2012. 05, 18

still saving

Yesterday, we were able to register 3 people today.

There is a wide range of people, from people with a teacher name to cafe clerks and university students.
Thank you everyone.
I'm sure I'll introduce you to a good member.


Looking at the data of male members who have come to interview during work,
After joining the trial, there are some people who withdrew after one month without setting up at all.

maybe the reason is
-Pricing was different than expected
・I didn't have a favorite woman
- ridicule or reconnaissance

I think it's something like
Whatever the reason, I feel ashamed of my lack of sales ability that I could not let you join.

Even if it was ridiculed or scouted by other clubs,

You should definitely join

It would have been better for that person's life to join,
I will think.

BecauseFemale members are very confident and cheap.

I joined other clubs and did market research, but
Universe Club is definitely the best.

More than Ginza Crystal and Aoyama Platinum.

Even now, the number of women joining is large, but they are still saving.
To keep the male-female ratio from collapsing.

As the number of male members has increased, we will increase the number of female members.

I'm happy to use the function to enlarge the font today

Dating Club "Universe Club" is looking for male and female members.
Registration is free, but an interview is required.
For details, contact Kida

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