2014. 02, 09

Greetings from Yuji Tanahashi, a new staff member in Tokyo

Nice to meet you!

My name is Yuji Tanahashi, and I joined the company as a new employee at the end of January.
I'm from Saga Prefecture in Kyushu, and thanks to Hanawa-san, I became a hot topic.
Now I'm about to be forgotten again (>_<)... it's sad...

In my previous job, I was involved in real estate sales (rental, sales, management, construction contracting).
After moving to Osaka for the first time as a new graduate, I am currently moving north from Okayama to Osaka to Tokyo. . .
Next time, it seems that there is a connection around Sendai (I just feel like that)

My strengths are that I have the ability to steadily work hard, and that I give healing (sometimes people say, "Really??") (^^)

In the near future, I would like to become independent and contribute to society in the field of beauty and real estate.
Currently, I am devoted to gaining experience in various industries every day!

Her favorite foods are Nagasaki champon and burdock, and her hobbies are jogging, muscle training, and beauty.
I plan to go to a boxing gym in the spring (゚ω゚;)

Our motto is "Be polite to our customers".
I would appreciate it if you could tell me without hesitation if you see a rude response! ! !

Thank you for your continued support m(__)m

Yuji Tanahashi


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Membership registration is free, but interviews and screenings are required.
For details, please contact the local concierge

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