nice to meet you! Kakishima! I’m Teru Kakishima!

Nice to meet you

I joined the company as a new graduate in April 2024.Hikaru KakishimaI say!

Since I joined the company as a coordinator, I will be closely involved with everyone in the future, so if you remember this name, I will cry with joy!

Just in case, I'll say my name again!Hikaru KakishimaMy name is!

I was born in Chiba, and grew up in Tokyo, but went to Ibaraki for junior high and high school, and went to university in Kanagawa and half of the Kanto region before finally settling down in Tokyo as a member of Universe Ginza!

In college, I majored in chemistry, which I don't know what to hide, and I spent my days pouring chemicals into flasks and spinning them around...

No, it's not... it's not something suspicious... please believe me!

By the way, these days in chemical workplaces, most of these things are done by machines, so I don't do it myself very often...

However, it was true that I had studied chemistry, and I could have gone into chemistry, but as I progressed, I started to realize that there might be a different path for me. I've always liked talking to people, so is there a new environment where I can put that to use? While looking for a job, I discovered ``Universe''.

When I found it, I felt fate, or rather, the universe!UNIVERSITY!!


Even though he is a former chemist, he is a hot guy. Although he has never been involved in this industry before, he has joined the company with a very serious attitude.

Currently, the coronavirus has become a friend of the influenza virus. Looking back, we, the generation of new graduates, were directly hit by the coronavirus right after entering university, and most of our classes continued online, and it wasn't until a year or two later that we were able to meet our classmates in person.

I feel that we live in an era where relationships between people have become a little more intimate than ever.

That's why we will do our best to help everyone in this universe that provides wonderful encounters between men and women!

We apologize for any inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding!

Author of this article

My name is Hikaru Kakijima and I am a staff member at the Ginza branch. His favorite game is Street Fighter, his favorite game is Country Maam, and his favorite ring is Pondering. We are committed to working hard every day for the benefit of our members.