Big breasts as you think

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Recently, on X (formerly Twitter)…
Did you know that a post like this was causing a bit of a buzz...?

"Big breasts as you think"

The ideal woman
"E cup is enough!"
To the man who says
The post was a complaint about the reality that had suddenly occurred to the woman, complete with illustrations.

"The size you mention is usually about two cup sizes larger than it actually is.
The E cup you're talking about is a G cup or larger.
Look at reality, not cartoons"

Look at that
There were quite a few women who agreed with this quote post.

I saw that too
"Sometimes, negative feedback is also given about bust size.
"I wrote E, but it was actually around C."I've seen something like that"
That's what I remembered.

Indeed, online shopping has become quite widespread recently.
Some women go to lingerie stores to get their bra size measured.
It may have become less...
Not knowing your size properly
Or perhaps there are many women who misunderstand this.

Even if the size is the same, it can look smaller or larger depending on your posture.
Even a single bone structure (wavy, straight, etc.) can change how your hair looks...


"All we can do is trust the photos our staff took and the bust size the woman declared and make an offer!!"

With the trust of men like this
In order to prevent such mismatches, I will work even harder to create a profile.
That's why we have to put our efforts into this.

But no matter how old you are, there are women who have beautiful breasts.
I think she is definitely a woman with a high level of aesthetic sense and is attentive in many ways.
(To be honest, bust care is such a pain, and I think "sports bras are fine" just kidding...)

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