2012. 05, 25

Unreasonable demand prevention manager training course

Yesterday and today, 8 female members joined us.
(no image for one)

Thank you!
Good luck with your business!


I went to a seminar yesterday.
It is a training course for selecting a person responsible for preventing unreasonable demands.
An ordinance to expel gangsters is part of an effort enforced in Tokyo

What if a gang asks for a protection fee?
What if you make a complaint and threaten your money?
I received a volet course for a day about such a case.


There was a wonderful gathering of office workers and managers.
The course was very informative.

Yakuza dressed and behaved like a yakuza, saying, "Don't be silly, don't pay me a fee."
It's easy to understand if you get in,
If "Isn't my wife registered? Pay alimony! Should I go to the police?"
When it comes to things like that, I get a little dizzy.

The yakuza are professional blackmailers, so they put pressure on them psychologically just before it becomes illegal.

Also, if a yakuza member hides his identity and joins, the membership agreement states that he will be immediately withdrawn.
It takes a lot of effort to actually quit.
For that reason, there was also a content that a separate pledge should be made separately regarding "not affiliated with gangsters" when joining.

I haven't had such a problem so far, but if I'm prepared, I don't have to worry.I will prepare


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Registration is free, but an interview is required.
For details, contact Kida

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