2013. 03, 26

A waste of time



Thank you for visiting my blog!
This is Aso from Universe Club Fukuoka!

This time, I was registered by a wonderful woman!
Thank you ☆
1 people came to work late at night.
Excuse me when I'm tired.
Thank you!

By the way, there are many women like this.
I'm interested, but I'm worried and wondering if I should go listen to the story.
I would love to hear from you if you have the answer.

What do you think?
I can't help but feel anxious and I think it's normal.
But it would be a waste to say, "I'm wondering if I should go listen to the story."
To be honest, Aso thinks it's a waste of time.

There is no answer for one person.
Because I don't have any information.

1+1=?I think it would be nice if you had all the information to answer like this.

but?from?Whether to add, subtract, kick or divide,
You can't get an answer if you don't know.

? ? ? =(○´・ω・`)?

This is the answer.
I don't know the result.

So you don't have to register.
Please come and listen to the story.
Aso will give you the information until the answer.

Add or subtract the information in your own way to give your answer.
Please register when the answer comes out (^^)

It was Aso☆


Dating Club "Universe Club" is looking for male and female members.
Membership registration is free, but interviews and screenings are required.
For details, please contact the local concierge

[Universe Fukuoka]
Aso Adult

[Official website]

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I joined the company as a coordinator in Fukuoka and am currently in charge of the internal system department.Although there are few opportunities to interact directly with members, we strive to provide wonderful encounters behind the scenes.

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