I want to write honestly.I'm 25 and pretty


Good evening everyone.
Universe ClubFemaleThis is uchida from the staff.

Two women have registered so far, and one woman came to reshoot!
Thank you everyone.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚

Recently, Uchida has also started replying to emails (*・ω・)
Even though I'm a young person, I put my heart into every letter and work hard at high speed!

Some of the members looked at the mail sent by Uchida, and were they men?I think there are some people who thought. .
Uchida is sending an email based on Kida's email, so in a sense it's a male email (´Д⊂)

What is Kida doing while Uchida is sending emails? .
She seems to be doing some difficult things.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚

Something like making a booklet for the Universe Club. .
I'm looking forward to it (*゚▽゚*)

By the way, I found an interesting article recently.
It seems that it happened at a forum in America,
The answer to the question "How can I marry a rich man?"
It was very interesting, so I will introduce it.

(Excerpted and quoted below)

<Post from a beautiful woman>

Title: What should I do to marry a rich man?


I want to write honestly.I'm 25 years old, and I'm quite beautiful, classy, ​​and have good taste.

I would like to marry a man with an annual income of $50 or more.

You might say I'm greedy, but in New York, even an annual income of $100 million (around 8000 million yen)

It's called middle class.My requirements are not high.


Are there any men on this forum who make $50 a year?

Are you all getting married? 


What I want to ask is what should I do to marry a rich man like you.
The richest person I've ever dated was someone with an annual income of $25.
I wonder if $25 a year is the limit.
But in order to move to a place called New York City Garden (?) in the west of New York,
$25 a year isn't enough.

Excuse me, could you please answer the following questions?


1.Where are the rich single men gathered?

I would like a list of addresses for bars, restaurants and gyms.
2.What age should I target?
3.Why are most rich wives average-looking, not particularly pretty?

 I know a few girls who are neither beautiful nor interesting, but have married rich people.
Four.What is the decisive factor in whether you get married or just end up dating?

(My purpose is to get married.)


than a beautiful woman


<Reply from CEO of JP Morgan>

Dear "Beauty"


I read your post with interest.

There are probably many women who have the same questions as you.


Please allow me to analyze your situation as a professional investor.

My annual income is over $50.As per your wishes, here's to everyone reading this

I don't think I'm wasting my time.


From a businessman's point of view, marrying you is a bad decision.

The reason is very simple.Let me explain.


Without further ado, what you are trying to do is trade beauty for money.

A provides beauty and B pays for it.Fair and easy to understand.


But there is one major problem here.

"Beauty" means that it will eventually "disappear".

But "money" is not.


In fact, my annual income keeps going up every year.

But will you become more and more beautiful every year?

So from an economic point of view, I'm an attractive asset,

You are a depreciating asset.

Moreover, it is a “rapidly depreciating asset”.

If "beauty" is your only asset, your value in 10 years should be quite worrisome.


On Wall Street, there is something called "short-term holding" for any trade.
Dating you is "holding you for the short term."

In trading, when we see that the value of something we buy or sell will drop, we sell it.
There is no such thing as "long term holding".But marriage is "holding you for the long term".

It may seem cruel, but if you make a wise choice, you can sell things whose value drops sharply,

Renting is enough.A man who earns $50 a year is not a man,

I will date you, but I will never marry you.


Stop looking for a way to marry a rich man.

Instead, you will be the one making $50 a year.

Here is my advice.

I think you have a better chance than looking for a rich idiot.


I hope this reply helps.

If you are interested in "rental", please contact me.


CEO of JP Morgan

(quote here)

I have only excerpted the contents of the post, so if you want to know the reporter's words and the details of the post, click here ↓
Excite News
The words JP Morgan president said to "beautiful women who want to marry rich people" are too excellent! Excerpt from "Rental is enough for beautiful women!"

I see, that's how I think.It was scales from my eyes.
There are many things to think about, but I agree.

It was Uchida


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  1. It may be enough to rent a beautiful woman in Universe.If you hold it for a long time, it will naturally deteriorate.If you always want to go out with women in season, renting is really enough. .Half year lease?It's like a car... It's true when you look at the deterioration of successive wives... sadness

  2. Dear Members, Thank you for visiting my blog!Successive wives,,,, It's a real experience, isn't it? .I can't compete with my beauty (laughs), so I'd like to compete as a concierge that is liked by the members.

  3. Mr. Kida, Mr. Uchida I always enjoy reading your blog.Anyway, I am one of the people who received an email from Mr. Uchida.I was healed (^O^)/ Mr. Uchida, isn't it already enough to be a concierge that is liked by members?Also, Mr. Kida always makes fun of him on his blog, but that's the flip side of his affection, and I'm sure Mr. Kida's presence as a healing character has also been established.If this happens, there is already a small devil character, isn't it?Please keep up the good work!

  4. Dear Member, Thank you for visiting my blog!Thank you for extracting "healing" from Uchida's clumsy email.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚ >Mr. .I'm afraid.I am still lacking awareness as a concierge, and there are many things I am not good at, but I will do my best!Kida said, "Seeing Uchida eating is soothing."I'm not a big eater by any means, but...(>_<) More like a silly character than a small devil character.Thank you for your continued support.Uchida

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