Short-term intensive! Summer dating tips!

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This is Sato Nakazawa from Universe Club.


It's mid-June and the days are getting hotter and more humid. Are you all getting ready for summer?


This is the season when there is a lot of turnover in our international members, with some coming to Japan for the summer holidays and others returning to their home countries from Japan.
Overall, more and more members are steadily getting busy preparing for summer dates, and our staff is excited to see what kind of encounters these will lead to.


By the way, members, if you had a week off and could go on as many dates as you wanted, would you want to plan a date every day?

If we could only do this club activity for a limited time,

In the meantime, you can seek out as many encounters as possible.

Or will you focus on nurturing one or two encounters?


There are many different ways to spend time, but the overwhelming majority of our international male membersformerThere are many.
The total cost of setting up the date will be considerable, but when you add in the cost of meals and allowances on the date, the total will be in a different league!
How bubbly!
The recent depreciation of the yen may have had some influence, but for the past few years,
"Short-term intensive"This tends to be the case when setting up dates.


For example, if your stay in Japan is for a week, they will plan dates for almost every day until just before you return home, and some men even plan day and night dates for several days.
It almost feels like a boot camp type of hard exercise!


Due to circumstances such as there being a long time until their next visit or not knowing when they will be able to come to Japan again, it seems that more and more people are enjoying this "short-term, intensive" experience that is out of the ordinary.


Schedule management, finances, physical strength, mental health...
Even if you're not on a date, it's not easy to maintain these habits every day, so it's not something that can be easily replicated.
As someone who can barely even go out to eat lunch every day, I have nothing but respect for him.

We are truly grateful that you choose your date partner, plan your schedule, choose the restaurant, and entrust your precious time to club activities days in advance.
And it's all thanks to the charm of our female members that makes us want to meet them, even if it means spending all this time, money, and effort!
When I think about how it has led to so many different encounters,UniverseYou can feel it!


Now, I'm sure some of you are wondering what actually happens with so many packed dates, and what the success rate and satisfaction level are.


This is something you really won't know until you try it, but thankfully we almost never receive negative feedback.
I'm sure they are finding value and returns that are just worth the money they spend!


With so many women to meet, it's not impossible that you'll end up with a one-off encounter, but there are also some members who continue their relationships after returning to their home countries, and go on another date when they return to Japan.
It's wonderful that relationships can be built even across language barriers and physical distance!


What these male members have in common is that they are concerned not only with pleasing themselves, but also with making sure that the women they are with have a good time.

"I won't be in Japan in a few days, so I can do whatever I want."
There is no one like that.
Whether you are Japanese or foreign, consideration is important! Peace of mind is also important!


As long as it is a relationship between humans, it is important to approach a date as something that is mutual, not just about you.
"Fun time" "Worthwhile use of money"
I learned a lot from this.

Above all, being tough both mentally and physically seems to be essential in relationships between men and women and in sugar daddy relationships!

The daily setting challenge might be a kind of dating training?!
Not only will you meet many new people, but you might even discover new values!


Why not give our intensive dating boot camp a try this summer?


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