2014. 03, 05

Fukuoka these days. .




Thank you for visiting my blog!
I'm Aso, in charge of Universe Club Fukuoka.

Recently, I've been completely entrusting the updating of my blog to Osaka and Tokyo, where there are a lot of staff.
I am sorry.
Aso is doing well!

Of course women also come to interview.
As a recent trend, I feel that there are many young women joining. Early to mid 20's.

So many women are attracted to dating clubs.
always at interview
"What is the purpose of registration?"
I hear.

Are you in a serious relationship?
Want some inspiration?
Do you want older acquaintances?
Are you connected?
Is it supportive?

It usually falls into one of these categories, but stimulation or support is the most common.

Considering the lifestyle of women in their 20s, it makes sense.
I work from morning to night and do some shopping on my days off.

Compared to men of the same age, you probably don't have the time or money.
However, it costs more money than men.
Furthermore, it's boring to repeat the same thing every day without meeting each other.

Dating clubs are perfect for such women.
I have mixed feelings when I think that people come to register every day thanks to the difficult social situation.

But even so, Aso is grateful.
thank you very much.

I will continue to do my best to bring these two good people together (^^)

It was Aso☆

I will do my best to provide a good encounter!



Dating Club "Universe Club" is looking for male and female members.
Membership registration is free, but interviews and screenings are required.
For details, please contact the local concierge

[Universe Sapporo]
Kensuke Hitoshi

[Universe Tokyo]
Akane Uchida, Ai Takita, Shunichi Matsuzaka
Kaoru Kitamura, Yuji Tanahashi, Yu Yamamoto

[Universe Nagoya]
Satoshi Kida and Mayu Teratsuji

[Universe Osaka]
Yuma Yoshida and Nao Misaki

[Universe Fukuoka]
Aso Adult

[Universe International]
Mark Hoshino

【Official HP】
List of snapshots of women at interviews

Author of this article

I joined the company as a coordinator in Fukuoka and am currently in charge of the internal system department.Although there are few opportunities to interact directly with members, we strive to provide wonderful encounters behind the scenes.

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