272 female members!Joining in succession

Recently, when I thought I was busy, there were a lot of female members.
Since it started in November last year, 11 people in 5 months. (By the way, 272 people including those who left)
About 1 people a month.
We would like to thank everyone involved.

How was your weekend?
I went on business trips to the countryside on Saturdays and Sundays, went out to play, and was just taking pictures like an idiot.

When I think it's beautiful, I take out my iPhone first and take a picture.
The female members are all really beautiful, so I would like you to join the trial membership (>_<)

(The woman below is not a female member. It is an image.)


Dating Club "Universe Club" is looking for male and female members.
Registration is free, but an interview is required.
For details, contact Kida

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42 years old I'm good at tapping my shoulders. When I'm stressed out, I brush the sink.Seeing a dirty sink is stressful.this repeat

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