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More than 9 women registered in Tokyo just yesterday.
Some women do not have images.
We are pushing ahead with the registration process.
Please wait a moment for the female login email!
But anyway, thank you all for coming to register!
Thank you for having the courage to come and trust the club and register.

It's Kida
Since yesterday, Uchida has been on vacation, and he is struggling with the many tasks he usually entrusts to him.
(It looked like he was playing, but he was doing a lot of things. He's taking a break.)

But I remember when I was doing it all by myself.
Around 24:25, I finally started registering female information, and started writing a blog around XNUMX:XNUMX.
We had a lot of troubles, but thanks to all of you, we are here now.

One of the most interesting books I read recently was about the male and female brains.
It's like a woman who can't read a map and Uchida who can't read the atmosphere.

It seems that men are insensitive to various things, it is an ability acquired over a long period of time.

In the past, men would go out into the wilderness and hunt for their lives.
Mammoths will eat you if you worry about the details, so they tend to see the situation sparsely.
That's why I can't see the socks in front of me or notice when her hair changes. .

In comparison, women seem to be good at identifying pink-related colors as a talent specializing in child-rearing.
It seems that if the child's complexion is bad, he will immediately notice it and compare it with past experiences.
So watch what you see in front of you.
I will never forget his past affairs or the terrible words he said.
On the other hand, it seems that there is not much spatial recognition ability to overlook.

It seems that the man can open the map in his head because he has to return to the cave from the dark wasteland.

The times have changed and today, young people are playing online games day and night, so the air is not fresh,
I said to my boss, who should have been in trouble, "Well, Mr. Kida, I'm going on a trip. Please stamp the paid leave application. I've also written a memo about the unfinished business and pasted it on the display." I've come to be able to say it.

After all, the guy who beats the mammoth online is impudent.

I'm sure you're playing a TV game at a hot spring inn these days.

It's Friday everyone.
Let's do our best and get through it.

Come to think of it, Mr. Aso is back in Fukuoka and doing something.
I don't know what he's doing, but he seems to be doing a lot, so I'll leave it to you!
BlogI'm told to report my business, but I haven't done it.

Quite young people these days.


Dating Club "Universe Club" is looking for male and female members.
Membership registration is free, but interviews and screenings are required.
For details, please contact the local concierge

Universe Club is looking for male and female members.
To register, first a free consultation is necessary.
For details, please contact a Universe concierge at one of our regional offices.

[Universe Tokyo] Universe Tokyo
Satoshi Kida Akane Uchida

[Universe Nagoya] Universe Nagoya
Makoto Hirano

[Universe Fukuoka] Universe Fukuoka
Naruto Asao

[Universe International]
Frank Grimes

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4 Replies to “Insensitivity”

  1. Mr. Kida, thank you for staying up late at night.Recently, comments from the club on the member page have returned to sharpness!I like that sharp taste lol Tag: Let's take care of the old man

  2. Mori Thank you for your comment!It's been a long time since I've written a comment on the member page.I think that Frank thinks of F*ck in his heart. .However, since it is full of rude things, I will continue to write comments while restraining myself a little more!Thank you for your continued support.Kida

  3. Isn't it good? (laughs) Leave it like this.According to a certain information, there seems to be a place that puts out a more sharp and detailed profile.It's sexually harassing and pretty subjective things that girls would be absolutely mad at if they found out lol By the way, I misunderstood that international people would introduce male members to Catherine, Simona, and Natalia. … It was wrong (>_<)

  4. (゚ω゚;) Is that so? ?Sexual harassment, I envy you.But well, even if most people write that she was a neat and clean person, it doesn't really stick.I will do my best to convey the real feeling of rawness (especially good things) if possible!We are international, but we are also looking for international women.I just received an interview request from a Russian woman and a Finnish woman.Please look forward to it (^^) Kida

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