2012. 06, 25

I reluctantly came here just to listen.Because I'm persistent.

Two people on the 23rd last weekend,
Today, 6 women came to the interview and registered.
Thank you!

To be honest, some of them said, "I'm reluctant to come here just to listen. Because I'm persistent. I won't register.
There are also women, but if you look at the office and explain the purpose and merits of the club,
I have been registered without any hesitation.
"Are you okay with this outfit? Shall we do more hair?"
That's it.

Thank you.

No, I'm not cheating.
Let me be honest and explain.
I have met and talked with all male members, so I am honestly confident in the quality of male members.
So in my heart, I said, "I'm sorry if I don't let this beautiful girl join. I will never regret it."
I'm going to talk to you sincerely while thinking about it.

But anyway, you won't know what it's really like until you try it.
There is no cost to register.Only courage.
If anyone is interested, please come to the interview once and listen to the story.


Yesterday, Mr. Hirano returned to Nagoya.
↓This is Mr. Hirano

You wouldn't believe I have tattoos all over my back, would I?
I don't

Mr. Hirano, you look like a lawyer or an accountant.
He was a very interesting person.
If you live in Nagoya, please look forward to it.
I became a fan.

Well, it looks like the first day of the week is over.
It didn't end like it was over, but it's over.
Many women will come to register tomorrow.
Have a good End Of Monday!


Dating Club "Universe Club" is looking for male and female members.
As long as I'm happy to be flooded, I'm looking for it.
Registration is free, but an interview is required.There is also an examination.
For details, please contact our concierge, Kida

Satoshi Kida

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  1. Mr. Mori: No way.Please don't raise any hurdles (T_T) I'm only thinking about writing as honestly as possible.However, I cannot thank you enough for seeing such a blog.Thank you for your continued support!

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