as a friend with your name.It is set to notify you when you comment, so I would be happy if you could also put a tsukkomi on the past blog.We are waiting for you♪

  4. Mr. Mamiya, thank you for replying to my past blog in your busy schedule.I read all of Mr. Mamiya's past articles.It was full of realism, such as the date experience.I never thought I would try so hard.Admirable.I understand a little bit about the history of the universe.It feels like the universe has become closer.

  5. <sat1, thank you again for your comment!Sorry for the late reply.Thank you for reading my past articles! !We will continue to update the blog so that you can feel a sense of intimacy, so we look forward to your continued encouragement to the blog.Thank you in advance ♪

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